Trio Mio Biography

Trio Mio Biography: Photos, age, tribe, education, parents, girlfriend, profile facts, & wealth

Trio Mio is a sensational Kenyan rapper and Gengetone star in the calibre of Bien-Aimé Baraza, Nyashinski, Nameless, and Khaligraph Jones. The multitalented Cheza Kama Wewe hitmaker came to the limelight during the Covid-19 lockdown. Trio Mio biography gives further info on his colourful life story.

The school going Trio Mio is an inspiration to several young people craving money and fame. He is a millennial to admire and a celebrity to follow closely. Who is Trio Mio?

11 profile facts in Trio Mio biography

Photos and videos on Trio Mio Instagram page with about 400k followers show that he is a budding celebrity.

His entry into music and overnight success came in time.

1. Trio Mio age is 18 years as of 2023

How old is Trio Mio? Born on October 22, 2004, Trio Mio is 18 years old as of 2022. Being underage is rarely a problem in his expression of art.

Loyal fanatics and a charming mom are in the frontline when it comes to “Happy birthday Trio Mio” showers.

2. His real names are Mario TJ Kasela

Trio Mio real names are Mario TJ Kasela. The middle name TJ is an acronym for Thanks Jesus.

Nicknamed Son of the City, he is indeed a gift to his mother who reportedly endured excessive difficulties during pregnancy.

The singer’s brother Bigting AP coined the stage name Trio Mio from the real name Mario TJ Kasela.

Is trio a boy or a girl? Trio Mio gender is male with a brown skin appeal and a fancy haircut.

3. Trio Mio family, mother and father

Who are Trio Mio parents? Trio Mio mother is Irma Sakwa while his father is a Tanzanian based musician.

The lastborn Mario TJ Kasela is allegedly from a single-mother family of 4 siblings – two brothers and two sisters.

TJ fell in love with music as a child with direct influence from his non-Kenyan dad. The old man is a lover of Rhumba songs.

4. Trio Mio tribe and ancestral background

Is Trio Mio tribe Kamba? Rapper Trio Mio is from mixed ethnic background considering his father is of Italian and Congolese heritage. On the other hand, his mother Irma is a Kenyan national.

The lyrical maestro was born and raised in Umoja Estate within Nairobi City County.

Growing up in the inner city meant a life of unceasing struggles without enough food and clothing.

5. He discovered his talent in grade 7

TJ has been writing songs and singing them for as long as he can remember. In class 7, he had already recorded a debut song.

The studio recordings did not become instant hits as he had wished. Even so, a then infamous underage boy maintained a fixed eye on his education and mentor Khaligraph Jones.

6. Trio Mio became a lockdown internet sensation in 2020

Apart from the stage name Trio Mio, Mario TJ Kasela credits his elder brother Bigting AP for introducing him to the art of rap and hip hop music.

“Watching my brother and his friends rapping to instrumentals on YouTube is what inspired me to take it seriously, that’s when I started to compose my own songs. The pandemic allowed me time to record these songs since schools were closed.”

Rapper Trio Mio.

He is also a lover of Caribbean music with Koffee a role model in the genre.

“My folks love Lingala music, and that dominated the playlist in our home. I listen to a lot of rap/hip-hop from all over, a genre my bro put me on to. I also vibe to Caribbean music, Koffee being my favourite.”

Rapper Trio Mio.

His taste for soulful music is surely ripe.

7. Trio Mio is E-sir and Nyash reincarnated

TJ believes in his potential to break the record set by timeless musicians Nyash and E-sir.

“It’s humbling and flattering, I didn’t get to witness his (E-Sir’s) music. I’m only 16, but his music has lived on and I know what he meant to my elder siblings and cousins, and Kenya as a whole. He’s legendary and hopefully, I get the opportunity to continue his work.”

Rapper Trio Mio.

The rapper is already re-writing history with smooth lyrics and a musical vibe.

8. Trio Mio biography record with tens of songs

A list of Trio Mio songs includes street bangers such as Cheza Kama Wewe and Vile Inafaa.

  • Bazeng
  • Character Development
  • Fine Settings
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Serereka
  • Son of the City
  • Steppa, N’mekapitia

There are even more tunes in his Trio Mio latest albums.

9. Trio Mio girlfriend and relationships

Photos of a uniformed hot lady standing with a ready smile beside Trio Mio have been making rounds on social media.

A section of followers is already convinced that she is the lucky girl.

Trio Mio who has previously confirmed being in a romantic relationship is yet to confirm the name and age of his queen.

10. Trio Mio education – which form is Trio Mio?

Is Trio Mio still in school? Yes, TJ is a form three student trying to strike a balance of success in music and high school exams.

His mom Irma Sakwa cum Trio Mio music manager does most of the work promoting the label, especially when TJ is in school.

11. He is the next celebrated Kenyan rapper

It takes years to become a respected rapper but that was not the case for Trio Mio. He would crash all the rules and norms with the Cheza Kama Wewe anthem.

“The support has been surreal. I’ve done collabos with household names; Young Lunya (TZ), Mejja, Exray, Nelly The Goon, Okello Max. My career is five months old, it’s all I could wish for.”

Rapper Trio Mio.

In addition, established and upcoming rappers dying for collaboration with Trio Mio.

Performing at Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja political rally held at Kasarani Stadium is a huge step in his career.

According to public info, TJ performed at the occasion after signing a deal worth Ksh. 300,000.

Who sang Sipangwingwi?

Kenyan musicians Exray Taniua featured Trio Mio and Ssaru in Sipangwingwi official video with at least 6 million views on YouTube.

TJ brags sharp vocals and fine beat play. Beyond E-sir comparisons and music sync with Khaligraph Jones is a cool life story in Trio Mio biography.

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