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Top 5 facts about Onsongo Comedy, how he met Inajoma Comedy actors Culture Six and Prince Davy

Top facts about Onsongo Comedy Ke and Inajoma Comedy Entertainment actors

Abraham Onsongo is the youngest Kisii comedian and Youtuber with several trendy clips on social media. His typical Kisii accent doubles up with a broken Swahili for our daily dose of laughter. A recent interview on Tamba Show gave us these 5 interesting facts about Onsongo Comedy Ke.

Onsongo is an example of young and creative Youtubers with a dream of becoming successful in life. For this reason, his short clips are favourite on WhatsApp Status among several followers. Let’s meet Onsongo away from the cameras.

Top 5 facts about Onsongo Comedy Ke

The talented Onsongo has come a long way and is now making steady steps in his newly founded career as a YouTuber.

His promising skill in creative art will surely take him to places in days to come.

1. Comedian Onsongo comes from Rigoma in Nyamira County

Onsongo whose real names are Abraham Onsongo Nyakundi is from Rigoma in Magombo, Nyamira County.

Onsongo age is 10 years as of 2021. He comes from a humble background with five family members, 2 parents and 3 siblings.

2. Onsongo is in grade 4 with a strong passion in footballing

The funny bone Onsongo is a grade 4 student at Zana Junior Academy Primary School located in Gachuba, Rigoma, Nyamira County.

Besides, he is a chilled out creative and a lover of football at school.

3. Inajoma Comedy actors recruited Onsongo for his talent

Culture Six real names Duke Amos Ragira and Prince Davy of Inajoma Comedy spotted Onsongo in the process of shooting their videos at home.

The Inajoma Comedy dual would not recruit Onsongo because they were already signed to Telmo World Media of Baba Jackie.

Instead, they opened for him a channel “Onsongo Comedy Ke.”

4. Onsongo Comedy Ke has exceeded 15k subscribers

The passionate Onsongo has a huge followership on the internet where his stunts are welcome.

Despite his young age, Onsongo has managed to get 15k subscribers with thousands of views on his latest video uploads.

5. Onsongo has a dream of becoming a professional comedian

Onsongo is lucky to have discovered his talent in comedy at a young age.

He has confirmed dreaming to become a full-time professional comedian when he grows up.

Latest facts about Onsongo Comedy

Onsongo is currently under the management of the Inajoma Comedy group.

Luckily, the group has expressed determination to continue nurturing Onsongo’s inborn talent.

Also, he works with Mike Wako alongside whom he was interviewed by Kenyan YouTuber Presenter Ali.

Onsongo has also attracted the attention of Citizen TV presenter Lulu Hassan.

Abraham Onsongo comedy contacts

  • Phone number: 0759816409

Contact Onsongo for support and further inquiries on business deals.

Various facts about Onsongo Comedy Ke reveals a fast-rising star. He can only rise higher in the world of entertainment.