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CEO Khalif Kairo Net Worth, Sources of Income, & List of Companies

Khalif Kairo Net Worth & Sources of Wealth: List of Owned Businesses – Kai & Karo Car Dealership

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The youthful Khalif Kairo is everything in between a serial entrepreneur, car importer, and career pilot. Fanatics often look up to his success story for inspiration on their roadmap to self-actualization in business. Even so, Khalif Kairo net worth and sources of income are not without controversies.

The 28 years old CEO rose to fame as a deep pocket car dealer with huge stakes in the spacecraft industry. He has since remained relevant in the watch of mainstream social media.

Khalif Kairo Net Worth in 2024

Joseph Kairu Wambui popularly called Khalif Kairo has a net worth of at least Ksh. 100 million with significant income proceedings from his capital ventures. These a vast automobile firm called Kai and Karo.

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The wealthy Kairo brags multiple cars and startups in various parts of the country. He claims having multiple employees under his brands.

“I have over 35 guys on the payroll. Salaries every month north of KSh 1.5 million.”

Khalif Kairo.

@brogonya_mclean is among X users still skeptical on the verity of his business dealings.

“This is how we know that you’re not genuine with what you do. There’s no way a single car dealer can raise such an amount every month. My experience interacting with car dealers in Nairobi has doubted your figure. There’s obviously something you’re doing that you aren’t sharing.”


On his side, Khalif is a stand off with claims that he is involved in money laundering with affiliates in Arab Countries such as Dubai.

“People forget that I ventured into the car business 10 years ago. Money laundering can’t sustain the lifestyle I live. You can’t be in that business and still visit countries such as the US, where the FBI would have you on their radar.”

Khalif Kairo.

Its interesting how Kairo keeps flaunting a dream life amid criticism and admiration.

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Above all, the net worth of Khalif Kairo continues to accumulated amidst expansion of his car dealerships and speculations of illegal proceedings.

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