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15 Kisii County Women Rep aspirants [2022] Fighting to succeed Janet Ongera in August Elections

List of all Kisii County Women Representatives Aspirants

The rising number of Kisii County Women Rep candidates is particularly stressing to the incumbent Janet Ongera. She is seeming indecisive following a sudden bouncing from the gubernatorial race.

15 have already shown interest in the Kisii Woman Representative seat. As a result, Janet Ongera’s fate remains in the balance amid fierce competition from closest opponents such as Donya Toto.

Kisii County Women Rep Janet Ongera

Janet Ongera allegedly ceased from the gubernatorial race because of what she described as toxic masculinity.

Like her counterpart Rachel Otundo, Mrs Ong’era is openly displeased with the place of women in Kisii County politics.

Janet Ongera abuses crowd “uncircumcised boys”

Raila’s recent Kisii tour at the Kisii Sports Club ended with Janet Ongera on the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

She had this to say in the middle of a screaming audience.

 “Abaisi aba namwoga nimanyete nechibesa mwaegwa, kira kiri nkwane.”

Women Rep Janet Ongera.

Her demeaning sentiments translate: “You uncircumcised boys, I know you have been hired to cause chaos, shut up so that I can speak.”

Also heckled on a fateful day are Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo and Kisii County Senator Prof Sam Ongeri.

“Intarachi gokwana, ebioto bikwoga roche tigana nabirabio.”

Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo.

His trending statement translates: “Before I speak, leave alone all the noisy frogs in a river.”

Meanwhile, the enraged Women Rep Janet Ongera and Governor Amos Nyaribo are yet to apologise for abusing their tribesmen in the presence of national dignitaries.

List of all Kisii County Women Representative aspirants

Aspirant Women Representative in Kisii County include the following;

  1. Janet Ongera (incumbent Women Rep)
  2. Dorice Aburi (radio journalist)
  3. Maureen Moraa (lawyer)
  4. Bridgit Ombati
  5. Norah Nyamwamu
  6. Peris Onsarigo
  7. Evelyn Ogendo
  8. Fontina Ngare
  9. Doreen Bwari
  10. Julie Nyanchama
  11. Getrude Mogoi
  12. Gladys Aunga
  13. Risper Ndege
  14. Rebecca Akemo
  15. Lucy Machuki (KNUT)

A lack of confidence in Kisii County voters to consider a female candidate is reportedly the reason why Mrs Ongera is drumming for her re-election.

The future of Janet Ongera’s politics is not certain; given that she is no longer enjoying enough support. Lately to blame are her abuses and mostly insensitive utterances.