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7 Profile Facts in Oga Obinna Biography, Age, Wives, Children, Tribe, Education, & Net Worth

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Oga Obinna biography facts are worth retelling to a legion of followers on social media. We are about to find out how well you know the comedian celebrity.

The life story of Obinna runs deep with personal struggles and diverse career experiences.

7 Profile Facts in Oga Obinna biography

Asked about his past, Obinna says it has not been an easy journey.

Who is Oga Obinna?

1. Obinna is 34 years old

Born on June 6, 1990, Oga Obinna is 34 years old in 2024.

He originates in the Maseno area making him a Luo by ancestry.

2. He is half Nigerian

Comedian Obinna‘s parents are Africans from different nationalities.

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Is Oga Obinna a Nigerian? His biological father is Kenyan and his mother is of Nigerian descent. She originates in the Igbo community.

3. His real name is Steve Thompson Maghana

Obinna’s real name is Steve Thompson Maghana.

However, he prefers the name Oga Obinna doubled with a cool Nigerian accent.

4. He is an alumna of Chulaimbo Boys High School

Oga Obinna attended Chulaimbo Boys’ High School for his secondary education. He attained a C+ in the KCSE exams.

Not much information is public about his higher education and professional qualifications.

5. Obinna worked as a preacher and musician before fame

In a recent interview, Obinna recounted massive rejection on his way to stardom.

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He recalled serving as a preacher and later becoming a musician, before settling in comedy.

6. He is a brand ambassador

Obinna’s net worth is estimated at Ksh. 100 million with a great fortune from premium gigs.

He has previously worked with high-end brands among them Uber, Deacon, USN Kenya, and Golden Tulip.

7. He is a proud father of 4 children

How many baby mamas does Obinna have? The love life of Oga Obinna is dotted with several controversies, the first one being a father of 4 kids born to three different baby mamas.

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Is Oga Obinna married? Obinna is not married but has previously dated several women including the publicly known baby mama Lilian. His ex-girlfriend Sherlyne Anyango is still in the limelight.

A photo of him teasingly carrying the pre-saved Size 8, while interning at Q FM Radio, allegedly broke Obinna’s first marriage. Meanwhile, he has a crush on socialite Amber Ray.

The biography of Oga Obinna is widely admirable for several reasons among them persistence and resilience on his path to success.

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