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7 Facts About Hema Hospital Kisii: The owner Dr Hezron Manduku Biography, History, and Contacts

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Hema Level 5 Hospital is an accredited Kenyan private medical centre located in Kisii town. The facility brags excellence in the provision of world-class healthcare. A list of exciting facts about Hema Hospital Kisii is finally at hand.

To start with, the hospital mission and vision are all about upholding high standards in medical practice. Similarly, the facility is keen on the needs of patients from around the world.   

7 facts about Hema Hospital Kisii

The famous Hema Hospital has been operating for several years now. Its consistency in quality of service is particularly notable.

We swing into the untold history of Hema Hospital. Who is the founder and chairman of Hema Hospitals?

1. Dr Hezron Manduku founded Hema Hospital in 1975

Hema Hospital owner Dr Hezron Gichana Manduku founded Hema Hospital in 1975, under the regime of President Jomo Kenyatta.

The late Manduku used his business and medical skills to incorporate what would become a timeless healthcare centre.

2. Hema became the first private hospital in Western Kenya

Manduku owned Hema Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in Western Kenya.

The healthcare home which is now approaching five decades of service continues to defend its place among key players in the health sector.

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3. Hema Hospital was initially called Kisii Maternity and Nursing Home

Dr Manduku and his wife Mrs Florence Manduku started the Kisii Maternity and Nursing Home in 1975.

In 1995, the couple moved Hema Hospital to its modern building along Gusii stadium road.

In the process, Manduku renamed the Kisii Maternity and Nursing Home to Hema Hospital.

Historical records indicate that Hema Hospital building was the tallest at the time. Also, it was the only one with a lift in the region.

4. The hospital offers a long list of patient care services

Hema Hospital is highly equipped with modern laboratory theatre, renal, radiology and a 24-hour ambulance support system.

In addition, several specialized care services include imaging and surgery.

Hema Hospital Mortuary in Kisii County is also highly preferable.

5. Manduku was a former medic at the Kenyatta National Hospital

Hema Hospital proprietor Dr Hezron Manduku was a medical surgeon at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

On top of that, he was a medical superintendent at Kakamega and Meru Provincial Hospital.

He later resigned to focus on Hema Hospital and a then fast-rising Keroka Nursing and Maternity Home.

6. Manduku was an MP of Nyaribari Masaba Constituency

In 1992, Dr Manduku succeeded Prof Sam Ongeri as Member of Parliament in Nyaribari Masaba Constituency on the KANU ticket.

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Manduku lost the MP seat to Ongeri in 1997 but regained it in 2002 using the Ford People ticket.

During his reign, Nyaribari Masaba Constituency was mostly without a CDF office.

Then again, Ongeri succeeded Manduku in the violence marked 2007 General Elections.

7. Manduku was Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs until 1997

President Daniel Moi appointed MP Hezron Manduku as an Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1993.

He served in the ministerial position until 1997 when Ongeri knocked him from the much-coveted parliamentary seat.

During his reign, Dr Manduku was nicknamed a “one mtumba shirt man”.

“This shirt is still in good condition and I wear it regularly, at times on a weekly basis. In fact, it is one of my favourite shirts. I have worn it for close to 15 years now and I am not about to let go of it.”

Dr Hezron Manduku.

Overall, Manduku was a man of unique and memorable habits.

Who was Dr Hezron Manduku?

Hema Hospital owner Dr Hezron Gichana Manduku biography
Photo: Hema Hospital owner Dr Hezron Gichana Manduku biography . SRC: @hemahospital

The biography of Dr Hezron Manduku shows that he was born on July 13, 1940, at Nyanturago Village in Kisii County.

He attended Nyanturago Primary School before proceeding to Gesusu Intermediate School for high school studies.

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Thereafter, Manduku enrolled at Kasubi College in Uganda before joining Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow.

He graduated in 1969 with a medical degree. On returning home, Manduku was recognized among the first Kenyan surgeons.  

Apart from starting Hema Hospital, Dr Manduku is a pioneer of Hema Coffee Millers.

Dr Hezron Manduku family include wife Mrs Florence Manduku and brother, Zedekiah Machoka.

Manduku and Florence sired 7 children among them Dr Robert Manduku.

Unfortunately, the 79-year-old Dr Hezron Manduku died on August 10, 2019, at St. John Private Wing Nairobi Hospital.

His body was ferried from Lee Funeral Home to Kisii within a couple of weeks.

Dr Manduku burial on August 30, 2019, followed a colourful funeral service held at Nyanturago Secondary School.

Hema Hospital contacts

  • Phone: +254748035335
  • Email:
  • Website:

Call or visit Hema Hospital along Stadium Road Kisii for further inquiries.

Hema Hospital Kisii is a medical fortress established by the late Dr Hezron Manduku. The facility lives on as a dependable private health care centre for all.

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