Lulu Hassan Sisters [Photos] 2 Siblings, Seychellois Father, Kikuyu Half cast Mother & Marriage

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Photo: Lulu Hassan Sisters [Photos] Siblings, Seychellois Father, Kikuyu Half cast Mother & Marriage . SRC: @FontsMedia

Photos of Lulu Hassan sisters are scarce on mainstream social media because of their laid-back personalities. As a result, none of her gorgeous siblings is famous.

Formerly a cabin crew attendant, Lulu Hassan recalled her childhood dream of becoming a journalist. She would abandon flights for an education in mass communication.

Lulu Hassan sisters photos

Lulu Hassan’s biological father is of Seychellois descent while her mom Mariam Abu, is a Seychellois-Kikuyu half-cast.

The newscaster is the firstborn daughter in a family of three siblings among them two sisters.

 “Being the firstborn, I did not face any hardships while growing up; I was taken to one of the best schools in Mombasa – Aga Khan Academy.”

Lulu Hassan.

Unfortunately, her mother Mariam Abu succumbed to a short illness in 2007, leaving behind huge family responsibilities.

Lulu Hassan proceeded to raise her two sisters using inherited wealth.

“It wasn’t difficult taking my sisters to school since mum left us with some wealth. She had a real estate business which I began managing upon her demise. I’d been helping earlier, so it was not difficult to take over.”

Lulu Hassan.

She eventually resigned from her role as a cabin crew at Salrene Travel Operations College for a new job as a presenter at Radio Salaam in Mombasa.

It was at this point that going back to class for a degree in journalism became a reality.

“When I landed a radio job in Mombasa, I thought it would be good to have journalism skills. So I went back to school and studied the course.”

Lulu Hassan.

How did she move to Nairobi?

“When I was a presenter at Radio Salaam in 2008, a KTN cameraman informed me there was a crisis at their station.  Two of their Swahili anchors were going on maternity leave, and they needed someone to step in. He asked me to try my luck. Being a risk taker, I went for a screen test and I made the cut.”

Lulu Hassan.

After a few years, Lulu and Rashid Abdallah walked down the aisle in a colorful wedding.\

Lulu Hassan’s two sisters are actively pursuing different careers, they do not care about fame either.

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