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List of Studios in Kisii: music recording, photos, videos, weddings, choirs, parties, events 2021

Best recording studios in Kisii Town

Studios in Kisii come in handy for creative productions and events. It takes these classy studios to capture the audience and store quality memories.

Most Kisii town studios on our list offer the highest audio and camera quality. Among the best studios in Kisii are those that guarantee fair prices and timely delivery of clean productions.

List of music recording studios in Kisii

The list of “studios near me” and “studios near Kisii Town’ is long for your guide.

These smart media houses are incredibly convenient for weddings, funerals, and music recording. They are also reliable for both indoor and outdoor photoshoot.

1. World Wave Records – Augusto

Photo: Producer Augusto . SRC: Tuko.co.ke

Augusto’s label, the World Wave Records, is one of the best music recording studios in Kisii town.

  • Augusto contact: 0743843593

The studio houses top league artists such as Miggy Champ Echambioni, Babu Gee Omosayansi, Shourtie, Vicky Young Ensanako, FaithStan Doubles, and Forever Young.

World Wave Record work includes Titi Nkorundi by Vickyoung ft Miggy Champ, Chinkondi by Vicky Young, and Esimi by Babu Gee ft Forever Young.

Augusto is an award-winning film director, music producer, composer, and CEO at World Wave Records.

2. Msanii Records Ltd

Photo: Msanii Records Ltd . SRC: @msaniirecords 

The record label specialises in music production with a perfect touch of both audio and video clips.

  • Msanii Records contact: 0723 253810
  • Email: msaniirecords@gmail.com

Apart from studio music productions, the record Msanii Record label covers functions such as concerts and weddings.

3. Nick Media Studio

Photo: Nick Media Studio – Kisii . SRC: kisiifinest.co.ke

The Studio is an all in one recording studio from which you can take home stunning photos and videos.

  • Nick Studio contacts: 0704789999 / 0732932009

The Studio sits in Nyatero Plaza, 2nd floor, within the vicinity of Kisii Town CBD and Kisii University neighborhoods.

4. Digital Recording Studios

Photo: Digital Recording Studios VOV . SRC: @voiceofvictory

The longstanding Voice of Victory audio recording studios dates back to 2003.

On the other hand, their visual recording studios have been running since 2006.

  • VOV contacts – 0720173287

Digital Recording Studios are accessible at Golf House, underground floor.

Best recording studios in Kisii with contacts

  • JayB Events – 0724614743
  • Producer Eli
  • Japhet Ohuru
  • Vinc on the Beat
  • Tasla on the Beat
  • Dokta B – New Home Muzik
  • RedTape Nation – 0759935670
  • Amazing Grace Parm Records – 0723 884304
  • Musigang Music Records – 0726175609
  • Mighty Records Production 254 – Japhet Ohuru

More video and photo studios in Kisii

There are enough photoshoot studios, video studios, and music studios in Kisii County for all your production needs.

1. Kisii Photo Studio

Those looking for Photographers in Kisii town can count on this media house for all studio services.

  • Kisii Photo Studio contact:  0722 919679

The Studio sits near KCB Bank main branch Kisii Town.

2. Caleb Tai Studios in Kisii

Tai Studio is perhaps the oldest recording studio in Kisii Town.

  • Caleb Tai Studios contact – 0720 550044

The studio offices are near Gusii Stadium within the heart of Kisii Town.

3. Black M studio

This recording studio in Kisii is equally preferable

  • Black M Studio contacts – 0742007580 / 0739128348

Black M Studio sits around Oshwal Supermarket, near M Tailor businesses.

4. Kisii Digital Studio

The Studio has a presence in both Kisii Town and Nairobi City County.

  • Kisii Digital Studio contacts – 0724691100

Located along hospital Rd Kenyatta Hospital Estate Nairobi.

5. Edu Movies

The Studio specialises in graphics and movies

  • Edu movies contact – 0797 879015

Accessible near Oshwal supermarket

6. Jorish Studio

The Studio offers all the services you would expect in a media house.

Accessible near Kobil Petrol Station – Kisii.

7. Joan Photo Studio

The Studio is new in the market with excellent services. Located near KCB main branch Kisii

Recording studios in Kisii, Kenya

Phhoto: Best quality studios in Kisii . SRC: Instagram

Most Kisii Studios have offices in major Towns and therefore offer their services across the country. A good number appear in the list of studios in Nairobi.

Msanii Records, World Wave records, and Nick Media Studio are among those that have crossed borders.

The number of studios in Kisii Town and its environs is increasing by the day. Locals can rest easy knowing their songs, photos, and videos will meet the expected standards.