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Tales of the crazy Kennar videos are an inspiration and source of laughter to millions of followers because of their comic hype. The recently started online drama series on YouTube is a pool of short and funny clips. We turn to Crazy Kennar biography for details on his age, girlfriend, list of supporting actors, and wealth.

Subscribers and brand managers are both thirsting for the profile of Crazy Kennar series founder. That is partly why his uprising is shooting within the digital media space. The comedian cum entertainer continues to build a name for himself out of the exciting lifestyle of an ordinary Kenyan.

Comedian Crazy Kennar profiles summary

  • Real names: Kennedy Odhiambo
  • Popularly: Crazy Kennar (Crazy Kenar)
  • Nickname: The Content Cartel
  • Date of birth: 1990s
  • Birth sign: Under review
  • Place of birth: Baba Dogo, Nairobi
  • Age: about 30 years old
  • Ethnicity: Luo
  • County: Nairobi County
  • Occupation: Comedian, actor, actuarist
  • Crazy Kennar girlfriend: Natalie Asewe
  • Years active: 2017 to date

Crazy Kennar real name Kennedy Odhiambo is famous for starting and managing Tales of the crazy Kennar YouTube Channel to become a national entertainment sensation.

Kennedy Odhiambo Crazy Kennar biography with pictures

Who is Crazy Kennar? Kennedy Odhiambo is a starring and cheekily Kenyan thespian in the Crazy Kennar crew.

He is such a talent that millions are already bursting to his theatrical and entertaining productions.

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Kennedy Odhiambo tribe and ethnicity

Crazy Kennar is of the Luo ethnicity with origins in the Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.

Kennar was raised in Baba Dogo neighbourhoods, metres away from the busy Thika Road.

How old is Crazy Kennar?

Kennedy Odhiambo Crazy Kennar age is about 30 years. Even so, Kennar is yet to comment on his birthday and rural home.

Born in Nairobi, the youthful Kennar is clearly having pleasure on YouTube where thousands are celebrating his exciting video content.

Kennedy Odhiambo education history

Crazy Kennar started schooling at Sacred Heart primary school within Baba Dogo in Nairobi City County.

Kennar proceeded to the Homabay based Ringa High School for his secondary education.

Good KCSE grades saw Kennedy Odhiambo joining the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in 2017 to pursue bachelors in Actuarial Science.

Kennar hinted that he was in his third year as of 2020 and due for graduation. He has since completed undergraduate studies and graduated from JKUAT.

Kennedy Odhiambo family and relationships

Crazy Kennar comes from a humble background with no further info on his parents.

Profile details about his father, mother, and siblings are not forthcoming from Crazy Kennar interviews.

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Kennedy Odhiambo girlfriend Natalie Asewe

Crazy Kennar and Natalie Asewe are dating and in an intimate relationship.

However, they prefer keeping their relationship a secret and away from speculating eyes.

The wedding bells are yet to ring, and so, it is too early to spark a conversation about marriage around their admirable union.

Tales of the Crazy Kennar history

Kennedy Odhiambo alias Crazy Kennar started creating vines in his first year at JKUAT.

He progressively recruited more to make a team of six actors and actresses. The success of Crazy Kennar has attracted even more including the following.

List of Crazy Kennar actors

These 6 members comprise a team of Crazy Kennar actors.

  1. Kennedy Odhiambo (Crazy Kennar)
  2. Stanley Omondi
  3. Wanjiru Cynthia
  4. Khisa Yvonne
  5. Sakshi Bushes
  6. Moses Stephen

The six came from different institutions and a natural chemistry in them is what cements their friendship.

Kennar started recorded with a phone camera until success afforded him super lens cameras.

Crazy Kennar wealth and net worth

The Content Cartel Kennedy Odhiambo popularly Crazy Kennar earns a fortune from his rib cracking video content.

Firstly, he relies on product promotions and endorsements for his income.

Secondly, the Kennar team depends on advertisements to pocket some more.

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Finally, The Crazy Kennar Brand benefits from events and their audience for support.

How much money Crazy Kennar makes on YouTube 2021?

The Kennar YouTube Channel of about 400k subscribers pays about Ksh. 150,000 every month.

The amount is just a bite of how much the Crazy Kennar Company makes from events, brand endorsements, and related promotions.

Overall, Kennedy Odhiambo Crazy Kennar net worth is Ksh. 20 million as of 2021. Therefore, he is one of the highest paid Kenyan Youtubers.

Instant Delicacies Juja is the newest investment that Kennar has rolled out, leave alone his fleet of cars and flashy properties.

Crazy Kennar Company contacts

  • Phone number: 0705789929
  • Phone number: 0771731519
  • Email address:

Reach The Crazy Kennar Company for promo deals and further inquiries.

Crazy Kennar biography introduces us to one of the funniest Kenyan YouTubers bragging shoulders with the likes of Flaqo Raz (Mama Otis) and YY. Sure enough, Kennedy Odhiambo is everything from an actor to a timeless comedian in our generation.

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