Simba Arati Wife Biography

3 Untold Facts in Simba Arati Wife Biography: Children, Singing, Photos, and Chinese Nationality

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati is happily married to a beautiful Asian woman of Chinese nationality. Theirs is a lovely family but not without a pinch of hate from rival politicians. Enlisted are untold profile facts in Simba Arati wife biography.

Already circulating on social media are Simba Arati wife photos and videos. The family prefers to live a private life but that is almost impossible because of fame.  

3 Profile facts in Simba Arati wife biography

Simba Arati wife Kwamboka is a private queen who is not given to her celebrity status.

For this reason, her biography details are scarce except for these three highlights.

1. Simba Arati and his Chinese wife Kwamboka met at Guangzhou University

The Asian spouse fell in love with Paul Simba Arati while he was an ongoing Business Management student at Guangzhou University, China.

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Upon graduating in 2006, Arati married and relocated to Kenya. Speaking to The Standard, Arati confirmed that she is still the only apple in his eye.

“She helps me. I have never cheated on her. Handling one woman is already difficult, so why should I get more? I don’t entertain slay queens or funny women, my brother. Sometimes they throw themselves at me, but I politely decline their advances because, for someone who holds public office, they can be easily used to bring you down.”

Hon. Paul Simba Arati.

The vocal Arati concluded that he is a faithful man without interest in extramarital satisfaction.

Above all, Simba Arati with the tendencies of a lion is both loyal to his wife and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

2. Arati and his Asian wife faced the public in 2018 out of political pressure

Simba Arati and his lover went public in 2018 following massive accusations tagging him an immature boy.

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Until then, critics assumed that Arati was unmarried and, therefore, unfit for the role of Abagusii community spokesperson.

After parading his sassy partner, some opponents switched gears in their propaganda.

What followed is a blame game on why Arati abandoned Kenyan women for a Chinese lass.

These racist accusations without grip are part of the weaponry against Simba Arati in the ongoing Kisii County gubernatorial race.

3. Simba Arati wife singing video is trending again

Viral videos of Simba Arati wife singing and speaking in fluent Kisii language are mind-blowing.

Her skills in the Gusii culture and traditions are truly unquestionable.

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Further sources indicate that Arati and his spouse Kwamboka are proud parents of two adorable children.

Simba Arati wife biography spills exclusive details about her marriage and children. Even better, she is living big without minding the ratio of love and hate around her relationship.

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