Mike Sonko Net Worth

Mike Sonko Net Worth: Source of Wealth, 15 Expensive Properties, Businesses & Drugs Allegation

The famous Mike Sonko shocked the Kenyan media after he posted a video revealing his staggering wealth, estimated to be worth a whopping Ksh. 2 billion. The contentious politician has once again found himself in the spotlight, triggering a wave of curiosity about Mike Sonko net worth.

Sonko has gained both fame and notoriety for his flashy lifestyle and successful business ventures. Many people are curious about his net worth which reflects his remarkable rise from a modest background to becoming one of Kenya’s most prominent figures.   

Mike Sonko Net Worth 2023 & Source of Wealth

The flamboyant Mike Sonko ranks among the politicians who control a huge chunk of the country’s wealth.

Even though there were claims that Mike Sonko is into shady drug deals, he fiercely denied it stating that he was an astute businessman with investments in transport, real estate and other sectors.

“The only drugs which I know are the drugs that the doctors whom I hire during my medical camps bring. Those drugs given by doctors and nurses are the only ones I know.”

Mike Sonko

Besides that, Sonko is on record saying he acquired his wealth way before he was elected Makadara Member of Parliament in 2010.

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“I’m worth more than the annual budget of Nairobi, and I’ve got some fixed deposit accounts of about $ 5 million in different banks. And I put money even way back before I became an Mp from the proceeds which I used to get”

Mike Sonko

Now 48-year-old, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko net worth is estimated at more than 2 billion.

Properties owned by Mike Sonko

It is believed that Sonko’s wealth accumulates from 19 private properties, 24 vehicles, and 10 companies among other properties.

The ex-Nairobi governor is a family man having three beautiful daughters and three adopted children. Sandra (their last-born daughter) is specifically in the spotlight for sharing a video on her Instagram showing Kenyans a house tour of their expensive palatial home.   

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Other properties owned by Sonko include:

  1. Four beach plots
  2. Posh residential coastal home
  3. Residential mansion in Nairobi
  4. A fleet of luxurious cars
  5. 25 acres of land in Kwale
  6. Mua Hills mansion in Machakos
  7. Sonko Family Resort
  8. Salama Maridadi Beach Hotel in Kilifi
  9. Casuarina Bar and Restaurant, Nairobi

Before venturing into politics, Mike Sonko owned a vast Matatu business empire which he managed with his wife, Primrose Mbuvi.

Sources indicate that Sonko could bank more than Ksh. 40,000 daily from the matatu business. However, after his election in 2017 as Nairobi governor, he converted them into the famous Sonko rescue team.  

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Mike Sonko is now loved by Kenyans for his kindness. He has extended a helping hand to needy children, funded their education and even adopted some.

While the exact figures and assets remain unknown, Mike Sonko net worth continues to fuel curiosity about the secret behind his great success.

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