Presenter Ali girlfriend

Presenter Ali girlfriend: Medina Makena biography, boyfriend, wedding, makeup vlog, and photos

The Entertainment PA has finally revealed his sexual orientation and marital status following an extended period of intense scrutiny. The parading of his beautiful lady is a huge blow to secret admirers among them Julie Wa Mumbi. In Medina Makena biography are heart-warming photos of Presenter Ali girlfriend.

His real names Muslim Ali is, at last, a happy man with a lovable woman by his side. She is seemingly wifely judging from a great sense of humour and maturity in ordinary conversations. What is there not to like about her?

Presenter Ali girlfriend Medina Makena

Who is Presenter Ali dating? The amazing Presenter Ali is deeply in love with Medina Makena.

The two who had visited Mungai Eve and boyfriend Trevor declared being in love for the first time on January 23, 2022.

What followed is a keen interest in her real names, career, tribe, and life story.

Medina Makena biography

Unlike her boyfriend who is good in Swahili, Makena is a fluent English speaker. She prefers the language at least on her YouTube Channel.

Nevertheless, the coastal region couple is highly expressive in Swahili.

Who is she? Medina is a respectable woman whom Presenter Ali has introduced to his family in the hope of becoming husband and wife.

According to the PA, a beaming romantic love may end up in a marriage proposal and thereafter a colourful wedding.

Netizens are already looking forward to the officiating of the relationship through an exchange of vows.

Presenter Ali sweetheart Medina is a makeup artist

Vlogger Medina Makena is a makeup artist while her boyfriend is a content creator in the celebrity circles.

On her side, she is a beautician with a huge following on the “Medina Makena” YouTube Channel.

Her good looks are even brighter when experimenting with different make-up colours and styles.

The latest photos and videos of Presenter Ali girlfriend Medina Makena are catching flames following an exclusive appearance in the limelight. A happier boyfriend means that Medina is a dream girl.

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