Churchill Daniel Ndambuki biography

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki biography (CV), age, wife photos, tribe wiki, show, salary, net worth

Daniel Ndambuki of Churchill Show is a skilled humourist, theatre icon, artist, screen writer, TV host, and radio moderator. Many know him better as Mwalimu Kingangi of Classic 105 FM. Moving on is Churchill Daniel Ndambuki biography with intimate details about his wife, family, career, and thespian history.

Churchill Show host stage appearances excites admiration in the hearts of many supporters. More so, the funny-bone-celebrity stands out for mentoring successful personalities at the Carnivore Restaurant laugh house. It is no secret that Ndambuki Daniel is a godfather of Kenyan comedy, howbeit preferring silence around his personal life.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki profiles summary

  • Real name: Daniel Wambua Ndambuki
  • Popularly: Churchill
  • Nickname: Mwalimu Kingangi
  • Date of birth: October 30, 1977
  • Place of birth: Kitui town
  • Churchill age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: Kamba tribe
  • County: Machakos County
  • Genre: Comedy, actor, writer, emcee
  • Churchill wife: Mwongeli Ndambuki
  • Years active: 1995 to date Straight
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Career: Comedian and radio presenter

Churchill Daniel Wambua Ndambuki is famous for starting and running Churchill Show to become a comedy central hub in the region.

Comedian Churchill Daniel Ndambuki biography with pictures 

Who is Churchill Daniel Ndambuki? Comedian Daniel Ndambuki is the founding CEO of Laugh Industry Kenya which airs on National Television from Carnivore theatres.

Tales of his uprising from the bottom to the highest ranks in the industry are truly motivating.

How old is Churchill Ndambuki?

Churchill Show Daniel Ndambuki age is 45 years as of 2023; he was born on October 30, 1977.

Daniel Ndambuki birthdays are particularly memorable because they attract an outpouring of love from fans.

Childhood and early life

The funny Churchill was way different in his childhood, a reserved curious boy preferring to speak less.

Even up to date, he listens more in off air conversations. A deep love for football remains a sweet memory in his cheerful heart.

Speaking of childhood, Churchill Ndambuki received excellent care from his mother.

Notably, his protective grandmother lived beyond 100 years, all the while encouraging him.

Daniel Ndambuki tribe, ethnicity, nationality

Churchill Ndambuki is of the Kamba tribe, born in Kitui town and raised in Machakos County, about 60 kilometres from Nairobi City County.

The number one Kenyan comedian belongs to the Bantu sub group.

Even so, many followers confuse Churchill for a Luo owing to his dark skin tone.

Daniel Ndambuki education history

Churchill Ndambuki started his academic journey at Machakos Township primary school.

He joined drama club and went on to demonstrate impressive performance skills.

Good KCPE grades qualified Churchill to enrol at Mumbuni Boys High School for his secondary education.

The optimistic, determined, and hardworking Ndambuki declined a rare opportunity of studying abroad.

It is unclear why he cancelled travelling to the United States, Chicago University, for a course in drama.

Instead, Daniel Ndambuki chose to pursue a theology programme at Word of Life in Kabete, Nairobi, Kenya.

Additionally, he recently graduated from Daystar University with qualifications in Mass Communication.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki family photos

Ndambuki’s parents hail from Machakos County where the star comedian was born about four decades ago.

The real names of Churchill’s parents, brothers, sisters, and close relative remain undisclosed.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki wife Mwongeli

Is Daniel Ndambuki married? Yes comedian Daniel Ndambuki and his wife Mwongeli are a lovely couple judging from a number of photos circulating on mainstream social media.

However, some of these leaked pics remain disputed considering that Churchill has not affirmed or commented on them.  

Pictured above is a still trending photo of Churchill alongside a wifely beautiful-woman.

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The hunky Daniel Ndambuki son is standing next to Mwongeli Ndambuki, alleged mom and wife to Churchill.

Comedian Churchill career background and legacy

In 2011, the Capital Talk Show host, Jeff Koinange, interviewed Daniel Ndambuki on K24 TV.

The comedian gave a touching life story on his uprising and early-life struggles to finding a purpose in life.

We have summarised what he told the now famous JKL Show boss.

1995: Starting Laugh Industry Churchill Kenya

The laugh Industry Company in which Daniel Ndambuki is director has been in existence for the past 26 years now starting 1995.

The ups and downs of life did not stop Churchill from maintaining focus on his fresh comedy idea.

Churchill washing bottles in industrial area

Ndambuki was initially a casual worker in charge of cleaning bottles in a Mhindi owned company within Industrial area.

He later switched to a wood workshop, in charge of arranging timber and making sure they were attended.

Ndambuki Churchill credits these menial jobs, terming them a spring of his now bold character.

2000: Churchill’s first TV role on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

The fresh from college Ndambuki Churchill auditioned at KBC and luckily landed a drunk Bwana Asava character on Kisulisuli.

Churchill joking revealed how his chang’aa drinking habit ended in blindness within a couple of episodes.

Furthermore, the Shujaa dubbed interview, confirmed how the role gave Churchill a break in his career.

Ndambuki Churchill is glad to have been part of KBC, at a time when broadcasting stations were mindful of clean content productions.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki biography on Wahome Mutahi whispers

After Kenyan comedy founders such as Mzee Pembe and Kipang`a, came Wahome Mutahi, popularly called Whispers.

CNN Africa Voices has confirmed that it is the witty and funny Wahome Mutahi (1954-2003) who gave Daniel Wambua Ndambuki the stage name, Churchill.

Mutahi must have been impressed by Ndambuki’s performances in the early 2000s.

Sharing the stage with Lupita Nyongo

The Kenyan-Mexican actress, Lupita Nyongo, shared the stage with Daniel Ndambuki before an opportunity of travelling to the United States came knocking.

Ndambuki recalls her as an ordinary actress with outstanding dedication and persistence in her work.

Churchill of Red Korna and Redykyulass shows

Television shows such as Redykyulass and Red Kona will go down in history as founding blocks of the success of Churchill.

Daniel Ndambuki launched his comic career alongside these 5 Red Korna entertainers;

  • John Kiarie
  • Anthony Njuguna
  • Peter Kaimenyi (Kajairo)
  • Walter Mong’are (Nyambane)
  • Maurice Otieno (Mdomo Baggy)

Above all, it is Churchill who managed to build a multi-million empire within the rugged slopes of comedy.

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi Classic 105 FM

Classic 105 FM co-presenters Mwalimu Kingangi (Churchill) and Maina Kageni are clearly a perfect combination for the breakfast morning show.

The dual continues to demonstrate excellent studio chemistry, years after.

2008: launching Churchill Live Comedy show

September 2008 is the date when Daniel Ndambuki started Churchill Show Comedy Kenya.

From the parent company have been born Churchill Raw and Churchill Academy brands.

2010: The First Grader by Churchill Daniel Ndambuki

Dan ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki featured in The First Grader film as DJ Masha. He is particularly noticeable for this moving statement.

“I am now beginning to believe that one day a Kenyan, a Kenyan, will go to the White House.”

DJ Masha real name Daniel Ndambuki “Churchill”

The First Grader movie tells the story of a Mau Mau veteran and Kenyan villager, aged 84 years.

His fighting for an education at a later age in life is heart-warming.

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2012: Renaming Churchill Live Comedy to Churchill Show

Churchill Live Comedy aired for three seasons on NTV before changing its brand name to Churchill Show as we know it today.

2016: Churchill Show Special Laugh Festival – Churchill wedding parody

The 45 minute long comic video left many confusing the wedding performance for a real marriage.

The wedding parody on Churchill Show focuses on various issues surrounding matrimonial unions from a comic perspective.

List of Churchill show comedians

Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill biography highlights the fact that he is a mentor to several established comedians.

Standing out from the rest are these 7 successful Kenyan media personalities;

  • Eric Omondi Ongao
  • Dr. Kingori – Felix Omondi
  • Jemutai – Stella Bunei Koitie
  • DJ Shitii – Steven Oduor Dede
  • MCA Tricky – Francis Munyao
  • Professor Hammo – Herman Gakobo Kago
  • Teacher Wanjiku – Carolyne Wanjiku Tharau

Luckily, most of these celebrities are now rocking independent careers away from their mentor, Churchill.

Hundreds more are continually joining the laugh Industry Group.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki biography on latest awards

Daniel Ndambuki has travelled the world of comedy, in the process earning himself rare honours, mentions, recognitions, and awards.

2015 Daniel Ndambuki Churchill Awards

  • Olx SOMA Awards – Overall Personality of The Year
  • Bingwa Music Awards –  Showbiz Personality of The Year

2014 Awards

  • PRISK Award – Founding Director
  • Kalasha Awards – Best TV Comedy
  • Cheka Awards – Best TV Stand-up Comedy Show
  • Transform Kenya Awards – Winner in the Arts & Culture Category
  • Olx Social Media Awards – Overall Personality of The Year
  • Olx Social Media Awards – Most influential Media Personality
  • Sanaa Theatre Awards – Best Production of TV Comedy – live audience

2013 Awards

  • Cheka Awards -Comedy Mentor Award
  • Olx SOMA Awards – Television Show of The Year
  • Cheka Awards – Winner Best TV Stand Up Comedy
  • Olx SOMA  – Winner Facebook Fan page of the Year
  • Olx SOMA – Overall Social Media Personality of The Year
  • Sanaa Theatre Awards – Best Comedy Kenyan Pig Cat and Dogs

2012 Awards

  • UK Kenya Achievers Award For Excellence in Comedy
  • Kalasha Awards – Best TV Entertainment Churchill Live
  • Marketing Society Of Kenya Awards – Winner Best Personal Branding Effort

All Churchill Awards before 2012

  • 2011: State Commendation Award
  • 2011: Marketing Society of Kenya Awards
  • 2010: Chaguo La Teeniez Awards
  • 2009: Kalasha Awards Winner
  • 2007: Word Of Life Winner Theatre Person of Year
  • 1999: Mavuno Awards Winner Best Narrator

Daniel Ndambuki is attracting even better prizes for his lately engaging productions.

Churchill among 100 most influential people in Kenya

The number one show Churchill Live has accumulated a real time viewership record of at least 20 million.

As a result, Daniel Ndambuki Churchill is now in position 7 among top 100 most influential people in Kenya.

Besides, Ndambuki’s Laugh Industry show is speedily finding a new home in the larger East Africa.

Far beyond is a timeless impact of Churchill Show in oversea states such as Germany, Indian, UK, and US among others.

Comedian Churchill Daniel Ndambuki net worth

Daniel Wambua Ndambuki is owner of stately properties, cars, and most importantly a millionaire of followers.

Daniel Ndambuki car

In 1999, the curious Churchill acquired a Mazda KAD car from a peer.

Looking back, he describes it as a useless 2-door car sold to him by a friend who was struggling with its un-roadworthy condition.

Churchill laments that he owned the car without a driving licence and enough money to fuel it.

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In most cases, he had no choice but to pick a matatu instead of this monster car.

It turns out that Churchill bought the car at Ksh. 150,000 from a weeklong project cash-pay of Ksh. 180,000.

Churchill Ndambuki has since learnt discipline in spending the fruits of his labour wisely.

10 Million worth BMW 320 convertible birthday gift from Maina Kageni

Elsewhere, Maina Kageni surprised Churchill Ndambuki with a BMW 320 convertible worth Ksh. 10 million for his 40th birthday.

In attendance at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) held born day celebration were prominent figures including Alfred Mutua.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki house

Churchill is a household name now owner of a stately mansion within a leafy estate within Nairobi City County.

Trendy pictures of Daniel Ndambuki house are yet to flood the internet.

Daniel Ndambuki salary and income streams

The list of top 10 highest paid radio presenters in Kenya indicates that Daniel Ndambuki salary in Classic 105 FM is Ksh. 1.2 million.

Ndambuki Churchill comes second after his co-presenter, Maina Kageni, who pockets a monthly pay of about Ksh. 1.8 million.

Comedian Daniel Ndambuki wealth

Records have confirmed that Daniel Ndambuki earns 1.2 million for every Churchill Live show episode on television.

He earns some more from his part time film career, Emcee roles, and brand endorsements.

Overall, Churchill Daniel Ndambuki wealth stands at about Ksh. 100 million as of 2021.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki biography on social media

Daniel Wambua Ndambuki was the first Kenyan to hit 1 million followers on

Here are the latest stats from his latest social engagements and influence.

YouTube: Churchill Show Channel

Daniel Ndambuki has at least 2.2 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

The numbers are ballooning fast, even as his content is spilling to the international audience.

Facebook: Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’I page

Churchill commands a record high of 4 million followers on

His viral posts often attracts thousands of likes and comments within minutes.

Instagram: @mwalimchurchill account

The verified mwalimchurchill account on Instagram has more than 2.5 million followers. 

The radio presenter ad television host is truly a legend on the platform.

Twitter: Churchill handle

The Churchill show CEO leads a tribe of more than 800k followers on Twitter.

The platform is an outlet of his funny posts, memes, and videos.

Churchill Ndambuki accident and death rumours

Which Churchill comedian has died? Kasee, Ayeiya, and Othuol Othuol are some the now deceased Laugh Industry comedians.

A controversial US based blog published fake news in which they Killed Daniel Ndambuki in a grisly road accident along the twisted – busy Mai Mahiu- Suswa road.

On the contrary, Churchill was reportedly enjoying a delicious dish when frequent calls from loved ones started ringing his phone.  

The Incident happened months after Maina Kageni and Nonini were dragged in a similar hoax.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki contacts

  • Phone: +254726109109
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: Carnivore Restaurant, Langata Rd, Nairobi

Use Churchill phone number or email to book for a gig or connect directly with the founding comedy central boss.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki biography mentions and describes one of the funniest Kenyans you will ever find. His must attend Churchill Live Shows wraps it all with a rib cracking experience.

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