You are currently viewing 5 Reasons why exploring Manga Hills and ridges along the meandering Kisii Nyamira border is fun
Photo: Exploring Manga Hills and ridges along the Kisii Nyamira border . SRC: @kisiifinest

5 Reasons why exploring Manga Hills and ridges along the meandering Kisii Nyamira border is fun

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Emanga Ridge is a regional fortress with unceasing value in the Kisii customs and traditions. It’s an enduring shrine with naturally occurring stone artefacts. In between the sharp, rugged, and volcanic-like layers of stones are disappearing shrubs. Most important is a list of exciting activities you can engage in while exploring Manga Hills and ridges.

Visiting Manga is relaxing, especially for those climbing its steep hillside for the first time. Even more interesting are its deep cut caves and a thick carpet of smooth grass.

5 exciting reasons why exploring Manga Hills is fun

Manga is the nearest getaway nature destination for most Kisii town residents.

Those planning to visit this glorious site should consider the following 5 activities.

1. Nature photography and videography

Scenic pictures from the hillside are all you need for your album. Also, the ridge is suitable for those interested in videography.

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That is why secular and religious groups often flock to Manga Hills for their studio productions.

For that reason, do not forget to pack the camera. Additional Manga Hills hike requirements are snacks, sports gear, and first aid kit.

2. Viewing Kisii highlands and Lake Victoria

Most towns in Kisii County are visible from the towering Manga Hills Holy Cross. These include Bosongo CBD, Nyakoe Market, and Marani Township.

To the North West and several kilometres away are sparkling blue waters of Lake Victoria.

3. One of the best hiking places in Kisii

Manga Hills is hiking friendly compared to Sameta Hills and Kiong’anyo.

It is certainly a good place for team building and social groups seeking leisure and pleasure.

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4. Manga Hills is ideal for adventurous sports

Kisii highlands peak at Manga Hill nearby a stadium-size field where recreation tourists can freely engage in a variety of sports.

The most preferred athletic activities are football, splint races, and tug of war.

Meters from the lower edge of a slightly inclined field is a freshwater spring to cool your thirst.

Above all, hiking at Manga hills is holistic with health, physical, and spiritual benefits.

5. Exploring Kisii history at Manga Hills

Warrior Otenyo, seer Moraa Ngiti, and prophet Sakawa originate in the Kitutu region along Manga escarpments.

No wonder most powerful leaders in Gusii originate from within the Kitutu sub-tribe.

Besides, Manga is a gold mine of Gusii tribe historical records dating back to more than a century ago.

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Where is Manga Hills in Kisii?

Manga Hills with an elevation of 1,945 meters above sea level is located along the Kisii Kericho Road, near Getare and Mote Momwamu shopping centres.

Along the border of Nyamira and Kisii counties are Manga Ridge Park, Manga Hills Holy cross, St Joseph Prayer House, and Mote Momwamu.

Others are Getare Dispensary, Stage Miwa, Aberdare Technologies Limited, and Kiong’anyo Shopping Centre.

Exploring Manga Hills and ridges is highly rewarding with unfading experiences. All you need is a one-hour hiking to the top of the ridge from Kisii town CBD.

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