You are currently viewing Luxurious Maya Holiday Point Hotel near Sameta Hills, menu, photos, resort owner, and contacts
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Luxurious Maya Holiday Point Hotel near Sameta Hills, menu, photos, resort owner, and contacts

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Maya Holiday Point Hotel is a state of the art resort on the rolling slopes of Sameta Hills. It is not only a vacation spot but also a regional tourist camp. Among other reasons, fun hunters prefer its executive services and sparkling orange impression.

Everything about the homely Maya Holiday Point is exquisite with a promise of value for your money. Apart from a spacious garden are fancy accommodation premises by the poolside. The fast-rising Maya Holiday Point is indeed a real game-changer in the area.

Where is Maya Holiday Point Hotel located?

5 star Maya Holiday Point Hotel located near Sameta Junction
Photo: 5 star Maya Holiday Point Hotel located at Sameta Junction . SRC:

Maya Holiday Point is located about a kilometre from Ogembo Market and 15 kilometres from Kisii Town.

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More specifically, the resort sits about 300 meters from Sameta Junction as one head to Sameta High School.

In addition, the hotel is within the vicinity of Sameta Lodges and Bonds Hotel. Another notable landmark in the area is Lenmek Hospital.

Even better, the hotel overlooks a green vegetation neighbourhood bordering the densely populated Ogembo town.

Maya Holiday Point classy structures

The gate is modern and so are all the structures within a circuitry perimeter wall.

Maya Resort is what you could expect to see, touch, taste, and feel in a five-star hotel.

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List of services and amenities

  • Swimming pool
  • Fast internet
  • Foods and drinks
  • Hot tub, Jacuzzi, Sauna
  • Spacious parking
  • Extra comfort accommodation
  • Spacious garden for parties and events

Maya offers even more with a special touch on quality of service.

Modern conference hall

Maya Holiday Point Hotel accommodation and hall
Photo: Maya Holiday Point Hotel accommodation and hall . SRC:

The spacious conference hall offers luxury to the expectations of successful brands.

Moving on, the hotel has hosted renowned local artists such as Miggy Champ, Echate generation, Babu Gee, Embarambamba, Mcubamba, Kamtu Flani, DJ White, and DJ Rillz.

Who owns Maya Holiday Point?

The middle-aged Kisii tycoon who owns Maya Holiday Point prefers to remain away from excessive publicity.

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He is nonetheless a down to earth investor with a passion for hospitality.

Maya Holiday Point contacts

  • Phone: 0711555444
  • Email:
  • Website:

Call or DM for more information.

Maya Holiday Point hotel is strategic for Maasai Mara and Tabaka Soapstone tourists. Also in the guest list are explorative locals. The resort is surely ideal for all first-class services including hot bathtubs and deep bites.

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