KRG the Don Net Worth

KRG the Don Net Worth in 2024: Is Rapper Karuga Kimani a Billionaire? Wealth & Sources of Income

KRG the Don net worth and sources of income are sparking heated discussions on social media. It all started with a recent interview in which the controversial rapper declared himself a multi-billionaire.

Born on January 14, 1991, the 33-year-old Kikuyu-Indian half-cast KRG is from Naivasha, Kenya. How rich is KRG the Don in 2024?

KRG the Don net worth

Kenyan rapper Karuga Kimani popularly called KRG the Don recently confirmed being worth Ksh. 4.2 billion on live television.

Apart from immense wealth, he proceeded to brag about his diverse portfolio and genius brains.

“My net worth, as I last checked a year ago, it was four point something billion. But I know it has increased since then due to my investments.”

KRG the Don.

In other news, KRG argues that no one can be as rich as he is even if he slept for fifty years.

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A video of him splashing a lump sum of cash money inside his car says no less. While responding to the clip, KRG revealed that the clean notes in counting were on Ksh. 10 million.

“What was there was only Sh10 million. But there was plenty more that was not seen in the camera.”

KRG the Don.

When asked about his sources of income, KRG said he runs a chain of private businesses for which he is tax-compliant.

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According to him, it does not matter to anyone how he makes his money as long as it is all legitimate.

“Everybody has their own ways and their own brains. We are very smart people. I do business both locally and internationally. I might be here but I do a lot of things for people in different countries. I don’t have to explain to someone not unless you have a legit question or maybe you are from the authorities.”

KRG the Don.

In his words, a man should not date or marry if he earns less than Ksh. 100,000.

“Imagine I am helping the boy child. They can invest their little money to grow bigger. You know women speak softly but they say many things. They say a man without money is not a man. When you have money then you can focus on love.”

KRG the Don.

How the seasoned rapper makes his money is still a mystery for many of his followers.

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The net worth of KRG the Don is estimated at Ksh. 4.2 billion but a majority of Kenyans think he is only a millionaire.

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