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Elimu Academy Fee Structure: How to Pay through MPesa, Bank Accounts, Registration, & Contacts

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The prestigious Elimu Primary School in the vicinity of Kisii town is a trusted learning centre. Its flexible curriculum appeals to a majority of parents, guardians, and learners. We take a closer look at the Elimu Academy fee structure and high pass rate in KCPE exams.

Apart from academic excellence, Elimu is a high price tag institution compared to most public primary schools in the region. Here is how much it will cost you to enrol a pupil.

Elimu Academy fee structure download

Provided below is an updated fee structure for both day scholars and borders.

Also included are additional charges ranging from meals to transportation.

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1. Elimu Primary fee structure for day scholars

Fee summary for baby class and pre-school:

TermsPayable fees
1st termKsh. 21,500
2nd termKsh. 20,500
3rd termKsh. 12,000

Fee summary for class 1-5 day scholars

TermsPayable fees
1st termKsh. 23,200
2nd termKsh. 22,700
3rd termKsh. 12,500

Upon completing class 5, it is a school requirement for learners to become borders starting class 6.

2. Elimu Academy fee structure for borders

Elimu accepts borders between class 3 and class 8. It is however optional until a student is in class 6.

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Fee summary for class 3 – 5 borders:

TermsPayable fees
1st termKsh. 23,200
2nd termKsh. 22,700
3rd termKsh. 12,500

Fee summary for class 6 – 7 borders:

TermsPayable fees
1st termKsh. 35,000
2nd termKsh. 25,500
3rd termKsh. 18,000

Fee summary for class 8 borders:

TermsPayable fees
1st termKsh. 41,000
2nd termKsh. 40,300
3rd term0

Candidates are expected to have completed their final year tuition fee of Ksh. 81,300 by the end of the second term.

Elimu Academy school uniform fee

Tabulated is a list of school uniform requirements and fees;

Uniform listAmount
School uniformKsh. 4,000
TieKsh. 150
BadgesKsh. 100
Church uniformKsh. 3,000
TracksuitKsh. 3,000
P.E kitsKsh. 1,500
Bed coversKsh. 800

Notice that it is a school requirement to label uniforms with full names as opposed to the initials.

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Optional payments per term – Lunch & transportation

TransportDepends on distance
LunchKsh. 5,000

On top of that, a non-refundable registration fee of Ksh. 3,000 applies to all new pupils interested to join the iconic Elimu Academy.

Important notes:

  • School bursar is available on working days between 8 am and 5 pm
  • Elimu Academy does not accept personal cheques
  • All payments must be made through the school account

Beware that the school is not liable for any financial loss suffered after using unauthorized payment channels.

Elimu Academy bank account Numbers

Family Bank023052
MPesa Pay Bill859990
KCB Bank1215501021
Co-op Bank01129017654000

Keep in touch with the school for timely fee payment and updates.

Elimu Academy contacts – phone number

Phone number0702488044 (deputy)
P.O Box1202-40200, Kisii
MottoEducation for Eternity

For further assistance, contact the school administrators.

Elimu Academy fee structure is handy when deciding between the best primary schools in Nyanza and beyond. Overall, payable fees are as high as the KNEC results posted annually.

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