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Photo: Crazy Kennar Mimics Millicent Omanga Dancing Videos with viral Twerking Styles . SRC: @CrazyKennar

Millicent Omanga Dancing Videos: Crazy Kennar Twerking Memes, Bootylicious Photos, and Reactions

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Senator Millicent Omanga dancing videos and latest photos are trending for their seductive appeal. The latest release is that of Crazy Kennar mimicking the bootylicious Nairobi Women Rep aspirant.

A 35 seconds clip of Crazy Kennar shaking an artificial bam bam on Instagram and Facebook has been making Kenyans happy since posting and receiving a warm reception from Sen. Omanga.

Millicent Omanga dancing videos

The UDA leaning Senator Omanga who has been dancing in public rallies has vowed to intensify her moves.

In fact, the curvaceous Kisii bae is out to surprise her supporters with even swifter moves.

In the controversial video are Tales of Cray Kennar jokesters Stanley Omondi and Kennedy Odhiambo.

Luckily the video landed in Senator Millicent Omanga’s phone timeline and this was her hilarious reaction.

“Tales of the Crazy Kennar is definitely a super talented guy. Hopefully, I will have a chit chat with your entire team and you soon.”

Senator Millicent Omanga.

In the clip, Crazy Kennar looks feminine enough with a pile of clothing wrapped in his gluteal and breast areas.

Millicent Omanga twerking drama

Kenyans mainly celebrated her creativity with a pump-size behind after the sexy appearance of Millicent Omanga.

The excited senator joked about Crazy Kennar deserving a thorough whipping for not balancing the bam bam well enough.

“I celebrate your talent bro keep winning. Lakini unafaa viboko mingi wewe balance hio kitu fiti.”

Millicent Omanga – Nairobi Asp Women Rep.

Following the mock dance have cropped several memes with some celebrating and others defaming the kingpin lady in UDA Party.

Millicent Omanga dancing at Kasarani is another one of her latest stints.

In a recent interview with Massawe Japanni, Omanga intimated that twerking is her number one hobby.

Millicent Omanga dancing videos are breaking the internet with laughter. As you would expect, critics are stuck on the question of moral decency for a political leader of her calibre.

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