You are currently viewing List of Ole Willy latest songs, Relax video, lyrics, mp3 download, and Mkristo Flani on YouTube
Photo: List of Ole Willy latest songs, Relax lyrics, and 4k video on YouTube . SRC: @olewilly_

List of Ole Willy latest songs, Relax video, lyrics, mp3 download, and Mkristo Flani on YouTube

Kenyan gospel singer Ole Willy alias Mkristo Flani has dropped another hitmaker. The song Relax which came out on November 9th, 2021 is stirring airwaves with several YouTube views and comments. In addition, a list of Ole Willy latest songs with timeless lyrics.

The celebrity musician from Eldoret came to the limelight about a decade ago. He has since produced several tracks and albums. With this in mind, the song Relax is yet another step on his upward career stairway.  

Ole Willy latest song Relax with meaning

Kenyan gospel singer Ole Willy Mkristo Flani music career
Photo: Kenyan gospel singer Ole Willy Mkristo Flani music career . SRC: @olewilly_

Relax is a charming Swahili song speaking directly to a frustrated heart.

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In essence, the song is a dedication to anyone dealing with betrayal and abusive relationships. It also speaks to those who are yet to recover from deep-cut soul injuries.

Relaxing in Jesus

It is not long into the song before singer Ole Willy unveils Jesus as a solution to all our problems.

He testifies of Jesus as a reliever of restless souls seeking a sense of belonging. Furthermore, Ole Willy notes that meeting Jesus is not only restful but also relaxing.

The song Relax expresses confidence in Jesus from whom believers draw their strength to do everything.

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Listening to the song is more so awakening to the fact that Jesus Christ is a relaxing destination.

Ole Willy performed the song Relax with help from producer Teddy B and video director Eddie of Red Dreams Production Studios.

Relax 4k video wraps it all with simple but rewarding dance moves in diverse background settings.

List of Ole Willy Msanii Flani songs and albums

Ole Willy has produced several songs apart from Relax; which is still trending under the hashtag #OleWillyRelaxOutNow.

Enlisted is a section of his unending playlist from 2010 onwards.

  • Relax (2021)
  • Awe Nawe (2015)
  • To You (2014)
  • Masikio Ya Mungu (2014)
  • Nuru (2010)
  • Maisha (2010)
  • Ole Willy Willy Ft Ba Mdogo (2010)
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Ole Willy Mkristo Flani YouTube Channel is where you can stream all these musical tracks.

Even better, Relax mp3 download is now available on leading streaming sites.

Ole Willy latest songs are trending online for their memorable beats and informative lyrics. The song Relax is an example with a fresh breath of entertainment.

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