Francis Atwoli Wives

Francis Atwoli Wives [Photos] Wedding, Mary Kilobi, Roselinda Simiyu, Jenifer Khainz & children

The long-serving COTU Secretary General is not only a powerful national but also a gentleman at heart. He is a firing man, especially when ironing controversial issues in Kenyan politics. Francis Atwoli wives come into mind when contrasting his aggressiveness in speech and gentleness in love affairs.

Apart from politics, The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) boss is a notorious businessman. Most importantly, the luxurious general is a master at pampering his women with pleasure and wealth.

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli wives

How many wives does Francis Atwoli have? The news making Atwoli is a family man of at least two beautiful wives and seventeen children.

In the list of Atwoli’s biological children are firstborn son Lukoye Atwoli, Rachel Nasambu, Valentine Nekesa, and Philip Atwoli.

Atwoli fears no devil when explaining himself as to why his circle of sweethearts and children is getting wider.

1. Francis Atwoli First Wife Jenifer Khainz

Francis Atwoli First Wife Jenifer Khainz
Photo: Francis Atwoli First Wife Jenifer Khainz . SRC: @francis atwoli

Atwoli’s first wife Jenifer Khainz is by far the coolest without drama and romantic scuffles.

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She prefers her peace and does not in any way indulge in publicity. As a result, not much information is available about her relationship with Atwoli.

2. Atwoli’s second wife Roselinda Simiyu

Roselinda is a tough woman who has on several occasions frustrated Atwoli.

Credible sources have confirmed that Atwoli and Roselinda married in 1996 and separated years later because of heated family disputes.

For instance, Roselinda joined elective politics against the will of her husband.

“The reason I asked her not to pursue politics was that I needed somebody to take care of me. Since she joined politics, I married Kilobi so that she attends to me.”

COTU SG Francis Atwoli.

In 2017, Roselinda was an aspiring member of parliament in Webuye West Constituency.

Unfortunately, she lost in the parliamentary seat upon distancing herself with the “Atwoli” identity. She is quoted regretting her separation from Atwoli.

“I want him to remember how I supported him during those times when he had nothing. When he wanted to be the Central Organisation Of Trade Unions (Cotu) boss I used to cook for the delegates without anyone to help me but he has forgotten all that. I miss him because we lived together for 22 years and it was a good marriage. We were so free and happy together, joked about everything and we had a good life and he was a good husband and a dad.”

Roselinda Atwoli.

For the record, a then 47 years old Atwoli wooed Roselinda into marrying him by lying that he was a divorcee.

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3. Francis Atwoli Wife Mary Kilobi

Who is Mary Kilobi husband? KTN journalist Mary Kilobi is married to COTU veteran Francis Atwoli.

Speaking to Jeff Koinange on JKL, Atwoli confirmed that Mary Kilobi is wife number two after releasing Roselinda for the dirty game of politics.

Is Mary Kilobi married? Yes, Mary Kilobi Atwoli wedding photos confirms that she is happily in a romantic relationship.

The television queen is lately her favourite lover, career assistant, and personal confidant.

Interestingly, Atwoli prays to solve fight with journalist wife Mary Kilobi.

“When Maria asks me questions I cannot answer, I hold the rosary, pray and sleep to avoid arguing with her.”

COTU SG Francis Atwoli.

In other news, Atwoli was recently on the headlines for allegedly marrying a 23-year-old Muslim girl from the coastal region.

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The displeased SG promptly bashed these rumours saying he is not ready for wife number four.

Francis Atwoli wives and ex-lovers are strikingly gorgeous as if to insist that the SG General does not settle for less. Meanwhile, he can stop describing Mary Kilobi for what a wonderful woman she has become since meeting her in 2005.

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