List of Safaricom home fibre packages

List of Safaricom home fibre packages (2024), prices, coverage areas, review, paybill, contacts

Safaricom Home Fibre is the best internet service provider in Kenya right now. The ISP Company is taking over with fast speed WiFi at reasonable rates. Coverage areas include major towns such as Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisii, and their suburbs. The greatly sliced Safaricom home fibre packages prices are a new catch.

Is Safaricom home fibre in my area? New subscribers can either call Safaricom home fibre customer care agents or use a self-help portal to check WiFi connection coverage in their neighbourhood. We have prepared detailed review tips for your guide.

Full list of Safaricom home fibre packages and prices 2024

An updated list of Safaricom home fibre plans is at last available with double bandwidth and lower prices.

As a result, working, learning, streaming, and gaming online is a dream come true in most Kenyan homes.

1. Bronze home fibre at Ksh. 2,999

Safaricom home fibre bronze reviews have confirmed that it is convenient for fast web browsing, music streaming, and SD TV programming.

The Bronze package offers a maximum speed of 10 MBPS with a fair usage policy of 500 GB.

The internet speed will change from 10 MBPS to 1 MBPS after exhausting the allocated Gigabytes.

2. Silver home fibre at Ksh. 4,100

Safaricom home fibre silver is suitable for multiple device streaming and fast video downloads.

The Silver package guarantees uninterrupted internet speeds of 20 MBPS. The fair usage policy of this plan is 1000 GB.

Upon exhausting the allocation, subscribers will remain online at a limited speed of 3 MBPS.

3. Gold home fibre at Ksh. 6,299

Safaricom home fibre gold rates are more affordable with sufficient capability of supporting CCTV network needs and related Internet of Things.

The Gold package is excellent with speed of up to 40 MBPS and a fair usage policy of 1000 GB.

Users who have reached the data limit will continue surfing at a capped speed of 3 MBPS.

4. Diamond home fibre at Ksh. 12,499

Safaricom home fibre Diamond package is the best with hyper fast links and buffer-free streaming experience.

The Diamond package can attain browsing speeds of up to 100 MBPS with a fair usage policy of 1000 GB.

Safaricom will downgrade the speeds to 3 MBPS on reaching the FUP mark of one terabyte.

New prices for Safaricom home fibre plus packages

Safaricom Home fibre plus packages comes with additional services at a slightly higher price than regular plans.

Additional services include 5 GB mobile data and 400 minutes across all networks.

New Safaricom Home fibre plus prices

  • 8 MBPS Bronze package at Ksh. 4,049
  • 20 MBPS Silver package at Ksh. 5,349
  • 40 MBPS Gold package at Ksh. 7,349
  • 100 MBPS Diamond package at Ksh. 13,549

Fibre plus plans can reliably support HD streaming, UHD TV programming, and CCTVs.

How do I check my Safaricom home fiber coverage?

Is Safaricom Fibre in my area? Start by dialling *400# to check if Safaricom Home Fibre connectivity is available in your neighbourhood.

Proceed to choose the GET HOME FIBRE option then select your home PROVINCE and thereafter residence AREA or nearest landmark.

Finally, key in your ESTATE to complete the inquiry process. In turn, Safaricom care service providers will call you within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can inquire about fibre coverage on the Safaricom portal. The map provides a clear visual guide on covered areas.

Safaricom home fibre USSD code, 400, is particularly useful for those without access to Safaricom Shop outlets.

How does Safaricom home fibre work?

The Safaricom home fibre service work only in eligible zones with excellent indoor and 4G coverage.

The installation process starts immediately a new subscriber completes the payment and ends within 48 hours.

Fibre terms and conditions limits the service to only those who are within hot spot zones at a fee.

Safaricom Home Fibre requirements and guides

Firstly, a connection fee of Ksh. 3,000 is necessary when installing fibre for the first time.

Secondly, the client must ensure they are within a fibre 4G covered area before initiating the payment process.

Thirdly, new subscribers must clear the required subscription fee as indicated in the packages table.

How do I pay for Safaricom home fibre

There are 3 Safaricom home fibre payment options including counter deposit, USSD code *400# prompts, and pay bill number 150501.

Guide on how to upgrade Safaricom home fibre plan

The 4 steps of upgrading or paying home fibre via USSD are as follows;

  1. Dial *400# then select manage subscriptions
  2. Pick the appropriate package between fiber of fibre plus
  3. Choose My existing Account, then subscription, and Account
  4. Now verify the subscription before proceeding to complete the payment via MPesa

How to pay Safaricom home fiber via MPesa

The MPesa payment procedure is applicable for new subscriptions, Safaricom home fibre renewals, and upgrades.

  • On your toolkit, select Lipa Na MPesa option
  • Choose Pay Bill and enter Safaricom home fibre business number 150501
  • Provide the Safaricom Home Fibre account number (given upon completing the registration form)
  • Input the required amount and provide the PIN to finish the payment process

How to check my Safaricom home fibre account

Users who misplace their account numbers can recover them at any Safaricom shop countrywide.

Alternatively, subscribers can use the home fibre helpline for instant help.

How to Check Safaricom home fibre balance

On the phone application, dial *400# then select 0 to see My Usage stats for an active account.

Safaricom will reply with a message summarising your monthly usage data balance within a few seconds.

How to check Safaricom home fibre expiry date

Safaricom Fibre packages expires within 30 days from the subscription day.

Dial *400# and select My Usage to receive a notification of the remaining data and dates of expiry.

Safaricom home fibre IP address, SSID, and password

It is advisable to change your SSID and password often to protect against unauthorised access.

Procedure: Safaricom home fibre password reset

Connect to the WiFi and access the settings page through Safaricom home fibre IP address

The browser will load a simple but inviting login interface requiring a username and PIN.

Check Safaricom home fibre router login details at the back. Enter them on the page to gain access.

Navigate to the “WLAN basic configuration” to change the WiFi name and password.

Restart the router to apply the newly uploaded settings. Congratulations!

Safaricom home fibre vs Faiba and Zuku

Zuku is the best when it comes to unlimited internet compared to Safaricom Home Fibre which offers partially unlimited internet.

Faiba on the other hand is a good choice except for the fact that its data plans are limited.

Top Safaricom home fibre packages reviews

Most Safaricom home fibre users have expressed satisfaction with internet speeds and customer care services.

On the contrary, not many are happy with the recently introduced fair user policy because it caps full speed bundles.

Overall, Safaricom home fibre complaints and issues rests on fluctuating speeds, occasionally slow pages, and FUP bandwidth limits.  

Guide on how to terminate Safaricom home fibre account

Safaricom home fibre terms and conditions require termination of the WiFi account before leaving the country or switching to other providers.

The agreement binds all subscribers to draft an email requesting closing of their home fibre accounts, upon deciding to exit from the service.

Users who have misplaced their router will need to pay Ksh. 6,500 for its replacement.

Safaricom home fibre customer care contact centre

  • Phone contact: 100
  • Twitter: @SafaricomPLC

Use Safaricom home fibre customer care contacts if you are experiencing weak connections or have further inquiries.

Forget the rest because Safaricom home fibre packages are next to none when it comes to home and business friendly internet access. Get a connection today for more WiFi powered solutions.

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