Fred Ranch and Resort Photos

Fred Ranch and Resort Photos: Menu Prices, Accommodation, Booking, Job Vacancies, & Contacts

Fred Ranch and Resort is a phenomenal getaway destination for urban dwellers seeking a deserved family rest from the buzzing noise and smoke of the city. The self-made paradise sitting on 10 acres of land is located at Kisaju in Isinya within Kajiado County. Veteran media personality Fred Machoka and his wife Sophia say they erected the nature-filled facility with love and pride.

It is now decades since Machoka started hosting the famed Roga Roga, Rhumba Show, on the RMS-owned Radio Citizen and Citizen Television. He would eventually actualize the dream of owning a uniquely profitable venture in the hospitality sector.  

Fred Ranch and Resort Photos

On a normal day, Fred’s Ranch is a beehive of activities ranging from traditional meals to team building and agri-tourism. It all explains why the entrance tagline reads ‘Feels Just Like Grandma’s!”

Executives at the luxurious resort include Fred’s three children Marvin, Victor, and Angela. Also at the managerial level is Victor’s wife, Linda Machoka.

Management: Executive members

Managing DirectorVictor Machoka
Sales & Marketing Director  Linda Machoka
School AdministratorElsie Jelagat
Food & Beverage ManagerAnthony Kaoneka

There are several vacancies at Fred’s Ranch for qualified applicants.

Fred Machoka’s son Victor narrates that it all started as a small farm before it blossomed into a multi-million-dollar business.

“My parents have had this land for many years. We are talking about since the 90s. When they moved here, they embarked on a little bit of farming. This attracted a lot of visitors to the ranch, who enjoyed sightseeing and farm excursions. The remaining question was: Why not have people come in to also eat and we can make money out of it?”

Victor Machoka.

Speaking to the media, Victor who is a qualified hotelier and an IR expert by profession intimated that Fred’s Ranch was officially launched on February 14, 2016.  

What he says next is even more interesting;

“My mum is the landscaper here and she knows every tree on this ground by name. She planted almost every tree here by herself.”

Victor Machoka.

On his part, Victor brags about an outgoing personality with tendencies to meet new people and enjoy their company.

His habit of visiting every table to ensure proper service says no less.

“We want to make people feel like they are home, that’s why our tagline is ‘Feels just like Grandma’s.”

Victor Machoka.

He adds that resources were initially a limiting factor but not a deterrent.

Somehow, the Machoka family managed to pull up the investment.

“It has been a bit hard advancing the business without help from financial intermediaries. We have had minimal help from banks, but most of the finances have been from the pocket; from mum and dad’s pockets, mostly.”

Victor Machoka.

Fred Ranch activities are limitless for hundreds of visitors streaming in regularly.

Amenities therein include the following;

Fred Ranch amenities

  • Conferencing halls
  • High capacity restaurant
  • An open bar
  • A swimming pool
  • A basketball court
  • Wedding and team-building grounds
  • A football pitch
  • Fun-filled gardens for kids
  • A mini forest
  • Open lawns
  • Horseback riding spaces

On top of that are training programs for curious visitors.

Experienced staff members are mostly ready with info on organic farming.

“We also do educational farm tours, where guests come and see intensive dairy farming, poultry farming and come and see how we grow our crops… Our food is farm to fork. 60 percent of what is on your plate is from our farm.”

Victor Machoka.

Fred’s Ranch menu prices are average for a range of healthy delicacies served to guests. Accommodation rates are equally pocket-friendly.

Within Fred’s Ranch is an established school of hospitality, where students are trained and offered scholarships.

Fred’s Ranch contacts


Starting in 2021, the school offers diploma and certificate courses in the front office, food production beverage service sales, and food production.

Photos of Fred Ranch and Resort are exquisite with décor and elegance. One wonders how the family managed to turn a once deserted Isinya into a post-modern joint.

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