St Paul’s Igonga KCSE Results

St Paul’s Igonga KCSE Results 2024: Performance Analysis, Mean Score, KUCCPS Ranking & Contacts

St Paul’s Igonga KCSE results in 2022 are still trending since Education CS Ezekiel Machogu released KNEC results on Friday, January 20th, 2023.

After shocking Kenyans with stellar grades, the school would return to the headlines following a major fire outbreak.

St Paul’s Igonga KCSE 2022 results

The school principal Mr Masese Nyaosi Bonface attributes the latest KNEC outcomes to the culture of excellence.

The grade distribution of Igonga Boys is as follows:

  • 1 student scored A (plain)
  • 28 students scored A- (minus)
  • 78 students scored B+ (plus)
  • 11 students scored B (plain)
  • 1 student scored X
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All the 2022 candidates at Igonga Secondary managed direct university entries except one whose exam results were held.

The academic centre stood out for producing 29 A-students and 90 B-students without C, D, and E grades.

A –1
A- –28
B+ –78
B –11
B- –1
Total Entry 118
Direct University Entry 117
Pass Percentage 100%
Mean Score 10.24

Igonga with a mean score of 10.23 proved its academic muscle by featuring in the list of top secondary schools in Kenya.

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St Paul’s Igonga Secondary fire outbreak

In mid-October 2022, the largest dormitory at Igonga Secondary catch fire rendering at least 200 students roofless. Even more lost their bedding and class materials which were in their lockers during the incident.

Luckily, all learners escaped without injuries and fatalities. Posting good grades came w3 months later on January 20th 2023.

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St. Paul’s Igonga secondary contacts

Telephone Number
P.O Box972
Postal address40200, Kisii
KNEC Code40716103

Where is Igonga boys located? St Paul’s Igonga Secondary is found in Bomariba ward, Bonchari Constituency, Kisii County.

It is about 13 kilometers from Kisii town via Daraja Mbili interchange, Gesonso Water Park Resort, and Gesero Market.

St Paul’s Igonga KCSE results 2022 are worth bragging in the caliber of top performers such as Nyambaria Boys and Kisii School.

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