Kisii County sub counties

List of all 11 Kisii County sub counties, 9 constituencies, 45 wards, locations and population

Kisii County map provides us with an excellent view of green fields dotted with medium sized urban centres. Between these mushrooming towns are well carpeted roads disappearing between shades of tall trees. A trip across Gusii highlands reveals even more information on Kisii county sub counties.

There is enough to admire in the land of Matoke, popularly called Kisii County number 045. Our tour across its borders is particularly exposing on the directions, locations, population, and related facts. Luckily, we have for you a summary of useful details about Kisii County sub counties and wards.

What is a sub county in Kenya?

Sub counties are an equivalent of districts in the former provinces of Kenya.

They are devolved administrative units through which various county governments of Kenya render public services.

According to the constitution of Kenya 2010, every sub county should coincide with one constituency.

However, some constituencies in Kisii County have up to two sub counties.

List of Kisii County sub counties, constituencies, MPs, and population

There are 9 constituencies, 11 sub counties, and a total of 45 wards as discussed below.

All the constituencies are administrative organs within the National Government.

On the other hand, sub counties are administrative units within the local government of Kisii.

1. Bobasi Constituency – Kisii County sub counties

Bobasi has two sub counties including Nyamache and Sameta. Also, there a total of 8 wards including the following.

  • Basi Central ward
  • Bassi Bogetaorio ward
  • Bobasi ward
  • Bobasi/Boitangare ward
  • Masige East ward
  • Masige West ward
  • Nyacheki ward
  • Sameta/Mokwerero ward
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Sameta Sub County and Nyamache Sub County population was 197,895 in the census of 2019.

Hon Innocent Momanyi Obiri of PDP Party is the Member of Parliament in Bobasi Constituency.

Ongoing talks to split Bobasi Constituency into two are yet to bear fruits.

2. Bomachoge Borabu Constituency

Kenyenya Sub County in Bomachoge Borabu Constituency has 4 wards;

  • Borabu Masaba ward
  • Boochi Borabu ward
  • Bokimonge ward
  • Magenche ward

Kenyenya Sub County population was 131,740 in the census of 2019.

Hon Zadoc Abel Ogutu of IND Party is Member of Parliament in Bomachoge Borabu Constituency.

3. Bomachoge Chache Constituency

Gucha Sub County in Bomachoge Chache Constituency has 3 wards;

  • Majoge Basi ward
  • Boochi/Tendere ward
  • Bosoti/Sengera ward

Gucha Sub County population was 83,740 in the census of 2019.

Hon Miruka Ondieki Alfah of KNC party is Member of Parliament in Bomachoge Chache Constituency.

4. Bonchari Constituency – Kisii County sub counties

Kisii South Sub County in Bonchari Constituency has 4 wards;

  • Bomariba ward
  • Bogiakumu ward
  • Bokeira ward
  • Riana ward

Kisii South Sub County population was 135,134 in the census of 2019.

Robert Pavel Oimeke Obwoto of ODM Party Is Member of Parliament in Bonchari Constituency.

5. Kitutu Chache North Constituency

Marani Sub County in Kitutu Chache North constituency has 4 wards;

  • Monyerero ward
  • Sensi ward
  • Marani ward
  • Kegogi ward
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Marani Sub County population was 107,464 in the census of 2019.

Hon Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi of JP Party is Member of Parliament in Kitutu Chache North Constituency.

6. Kitutu Chache South Constituency

Kitutu Central Sub County in Kitutu Chache South Constituency has 5 wards;

  • Bogusero ward
  • Bogeka ward
  • Nyakoe ward
  • Kitutu central ward
  • Nyatieko ward

Kitutu Central Sub County population was 154,175 in the census of 2019.

Hon Richard Onyonka of Ford Kenya Party is Member of Parliament in Kitutu Chache South Constituency.

7. Nyaribari Chache Constituency

Kisii Central Sub County in Nyaribari Chache Constituency which includes Kisii Town has 6 wards;

  • Bobaracho ward
  • Kisii Central ward
  • Keumbu ward
  • Kiogoro ward
  • Birongo ward
  • Ibeno ward

Kisii Central Sub County population was 166,906 in the census of 2019.

Hon Richard Nyagaka Tongi of JP Party is Member of Parliament in Nyaribari Chache Constituency.

8. Nyaribari Masaba Constituency

Masaba South Sub County in Nyaribari Masaba Constituency has 5 wards;

  • Ichuni ward
  • Nyamasibi ward
  • Masimba ward
  • Gesusu ward
  • Kiamokama ward

Masaba South Sub County population was 122,396 in the census of 2019.

Hon Ezekiel Machogu Ombaki of NAPK Party is Member of Parliament in Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

9. South Mugirango Constituency

Gucha South Sub County and Etago Sub County of South Mugirango Constituency have 6 wards;

  • Tabaka ward
  • Boikang’a ward
  • Bogetenga ward
  • Borabu-Chitago ward
  • Moticho ward
  • Getenga ward

Gucha South Sub County population was 83,623 while Etago Sub County population was 83,787 in the census of 2019.

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Hon Silvanus Osoro Onyiego of KNC Party is Member of Parliament in South Mugirango Constituency.

Full list of 11 Kisii County sub counties and wards

These sub counties in Kisii County are a backbone of the ongoing regional socio-economic prosperity.

  1. Etago sub county
  2. Gucha south sub county
  3. Gucha sub county
  4. Kenyenya sub county
  5. Kisii central sub county
  6. Kisii South sub county
  7. Kitutu Central sub county
  8. Marani sub county
  9. Masaba South sub county
  10. Nyamache sub county
  11. Sameta sub county

Overall, the population of Kisii County is 1,266,860 while that of Nyamira County is 605,576 according to the national population census 2019.

Who is the head of Sub County?

Sub County administrators appointed by the County Public Service Board are heads in sub county administration.

The Kenyan Constitution of 2010 directs these officials to work in line with the local government.

Various Kisii county sub counties vary in their sizes and population. While Bobasi constituency is the largest with Sameta and Nyamache sub counties, Kisii Central Sub County is the most populated.

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