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Charlene Ruto Children? First Daughter, Baby Daddy, Quickmart Ivanka, Post-Delivery, & Siblings

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President Ruto’s favourite daughter Charlene is a new force to reckon with in Kenyan politics. She is an armed social media wrestler with thickened skin for a loyal lady in her mid-twenties. Intense scrutiny is now mounting on Charlene Ruto Children. It turns out she is a proud mom of a rarely photographed daughter.

The self-proclaimed official first daughter has been flaming the headlines since initiating a whirlwind of local and international tours. Attempting to establish a controversial office for herself is perhaps the most detested move.

Charlene Ruto children – daughter

Sources close to the yet-to-be-married Charlene Chelagat have confirmed that she is a proud mother of a one-year-old daughter born in mid-2021. Meanwhile, not much info is available about the biological father of Charlene’s bouncing baby girl.

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The Head of State and First Lady Rachel Chebet reportedly welcomed their grandchild with a burst of happiness.

Charlene Chelagat Ruto nicknamed Quickmart Ivanka

Ruto’s third-born daughter Charlene Chelagat is by far the most vocal child after the first-born son Nick. Other siblings include June, Stephanie Jepchumba, George, Abby, and the adopted Nadia Cherono.

Nicknamed Quickmart Ivanka, she commands a legion of youthful followers owing to her simplicity and dedication to the underway youth agenda in the presidency of his father.

Charlene continues to navigate exceeding opposition from leaders across the political divide. Critics and legal minds maintain that the office of the first daughter is unconstitutional and should therefore not benefit from budgetary allocation.

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Responding to her accusers, Charlene Ruto clarified that her foundation is a private entity running on independent structures that have nothing to do with politics.

“The office of the First Daughter is a private entity. It is neither a constitutional office nor is it being funded by Kenyan taxpayers. The office runs to purely facilitate the activities of & any programs being run by Ms. Charlene Ruto.

Through its independent structure and facilitators, the office has engaged various players across the country and beyond in line with some of its objectives of championing youth based agendas and climate change advocacy.

The office of the First Daughter has at all times acted in good faith to ensure that the Kenyan youth have a voice and get access to opportunities to enable sustainable livelihoods.”

Amid the ongoing chaos, Charlene Ruto is convinced that she means well for the Kenyan youths and the less privileged in society.

Charlene Ruto – @charlruto.

Back to her little-known personal life, constant searching for Charlene Ruto children goes on. She is a new mom in town, at least from what press rooms say.

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