Video of Embarambamba Mourning Kibaki in a Pool of Mud Sparks Heated Reactions from Kenyans

  • Post published:Mar 04, 2024
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It has only been a few months since the notorious Kisii mud man caused a scene at the Kasarani-Stadium-held Azimio La Umoja Launch. He has since occasioned several stints but a recent video of Embarambamba mourning Kibaki is particularly breaking the internet.

The 34 years old gospel comedian cum mud expert relies on a long-held music career for a living.

Video of Embarambamba mourning Kibaki

Kenyans have been having a moment with various photos and videos of Embarambamba grieving the former president.

He did it again, but this time for President Emilio Mwai Kibaki ahead of Friday burial.

As you would expect, the dramatic singer exploited various scenes starting with a maize plantation.

Before long, he switched to a banana field amidst wild tearing of a mud browned polka dot suit.

Embarambamba captured climbing trees kept eulogizing veteran Kibaki with a freshly composed off-beat track.

The controversial clip of Embarambamba mourning Kibaki in a pool of mud spells the disputed role of comedy in a time of crisis.

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