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Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020, list of nominees, GCA Awards of the year and sponsor

Gusii Creative Awards 2020 winners 2020

The list of Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020 has attracted undivided attention from both artists and fans. Those who scooped trophies are still on the eve of displaying their excitement to the world.

Every year adds to the credibility of GCA in recognising and rewarding deserving Gusii talents. The platform is significantly influencing and promoting creativity.

Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020 highlights

Photo: Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020 . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

December 27, 2020 was an important day for all Gusii entertainers. It is on this memorable day that Ufanisi Hotel graced the Gusii Creative Award Award ceremony.

Young and innovative minds from different fields shook the day with lit faces. Fans also attended in numbers to celebrate the occasion.

Lucky for Ndizi TV show because it coloured the 2020 GCA with more winnings than any other group in attendance.

Deserving actors from this comedy central show flooded the stage with open arms to embrace their awards.

The experience was particularly mind-blowing for film director Samora Kibagendi who received the award on behalf of Ndizi TV.

The recent trophy raises the total number of Ndizi TV awards to nine.

Therefore, Samora was a special guest, having nurtured other award-winning artists of the day such as Osoro, Antivirus, Bochaberi, and Okiondo.

Egesa FM, Mkisii Ni Mkisii, Producer Augusto, and Hype Man Antoh are also among those who did well during the awards ceremony.

Phon: Kemunto Ndizi TV at the GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Elsewhere, the glamour of the day was not without a complaint. Among those dissatisfied is Actor Kemunto.

The actress turned to social media with rants that have since remained mere speculations.

Gusii Creative Awards sponsor

Photo: Senator Joel Okeng’o Nyambane . SRC: @SimbaArati

The Gusii Creative Awards 2020 was graced by its founding boss and aspiring Kisii County Senator Joel Okeng’o Nyambane.

The Nairobi-based young philanthropist holds the legacy of supporting beneficial community courses such as GCA.

His speech during the GCA 2020 celebrations urged other leaders to empower young people primarily through arts. He also vowed to continue placing the youth agenda first in all his upcoming involvements.

Gusii Creative Awards nominees and categories

The Gusii Creative Awards 2020 nominees list comprises the best under every one of the 34 categories. These range from music to film and content production.

Among those who rose to the top of the GCA nomination list are creative young people with fresh talents in various art categories.

Full list of Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020

All the Gusii Creative Awards categories were highly competitive.

Find out how your favourite artist is doing on the Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020 list.

1. Best Actor – Osoro the Actor Ndizi TV

Photo: Osoro Ndizi TV at the GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Steve Momanyi Mokaya, also called Osoro the Actor emerged as the best Kisii actor in 2020. Other Best Actor nominees are;

  • Ogatwoni Inka TV
  • Piriton Egeikaro TV
  • Machwati Egeikaro TV
  • Timmoh Young Seito TV
  • Caas Rirunya Okiondo Show
  • Kevoh wa Nduthi Gusii Nation

Steve Momanyi from Rioga, Mosobeti in Nyamira County, is notorious for playing the lead role of Osoro on the popular Ndizi TV show.

Caas Rurunya could not hold his gratitude while accompanying Osoro the Actor to the stage. The two expressed genuine goodwill in their work of art.

2. Best Actress – Omwanchi Trubena Ndizi TV

Omwanchi Trubena took it from Moraa Glory of 2019 as the best actress of the year. The gorgeous actress was all smiles rising to the stage. Other Best Actress of the Year nominees are;

  • Nancy Seito TV
  • Ebisiba Inka TV
  • Magoma Gusii Nation
  • Mondesta Okiondo Show
  • Bonareri Omwana Libeibe
  • Judy Bochaberi Embaka TV

Omwanchi Trubena has starred in several Ndizi TV videos and movies, including Amatunda Yobwansu and Omwanchi Trubena.

3. Best Film Director – Samora Kibagendi Ndizi TV

Photo: Sammy Samora Kibagendi at GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Ndizi TV founder and owner, Sammy Samora Kibagendi, graced the red carpet as the best film director of the year. Other Best Film Director of the Year nominees are;

  • Josephat Sungura Seito TV
  • Harrison Moenga Okiondo Show

The charming Samora claimed the trophy for the second time in a row defeating the rest by huge margins.

4. Best Music Video Director – Forever Young

The 90 Music boss, Forever Young, claimed the Best Music Video Director Award, beating others under the category. Other Video Director Of the Year nominees are;

  • DJ O
  • Jaymenge
  • Vinto Neskon
  • Harrison Moenga

Forever Young is a long time Kisii musician and music director.

5. Best Supporting Actor – Papa Antivirus Ndizi TV

Photo: Papa Antivirus at the GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

The famous Ndizi TV actor Antivirus won the Best Supporting Actor Award. Other Best Supporting Actor of the Year nominees are;

  • Senge Inka TV
  • Makumba Ndizi TV
  • Okiambe Gusii Nation

Besides acting, Andrew Momanyi Omwenga is a comedian and singer. He recently collaborated with Babu Gee Omosayansi to release Oyo Yeso viral track.

6. Best Supporting Actress – Nyomenda Ndizi TV

The young and beautiful Nyomenda from Ndizi TV cast managed the prize with more votes on her side. Other Best Supporting Actress of the Year include;

  • Bwari Inka TV
  • Monchari Gusii Nation
  • Nyabotobe Okiondo Show

Nyomenda’s real names are Chandi Prudence. She is an enthusiastic actress making steady steps in the hands of Samora.

7. Radio Personality of the Year (female) – Nana Ediva

Nana Diva, the boss lady from Egesa FM, went home with a colourful award. Rivals who came after the Royal Media Services Diva includes;

  • Stella Makori
  • Marion Bosire
  • Nana Ediva Egesa FM
  • Lenah Moraa Kisii FM
  • Lydiah Scarlet Seito FM

Nancy Kwamboka is head of radio as well as the chief presenter of a mid-morning program.

8. Radio Personality of the Year (male) – Kaka Williams Atandi

Photo: Kaka Williams Mogire Atandi . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Royal Media Services’ top presenter, Kaka Wiliams, took over the trophy from Mike Nyagwoka of 2019. Other Radio Personality of the Year Male nominees are;

  • Brian Vuna FM
  • Lollipop Minto FM
  • Torah Esimba Seito FM
  • Ronald Mayaka Kisii FM

Kaka Williams Atandi is an accredited Kenyan journalist with a longstanding legacy of working on Egesa Radio.

9. Best Radio Show – Atato Na Sorobi

Atato na Sorobi took over from Komo Komo of 2019 ad the best radion show in 2020. Other Best Radio Show nominees are;

  • Entaburuta Minto FM
  • Segeta Morero Seito FM
  • Atato na Sorobi Egesa FM
  • Esaiga Y’omosae Kisii FM

Atato Na Sorobi Moturi Erastus is a situation comedy show. The dual are masters at bringing out inspirational experiences from ordinary encounters.

10. Best Media House – Egesa FM

All-time favourite Egesa FM, Enguba ya Mwanyagetinge, rose to the top on roller coasters. Other Best Media House nominees are;

  • Kisii FM
  • Vuna FM
  • Seito FM
  • Minto FM
  • Getembe TV

Egesa FM brags a brigade of talented broadcasters. That explains why the 2019 winner, Minto FM, lost to Egesa FM in the 2020 competitions.

11. Sports Presenter of the Year – Dan Ogega

Dan Ogega of Egesa FM graced the occasion by emerging the leading sports personality from the region. Other Sports Presenter of the Year nominees are;

  • Stacy Miruka Kisii FM
  • Enock Bosire Minto FM

Dan Ogega stood out, having acquired in-depth knowledge in the world of sports. He took the 2020 winning credit from Jacob Ongeri of 2019.

12. Online Personality/Influencer of the Year (Male) – Silas Nyachwani

The category attracted a high number of contestants, but Silas Nyachwani crashed them all. Other Online Personality/Influencer of the Year (Male) nominees are;

  • Joe Ke
  • Rob Robe
  • Baba Jackie
  • Boaz Ogeto
  • Prince Yobra
  • Master Kaka
  • Koech Omondi
  • Cyrus Ondanya
  • Merrick Mokua
  • Samwel Okemwa
  • Benjamin Jnr Bogonko

Silas Nyahwani is a prolific author, Freelancer, and contributor to The Standard (Kenya). Nyachwani rose above Samuel Okemwa of 2019. His experience in the industry is now taking him to places.

13. Online Personality/Influencer of the Year (female) – Gloria Moraa

Photo: Nyaboke of Ujinga Za Victor Naman . SRC: @UjingaZaVictorNaman

Kabs Nyar Kisii lost to Gloria Moraa in the 2020 GCA competitions. Other Online Personality/Influencer of the Year (female) nominees are;

  • Penny O
  • Stella Kay
  • Nana Angel
  • Lucita Kiage
  • Kabz Nyar Kisii
  • Rebecca Basweti
  • Carolyne Nyamweya
  • Milly B Richards

The soft-spoken Moraa Glory from Ujinga Za Victor Naman is an actress and comedian popular for her stage name Nyaboke.

14. Best Male Model of the Year – Fredrick Matundura

Matundura is the new winner of the GCA award. Other Best Male Model of the Year nominees are;

  • Cusco JB
  • Isaac Ogeto
  • Andrew Ongeri
  • Makonen Sikweya

Fredrick Matundura pocketed more votes for his unfailing impressions

15. Best Female vixen of the Year – Shaz and Kelly

The number of contestants under the category has been rising over the years. Other Best Female vixen of the Year nominees are;

  • Viola Peter
  • Kerubo Dee
  • Lenzah Tom
  • Kate Magara
  • Sharon Maera
  • Satma Martins
  • Valerian Moraa
  • Phelistar Nyamongo
  • Beverline Kwamboka

Shaz and Kelly is a vixen to watch in 2021.

16. Emcee of the Year – Hype Antoh

The renowned Man Antoh made away with the best Emcee of the Year Award, beating MC Miggy and the rest. Other Emcees of the Year nominees are;

  • MC Phil
  • MC Jiggy
  • Emcee Glenn
  • MC Miggy
  • McKowalski
  • Emcee Hype Antoh
  • MC Kenyanchigiri
  • Mcubamba Robbah
  • Emcee Jay Topranking

Hype Man Antoh bio shows that his phone number is (+254792655241) and his email (Hypeantoh@gmail.com).

Miggy Champ handed the mantle to an equally deserving Hype Antoh. The young artist is an alumnus of Cardinal Otunga High School.

Besides Emceeing, Antoh is a professional dancer now working with Generation Y Dancers.

17. Female Gospel Artist of the Year – Fenny Kerubo

Ev Fenny Kerubo defeated the former winner, Divinah Nyamwaka. She is now the flag-bearer with an award at hand. Other Female Artist of The Year Gospel nominees are;

  • Rebeca Thomas
  • Martha Bosibori
  • Biyaki the Brand
  • Divinah Nyamwaka
  • Maggie the Psalmist

Fenny Kerubo is no doubt the best of Kisii gospel artists of our time.

18. Male Gospel Artist of the Year – Mcubamba Robbah

Photo: Mcubamba at GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Ekio Nkiekio singer, Robbah Mcubamba, is always stirring the airwaves with cool gems. Other Male Gospel Artiste of the Year nominees are;

  • SBJ
  • Born B
  • Pharry K
  • Jaymenge
  • Paul Sereti
  • Denno Mpole
  • Japhet Ohuru
  • Douglas Otiso
  • Eric Mwaniki
  • Lucas Katonzo
  • Embarambamba
  • Dennis Onyamo

Mcubamba was a frontline Kisii artist during the Kisii held 2020 Mashujaa Day Celebrations.

19. Male Artist of the Year (Urban) – Vicky Young

Photo: Vicky Young Ensanako GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Obobesa Obokeigo and Chinkondi trendsetter is rising to the stardom status fast and already has an award for that. Other Male Artist of the Year (Urban) nominees are;

  • Echate
  • Babu G
  • MC Miggy
  • Kamtu Fulani
  • Forever Young
  • Ashur Da Msela

The undisputed Vicky Young Ensanako earned the crown for releasing viral tracks throughout the year.

20. Male Artist of the Year (Traditional) – Kwasakwasa

The former Bana Sungusia singer is unstoppable considering he owns all the music experience others can only wish to have. Other Male Artist of the Year (Traditional) nominees are;

  • Sagero
  • Oruurare
  • Jared Mombinya
  • Bundi Snr Sabusia

Kwasa Kwasa is still an active musician, years after breaking loose from the Bana Sungusia Band.

21. Female Secular Artist – Faith Stan

Photo: Faith Stan at GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

The Jirani Ananimada queen, Faith Stan, had a fair day during the Gusii Creative Awards 2020. Other Female Secular Artist nominees are;

  • Shourtie
  • Scar Musiq
  • Berine Koroso
  • Mdogo Mdogo

Faithstan has done several hit songs alongside blood brother Forever Young.

22. Music Producer of the Year – Augusto

Photo: Producer Augusto . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

The World Wave Record boss Augusto deserved the award above all rivals. Other Music Producers of the Year nominees are;

  • Producer Eli
  • Japhet Ohuru
  • Vinc on the Beat
  • Tasla on the Beat
  • Dokta B (New Home Muzik)

Producer Dokta B displayed strong comradeship by accompanied Producer Augusto to the stage. The support is nothing less of strong unity in their line of work.

Augusto has worked with the best Kisii artists from the region, including Vicky Young Ensanako, Faith Stan, Babu Gee Omosayansi, and Miggy Champ Echambioni.

23. Fast Rising Female Artist of the Year – Eddah

Eddah is making noticeable moves on her way up the career ladder. Other Fast Rising Female Artist of the Year nominees are;

  • Eddah
  • Limmie 254
  • Lavie Lavie
  • Beyonce Lee
  • Bad Gal Shee
  • Veroh Melodies

Eddah won as the fastest rising female artist, taking the mantle from Cookie of 2019.

24. Fast Rising Male Artist of the Year – Konshax

Photo: Konshax Omosongo . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

The competitions under this category were tough, but Koshax (Omosongo) managed to emerge the winner. Other Fast Rising Male Artist of the Year nominees are;

  • Echate
  • Lil Sliq
  • Rednose
  • Annaxel
  • Mairima
  • Man Sango
  • Dadao Musiq
  • Zarro Classic
  • Yuvi Rirunya
  • Ali Butterfly
  • Prince Markx
  • Almond Msanii
  • Superboy Junior
  • Timmoh Young
  • Douglas Maraga
  • Leteipa the King
  • Harmonica Flavour

Konshax took home a similar trophy that Vicky Young won in 2019

25. DJ of the Year – DJ Burney 254

The high-spirited DJ Bunney has been having an excellent year dropping teasers, and hot mix plays. Other DJ of the Year nominees are;

  • DJ Poly
  • Deejay Rills
  • DJ Bunny
  • DJ Ryza
  • Deejay Cross
  • DJ K-Lush
  • DJ Darius
  • Deejay Vincey
  • DJ Menace
  • DJ Mosh B
  • Deejay Carlos
  • DJ Big Brayo
  • Deejay Brihood Blade

DJ Bunney 254 real name is Judith Kwamboka. She is presently the best DJ when it comes to local mix plays.

26. Best Collabo of the Year – Nabo Okorosa

Photo: Duke Mainga Echate at GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Nabo Okorosa is a street anthem in both Kisii County and Nyamira County. Other Best Collabo of the Year nominees include;

  • Emeino by Yuvi ft Mc Miggy
  • Oyo Yeso by Babu G ft Antivirus
  • Kuna by Vekta Kenya ft Keemlyf
  • Mimi ni Shujaa by Kisii Pop Artists
  • Amabebe by Wyma ft Kwasakwasa
  • Titi Nkorundi by Mc Miggy ft Vicky Young
  • Karibu Omogeni by Kamtu Fulani ft Denno Jnr

Babu Gee and Echate coined the hit song Nabo Okorosa a few months ago, and it is now a goldmine in the GCA Awards

27. Song of the Year (Secular) – Jirani by Faith Stan

Fans love Jirani Ananimada from Faithstan. Other Song of the Year (Secular) nominees are;

  • Caroh by MohKaya
  • Chipigipigi by Babu G
  • Ng’ina Moto by Echate
  • Nyarinda by MC Miggy
  • Gento by Ashur Da Msela
  • Chinkondi by Vicky Young
  • Sweet Nyaboke by Forever Young

The song has gone viral enough that even kids are singing to every one of its ear soothing lyric lines.

28. Song of the year (Gospel) – Sesenia by Mc Miggy

Photo: Miggy Champ GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Sesenia earned MC Miggy another award in the gospel category. Other Song of the year (Gospel) nominees are;

  • Mambia by Jac Matara
  • Zoea Mawe by Ringtone
  • Okorire by Douglas Otiso
  • Ebikoroto by Japhet Ouru
  • Nyamaza by Fenny Kerubo
  • Egetinginya by Mcubamba Robbah

MC Miggy is rising steadily on the music charts for his authenticity and relevancy in the message.

29. Video of the Year (Secular) – Chipigipigi by Babu G

Photo: Babu Gee Omosayansi at GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Fans were confident that Chipigipigi was going to earn Babu Gee a crown. Other Video of the Year (Secular) nominees are;

  • Jirani by Faith Stan
  • Nyarinda by Mc Miggy
  • Nabo Okorosa by Echate
  • Chinkondi by Vicky Young
  • Sweet Nyaboke by Forever Young

Babu Gee had a good year marked with hits after another. Apart from Chipigipigi, babu has done several other trending songs, among them Chimbeba.

30. Video of the Year (Gospel) – Mambia by Jac Matara

Kisii gospel artists came in numbers, but Jac Matara dominated the stage under this category. Other Video of the Year (Gospel nominees include;

  • Sesenia by MC Miggy
  • Zoea Mawe by Ringtone
  • Okorire by Douglas Otiso
  • Ebikoroto by Japhet Ouru
  • Nyamaza by Fenny Kerubo
  • Egetinginya by Mcubamba Robbah

The song mambia is prevalent because of its lyrical composition and tokens of hope for a broken heart.

31. Comedian of the Year (Male) – Okiondo Ndizi TV

Photo: Okiondo at GCA . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

The laughing machine and defensive Okiondo stole the hearts of many. Other Comedian of the Year (Male) nominees are;

  • Gesanda
  • Didacus Sereti
  • Dimoza Comics
  • Mkisii Ni Mkisii
  • Kobiro Ndizi TV
  • Ezra bin Mbeche
  • Chrisantus Nyachio
  • Kebenchegere Gusii Nation

Okiondo, Hannington Matoke, is an actor, comedian, scriptwriter, and entrepreneur. He is renowned for playing the controversial character Okiondo on Ndizi TV.

32. Comedian of the Year (female) – Bochaberi Ndizi TV

The strong-voiced Bochaberi impressed more voters than the rest. Other Comedian of the Year (female) nominees are;

  • Yunuke Okiondo Show
  • Kemunto Gusii Nation

Bochaberi is a lead Character on Ndizi TV, where she has been doing well for years now.

33. Online TV of the Year – NDIZI TV

Samora Kibagendi’s Ndizi TV and actors performed well in every category and overall against close competitors. Other Online TV of the Year nominees are;

  • Seito TV
  • Inka TV
  • Risase TV
  • Kisii Hot TV
  • Ndimu TV
  • Miwa TV
  • Embaka TV
  • Ekebago TV
  • Papa Antivirus
  • Nyabende TV
  • Okiondo Show
  • Mkisii Ni Mkisii
  • Gusii Nation TV
  • Mwamogusii TV
  • Ebirongo Comedy

Ndizi TV remains the best videos and film producer in the entire Nyanza region and beyond.

34. Trailblazer of the Year – Maureen Vanessa and Hellen Obiri

Both Hellen Obiri and Maureen Vanessa qualified for the award. Other Trailblazers of the Year nominees are;

  • James Makini, founder of One Hen Foundation
  • Anne Joyce Abuga, founder of Peer Publishers
  • Samora Kibagendi, founder of NDIZI TV
  • Lameck Magaki, founder of Suburbs Adventures

The category focuses on innovative personalities with original ideas, most brand founders. Obiri is a sports personality, while Vanessa is the founder of Vanamor Fashion House and former Miss Tourism Nyamira County.

Gusii Creative Awards Facebook

The #gusiicreativeawards hashtag on Facebook.com and twitter.com has taken the Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020 list to the national level.

Followers can now access facts on how their favourite stars did against rivals through the GCA Facebook page.

Gusii Creative Awards history

Photo: Gusii Creative Awards history. SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

The gusiicreativeawards.com is a brainchild of Okeng’o Nyambane, an aspiring Senator from the region.

GCA falls under the Music Award and Visual Arts category. The group is now one year old since its founding in 2019.

The 29-year-old is one of the young-and-rich from Kisii County. Nyambane is the pillar behind successful youth programs.

He now supports about 13 women empowerment programs. Besides, Nyambane sponsors the largest children’s home in Kawangware, Children Angels of God.

Gusii Creative Awards contacts

  • Phone: 0715 709992
  • Email: info@gusiicreativeawards.com

The kisiifinest.co.ke has observed that the Gusii Creative Awards 2020 will go down as the best in the history of Kisii art and culture.

The Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020 list confirms high competition among creatives. As a result, Gusii singers, actors, journalists, politicians, and content producers can now express their talents fully. Fans are mainly impressed because these figures are already raising the Kisii flag higher by the day.