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Photo: Prof John Sorona Akama Biography on family and career history . SRC: @profakama

Prof John Sorona Akama Biography: VC Kisii University, family, profile facts, and latest book

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Prof John Akama is a brilliant Kenyan academician now vice-chancellor of Kisii University. The veteran administrator brags several thesis papers, bestseller books, and qualifications from the best universities in the world. Therefore, Professor John Sorona Akama biography is a life story worth retelling.

Akama belongs to the list of the most learned Kisii people in Kenya. Even so, Prof Akama is not your ordinary scholar.

Professor John Sorona Akama profiles summary

  • Real names: John Sorona Akama
  • Date of birth: 1959
  • Place of birth: Ng’oino Tea Estate, Kericho
  • Ancestral home: Mecheo, North Mugirango
  • Nationality: Kenyan (Nyamira County)
  • Prof John Akama wife: Mallion
  • Prof John Akama children: 3
  • Relationship status: Married

John Sorona Akama is famous for his role as founding Principal of Kisii University College and now Vice Chancellor of Kisii University.

Prof John Sorona Akama biography

Kisii University Vice Chancellor Prof Akama profile and books
Photo: Kisii University Vice Chancellor Prof Akama wife Mallion . SRC: @profakama

The resilient John Akama rose straight from a village boy to the highest ranks of academia.

He has previously joked about walking to school barefoot because of abject poverty.

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How old is Prof John Akama?

Born in 1959, Professor John Akama age is 64 years as of 2023.

A man of his age bracket and full of charisma is surely at the pinnacle of success.

John Sorona Akama family tree and ancestry

Prof John Akama father is Andrew Akama and his mother Teresia Kwamboka.

The vice-chancellor is the only son in a family of 4 siblings among them three sisters.

Akama recounts drawing much inspiration and support from his mother Teresia Kwamboka.

His Kericho based casual labourer father equally played a key role throughout his childhood.

Akama born at Ng’oino Tea Estate would eventually defy all the odds of poverty.

 For the record, the Akama family has an ancestral home in Mecheo Village near Keroka Town, in Nyamira County.

Prof John Akaka wife Mallion and children

Akama’s wife Mallion Kwamboka Onyambu is equally a scholar with diverse experience in research.

She is an alumna of Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Education degree in Arts.

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In 2013, Mallion Akama earned a Master’s Degree in History from Moi University.

She would later go back to class for her PhD studies in History at Moi University.

Mallion is particularly competent in gender studies, African history, economic history, and land use policy & planning.

Professor John Akama education history, PhD

John Akama started schooling at a Kericho based primary school. He later transferred to Mecheo in Gusiiland.

Upon clearing high school, Akama proceeded to the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta Campus.

He later enrolled for a Master of Arts in History but ended up specialising in geography, curriculum studies, and tourism.

Akama luckily earned a Masters’ Degree scholarship at Ohio University USA.

Finally, he joined Southern Illinois University for higher postgraduate studies before returning to Kenya.

Prof John Akama career background

Akama first worked as a lecturer at Moi University before becoming a full professor at the institution.

He has since remained a researcher in critical fields such as tourism, sociology, culture, and wildlife conservation.

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Prof Akama Book Undeterred

Apart from working as a college administrator, Akama is a seasoned author behind the book, “A Rural Boy’s Journey to the Pinnacle of Academia.”

He co-authored with his wife Mallion and Daily Nation journalist Joshua Araka. His other two books are enlisted below;

  • The Gusii of Kenya: Social, Economic, Cultural, Political and Judicial Perspectives
  • The Untold Story: Gusii Survival Techniques & Resistance to Colonial Rule

The undeterred book launch revealed that Akama has multiple mentors among them Ted Benard, Celia Nyamweru, Christopher Lant, Gifford Doxsee, and Robert Maxon.

Prof John Akama contacts

Social Media@johnakama

Book an appointment with Prof Akama at Kisii University.

Prof John Sorona Akama biography is a summary of an admirable personal life and decorated academic journey. He is indeed at the pinnacle of success despite initial struggles.

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