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Photo: Francis Munyao MCA Tricky biography . SRC: @mcatricky

MCA Tricky Biography [Photos] Girlfriend, Age, Family, Tribe, & Churchill Show Comedian Wealth

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MCA Tricky is a seasoned Kenyan comedian who turned prosperous after years of struggling in the dusty streets of Nairobi. The big wig jokesters came to the limelight following a series of talent search auditions with Daniel Ndambuki of Churchill Show. The making of MCA Tricky biography is finally evident.

MCA Tricky has previously shared intimate details on how luck uplifted him to the stardom status. He will forever remain grateful to the millions of Kenyans who believed in his potential to entertain.

MCA Tricky profile summary

Date of BirthFebruary 7, 1993
Age31 years
Real NameFrancis Munyao
Home townMakueni
EducationKenyatta University
Social Media@mcatricky

The life story of Francis Munyao alias MCA Tricky runs deep with a special turnaround experience.

Francis Munyao Bio: MCA Tricky biography

Initial reports say that MCA Tricky escaped the unforgiving streets after years of walking barefoot and going to bed hungry.

The funnyman would eventually embrace media for a full-time career in national theatres.

MCA Tricky age and childhood

Born on February 7, 1993, Francis Munyao MCA Tricky age is 31 years as of 2024. He is lately a man of interest having branded himself on the wide screens.

Becoming independent at the age of 12 years is a life-changing experience that MCA Tricky will live to tell.

Francis Munyao parents

MCA Tricky has a couple of loving parents among them his father Mr Peter and mother Ann Ndavi.

Francis Munyao’s parents are of the Akamba tribe with an ancestral home in Makindu – Kibwezi Constituency, Makueni County.

It is in Eastern Kenya where MCA Tricky spent a sweet part of his childhood years. At the worst of his life, MCA Tricky became a street boy at Saika Estate along Kangundo Road.

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Francis Munyao brothers and sisters

MCA Tricky is the last born in a loving family of three siblings among them a cute sister and an elder brother.

His real name, Francis Munyao, is finally in the limelight as MCA Tricky.

MCA Tricky Education background

The notorious MCA Tricky is a graduate of a prestigious higher learning institution in the country.

He started schooling at Ikungu Primary located in Makindu, Makueni County. In 2004, MCA Tricky completed his KCPE Exams with 412 marks.

Is MCA tricky a real Chokora? Yes, life turned worse for him when a four-year scholarship at Maasai High School ended prematurely. Frustrated, MCA Tricky found a new home in the unforgiving streets of Nairobi.

He decided to become a street boy knowing his parents could not raise Ksh. 45,000 per term for him to continue with form two studies.

He told Radio Maisha that going back to his poverty-stricken parents would have only worsened the situation.

“Nikaona hapa hata nikienda home sisaidiki, that is why I hanged around Nairobi…because I knew home ni worse. My sister mwenyewe anasomea set books home, my brother huyo karibu aache kabisa, my father is cycling his bicycle around looking for a few shillings za kulipa huko… sembuse the fees yenye inalipwa? He couldn’t afford. Hiyo time walikuwa wanalipa Ksh. 45,000 per term – it is a private school; huko ndio watoto wa wadosi walikuwa wanasomea.”

Radio Maisha Interview @mcatricky

After eight months of sleeping in the cold with scarce food, MCA Tricky recalled his ancestral home in Makindu.

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Within a few days of returning to his parents, MCA Tricky landed another scholarship at Kiangini Secondary School.

While in form three, he escaped to the capital seeking readmission at Maasai High School. Luckily, the school reconsidered him for another scholarship.

Debut performance at Maasai High School

MCA Tricky launched his career with a hilarious skit during a form four Prayer’s Day assembly. His debut performance not only cheered his schoolmates but also the teachers and parents in attendance.

Is MCA tricky an engineer? On joining Kenyatta University, MCA Tricky took acting seriously despite being a bachelor’s degree student in Mechanical Engineering.

“Niliingia comedy nikiwa second year and I was among the group ya first class students, wacha niingie pale Carnivore…grade ilishuka kutoka 73 points to 59 points. Kiburi, jina, brand…Daro mpaka watu wa school of arts wanakuja school of engineering kukaa class, ma-lecturer wananiita kushika microphone…siconcetrate…ilikuwa noma but nikang’ang’ana… For three years nilikuwa stage lakini akili iko mechanics…na nikapiga na kumaliza na second class upper, uliza engineer yeyote second upper inamaanisha nini atakuambia.”

MCA Tricky on Jalango TV.

After 5 years of intensive college studies, MCA Tricky graduated on December 20, 2019.

“Engineering ni passion, comedy ni hustle…engineering kwangu is part of my life.”

MCA Tricky on Jalango TV.

Radio Maisha interview dubbed “MCA Tricky –The Story of my Life” reveals that he was always a top student. And now, he intends to pursue Masters Degree in Mechatronics Engineering at JKUAT.

Francis Munyao career history

MCA Tricky is an inborn comedian with a natural inclination to humour at its best. As a child, Munyao loved telling stories and cheering his classmates: Little did he know that jokes would become his destiny.

Joining Barikiwa Set Book Group in 2013 helped MCA Tricky in rekindling his childhood dreams ahead of Churchill Show auditions.

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Francis Munyao Churchill Show

Former street urchin MCA Tricky joined Churchill Show in 2016 following an impressive audition. His signature street style became a sensation with exceeding support from his mentor, Professor Hammo.

More career opportunities have since cropped up among them presenting on Milele FM and Radio Maisha.

MCA Tricky girlfriend–wife

MCA Tricky Girlfriend photos
Photo: MCA Tricky Girlfriend photos . SRC: @mcatricky

The love life of MCA Tricky is still unclear given a legion of beautiful women interested in dating and marrying him.

He has previously made headlines for posting cute girlfriends with suggestive captions. Among his alleged sweethearts is Akothee’s firstborn daughter, Rue Baby.

MCA Tricky had this to say about another lass called Talaso.

“I love this lady to my bones, but she won’t admit it,” Tricky captioned the photo. @helenatalaso May ALLAH shade blessings on your life, babe. You were meant for greatness.”

Instagram @mcatricky, Helena Talaso

Some sources claim that Rue Baby and MCA Trick broke up following a love triangle drama with a Marsabit beauty called Helena Talaso.

MCA Tricky Net Worth and salary

Money is sweet, especially for MCA Tricky who was until recently struggling to escape abject poverty. He now earns a six-figure salary from Radio not to mention a lineup of multi-million endorsement deals from well-paying brands.

Most importantly, MCA Tricky is an established celebrity with a net worth of about Ksh. 50 million.

MCA Tricky contacts

Phone number
FacebookMCA Tricky
YouTubeMcaTricky Tv

Short clips with a daily dose of laughter keep the comic afloat.

MCA Tricky biography details a twisted life story of a Churchill-Show bred comedian with a rugged past. The highly creative Francis Munyao is indeed breaking the ceilings.

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