You are currently viewing Maina Kageni Salary per Month, Net Worth & Co-hosting “Maina & King’ang’i” Show on Classic 105
Maina Kageni Salary per Month, Net Worth & Co-hosting “Maina & King’ang’i” Show on Classic 105 . SRC: #FontsKenya

Maina Kageni Salary per Month, Net Worth & Co-hosting “Maina & King’ang’i” Show on Classic 105

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Maina Kageni is a prominent Kenyan radio presenter who has captivated audiences for decades with his charismatic presence and engaging broadcasts. From his humble beginnings to his impressive fat salary, Maina’s journey in the media industry is quite inspiring. One aspect that has often piqued curiosity is Maina Kageni salary per month, which he openly discussed in 2022.

Kageni’s journey in the media world began with a stroke of luck when he landed a job at Capital FM. Over the years, Maina has honed his skills and also contributed significantly to the entertainment and information sector in Kenya.

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Maina Kageni salary per month

Apart from being a radio personality, Maina Kageni is also an entrepreneur who has carved a niche for himself in various parts of the media industry.

In addition to his radio gigs and shows, Maina served as a news anchor at KTN. Currently, Maina co-hosts the morning show “Maina and Kingang’i” on Classic 105.

Besides his thriving career in the media, Maina has invested in real estate, owning residential properties both in Kenya and abroad, including locations in Nairobi, Florida, and Miami.

His foray into real estate showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and long-term financial security.

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During a candid conversation with Kamene Goro in 2022, Maian Kageni openly disclosed his earnings from his job at Classic 105 FM.

He revealed that his monthly salary exceeded a staggering Ksh 2 million, making him one of the highest-paid media personalities in Kenya.

Maina Kageni net worth

Beyond his radio gig, Maina has diversified his income streams to real estate. Furthermore, Maina reportedly co-owns a modelling agency in Lagos, further expanding his business ventures.

 As of 2023, Maina Kageni’s estimated net worth stands at a remarkable Ksh 250 million. This impressive figure reflects his financial acumen and strategic investments over the years.

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Maina Kageni salary per month of exceeding Ksh 2 million, underscores his status as one of Kenya’s highest-paid media personalities.  

Even so, Maina Kageni announced his plans to retire from radio in 2021. He expressed his desire to focus on running a nightclub in the USA, marking a new chapter in his life.

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