Larry Madowo Family Members

Larry Madowo Family Members: Father Mzee Madowo, Mother Treazer Anyango & Sister Liz Profile

Larry Madowo family members and close relatives are hardly in the limelight as is the case with the renowned CNN journalist. Even so, fanatics can not stop inquiring about his ancestry.

Media Personality Larry Madowo born on July 14, 1987, originates in Barding village within Siaya County. Most importantly, he shares the same ethnicity with former US President Barack Obama.

List of Larry Madowo Family members

The parents of Larry Madowo include his father Mzee Madowo and mother Treazer Anyango Madowo.

Unfortunately, Larry lost his dad in 1994 and his lovely mom in 2001. He became an orphan at the age of 14 years alongside his only sister Liz Madowo.

The former NTV and BBC journalist recently celebrated his loving dad on the eve of Fathers Day.

“It’s been 25 years since my dad left this world. I was just a little boy but I knew he loved us and he spoiled us rotten. It was almost as if he understood that he wouldn’t be with us for long. The years after weren’t always easy but I think we’ve made him proud #HappyFathersDay.”

Journalist Larry Madowo.

Larry Madowo’s mom Treazer Anyango Madowo was a career primary school teacher and a divisional Knut official.

On the other hand, Larry’s blood sister Liz is a graduate of Moi University. She now works as a stylist and fashion blogger.

Elsewhere, Larry lost his grandmother Francesca Madowo on August 27, 2021.

“My grandmother, the family matriarch, our heartbeat, my comedy partner, the dearly loved Francesca Madowo has joined the ancestors. I am numb. My heart has been ripped from my chest. Light has gone out of my life. Nind gi kwe, min Omollo.”

Journalist Larry Madowo.

The pain of losing a mom and grandmother within the same year, 2001, became a turning point for better education and eventual career in journalism.

The Larry Madowo family is a source of inspiration to several followers. He can only rise higher in mediaspace.

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