Moses Kuria Net Worth: Real Estate Investments, Chopper, Company & Al-Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia

Moses Kuria Net Worth: Real Estate Investments, Chopper, Company & Al-Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia

Moses Kuria is a prominent figure in Kenyan politics and business. He has carved a name for himself with his extensive business empire and his significant contributions to the political landscape. From a successful career in the financial sector to serving as a Member of Parliament and now a Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria net worth is nothing short of remarkable.

Kuria attended the University of Nairobi in 1990, where he pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specializing in Accounting and Finance. He graduated in 1993 and has had great success in the world of finance and business.

Moses Kuria Net Worth and Investments

President William Ruto appointed Moses Kuria as the Trade, Investment, and Industry Cabinet Secretary.

Before his appointment, Moses Kuria disclosed that his net worth was approximately Ksh.750 million.

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His vast wealth includes investments in real estate, shares in unlisted companies, and involvement in manufacturing, Fintech, and the energy sector.

“My financial net worth is Ksh.750 million. My net worth comprises of real estate developments, shares held in unlisted companies in my business concerns, manufacturing, fintech, and in the energy sector,”

said Kuria

Additionally, Kuria earns a monthly salary which amounts to Ksh. 924,000 inclusive of allowances which further contribute to his net worth.

Moses Kuria in politics

Kuria is also actively involved in politics. He served as a Member of Parliament for Gatundu South. A post he held for two terms before losing at the Kiambu Gubernatorial race in 2022.

He has also had unwavering support for President William Ruto, which included ferrying the President across the country using a luxurious chopper valued at 1 billion Kenyan shillings during the campaigns.

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Moses Kuria financial success

Following his graduation, Moses Kuria entered the job market, starting his career at Total Kenya in 1994.

However, it was his move to Standard Chartered Bank in 1995 that marked the beginning of a successful stint in the financial sector.

He worked at Standard Chartered Bank for four years, gaining valuable experience and expertise in the banking industry.

In 1999, Kuria was recruited by Al-Rajhi Bank, the largest Islamic bank in the world, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Over four years, he made significant contributions to the institution’s operations, further solidifying his reputation as a financial expert.

As he continues his political and business journey, Moses Kuria net worth ranks him among the top of Kenya’s richest politicians. His ability to transition from a successful career in the financial sector to a prominent political figure and Cabinet Secretary showcases his adaptability and determination.

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