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Innocent Ndemo Biography: Triumphant Rise from Guard to CEO, National Treasurer & Philanthropist

Who is Innocent Ndemo? Innocent Ondieki Ndemo is a remarkable entrepreneur and philanthropist born in the serene landscapes of Kisii County. His life journey is a testament to the power of determination and hard work. Rising from humble beginnings as a guard to establish his own security company at the age of just 28, is a legacy to behold in Innocent Ndemo biography.

As we speak, Innocent Ndemo is a family man, CEO, and National Treasurer for the Kenya Security Industry Association, just to mention but a few. We bring you a vivid picture of a man who transcended limitations and crafted his own path to success, becoming a beacon of inspiration for countless others.  

Innocent Ndemo Biography & Profile Summary

From the heart of Kisii County’s Mosocho, Ndemo’s roots run deep in his family.

Growing up as the fourth-born among eight siblings (five brothers and three sisters), Innocent’s strong family values and sense of responsibility further fueled his ambitions.

Amidst his entrepreneurial ambitions, Innocent married Maureen Kemunto, a partnership that would later become an essential pillar of his success. Together, they have nurtured their family, blessed with six children.

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Educational history                                                                                     

Innocent Ndemo’s educational voyage was marked by a series of achievements that set the stage for his remarkable rise.

He attended St. Patrick’s Mosocho for primary education. And later proceeded to St. Kizito Nyansiongo High School where the seeds of leadership were sown. His tenure saw him ascend to the position of school head boy, a testament to his natural charisma and ability to lead by example

 After high school, he pursued his thirst for knowledge at the Kenya Institute of Management, embarking on a journey towards a Diploma in Business Management.

 It was during this period that fate led him to his first employment as a guard, working diligently during the night shift.

Unbeknownst to him, those nights as a guard were setting the foundation for his illustrious career.

 Later on, he pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Management University of Africa (MUA), combining his academic pursuits with his evolving professional aspirations.

Employment as a guard, taxi driver and sale of eggs   

The seeds of entrepreneurship were sown when Innocent transitioned from being a guard to becoming a credit controller at Factory Guards, now known as SGA.

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 Four years as a guard, followed by a year and a half as a credit controller, instilled in him a deep understanding of the security industry and the intricacies of business operations. This knowledge and experience provided the stepping stones for his next venture.

In addition, Innocent did other businesses including the sale of eggs, sukumakiwi (kales), and a part-time taxi driver.

Founding Secureman Security Company

In 2003, at the young age of 28, Innocent Ndemo took a leap of faith and founded Secureman Security Ltd Company.

Armed with his acquired skills and the passion to create safer environments, he tirelessly worked to build his company from the ground up.

Today, Secureman Security stands as one of the biggest security companies in Kenya with branches and hundreds of employees across the country.

KSIA National Treasurer & Rotarian

Innocent’s career achievements extend beyond the walls of his company.

He assumed the role of National Treasurer for the Kenya Security Industry Association, further solidifying his influence within the security sector.

His commitment to community service found expression through his involvement as a Rotarian at the Rotary Club of Muthaiga, where his passion for tree planting and various philanthropic endeavours flourished.

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Hobbies and Interests

Beyond the corporate world, Innocent Ndemo’s interests spanned diverse realms.

An avid traveller, he embraced the beauty of new cultures and experiences.

 His love for music, combined with his farming pursuits, showcases his multifaceted personality.

 Additionally, his devotion to his Christian faith is reflected in his active membership at Corpus Christi Catholic Church Nairobi.

Innocent Ndemo Contacts

Phone number0722799391
FacebookInnocent Ndemo

You can contact Secureman customer care or visit the office at 83 Place Kabarnet Road, Nairobi, for more info and personalized services.

Ndemo’s journey is an embodiment of the power of human will, illustrating that one’s background does not dictate the height of their achievements

In his journey from being a guard to the CEO of a thriving security company, Innocent Ndemo biography is a legacy that continues to inspire individuals to dream big, work hard, and make a difference.

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