Full list of Chris Embarambamba latest songs

Full list of Chris Embarambamba latest songs, Natorekire, Naikire Ime, best Embarambamba songs

Chris Embarambamba latest songs are causing a spike of excitement in the world of entertainment. His antics are particularly striking with rare comic relief. Choose a comfortable position because the list of Embarambamba’s rolling and trolling music is ready.

Performing in a pool of mud and on a moving cow are some of the unimaginable prizes Embarambamba has paid to get famous. And now, his unpredictable and awakening spirit in the gospel industry is causing alarm by the day.  

11 best Chris Embarambamba latest songs download

Facing the odds and going straight to national television is a mystery even to Chris Embarambamba Msanii wa Kisii himself.

Some of his lyrical tunes now storming the wide screens with laughter and love pulses will blow your mind.

1. Embarambamba Naikire Ime – I am Inside

The song Embarambamba Ime loosely translates, I am finally inside. The tune starts by recognizing Jesus as the final authority amidst our challenges.

Chris speaks to the childless, desperate business people, the ones without food, and those that are dropping tears of pain helplessly.

Embarambamba flies in with a killer catch-phrase in which he praises the sweetness of Christ. He is dramatically insistent on how the sweetness has touched the right spot in him.

Furthermore, Embarambamba testifies that a taste of Christ is far much better than that of sour milk. Naikire Ime video delivers this powerful message from inside a narrow pathway bush.

Embarambamba latest songs Naikire Ime response

A section of supporters enjoys listening to Nyigwete Naikire Ime by Embarambamba. On the contrary, others feel that this controversial gospel song is explicit and more arousing to the physical body than it is to the soul.

Nonetheless, Naikire Ime mp3 download and video may soon be hitting 100k views on YouTube.

2. Ninchwo Mbaorokie by Embarambamba – Come, let me show you

The singer creatively invites his audience for a thing they have never seen before. It is after capturing attention that Embarambamba creatively slides in with a gospel message.

The white-dressed singer speaks about the forgiveness of God. He then rolls in a pool of mud, perhaps to insist on uncleanliness.

However, it is still unclear why the vocal singer chose to ruin one of his decorated suits while shooting the track.

Embarambamba speaks of how God has granted favour upon his life. He then persuades listeners to accept God’s communion willingly.  

3. Embarambamba songs about Magufuli

“God bless Tanzania” is the overall message in this eulogy-themed song. Embarambamba produced the hit while dressed in a bright suit.

The funny musician hardly displays his face throughout the song. It is impossible to ignore the tearful Embarambamba as he moves around a maize farm and even into a banana field.

Sad beats add to the rhythm of celebrating the life of Magufuli. Also, it is once in a while that Embarambamba has produced a song without a new dance move.

He must have been Magufuli’s number one supporter, judging from this song video and lyrics.

4. Ndoche Kwebire performance on a cow – you have forgotten

YouTubers know his song as “New style from Masimba online Msanii Embarambamba,” but the world as Ndoche Kwebire, “I see you have forgotten.”

Most of those looking for Embarambamba songs latest already have fresh memories of a clip where the star singer jumped on top of a cow.

The song starts with a head-upside-down hop-dance accompanied with fast moves. The Kisii artist picks with a distant mention of King David from the Hebrew bible as a dancer.

The excited Embarambamba bashes hatred among people with a biblical instance in which Jesus visited the house of Zacchaeus.

Jumping into a banana plantation is where the songs get even more enjoyable. Embarambamba does all these while poking those who have forgotten that Delilah was a deceptive beauty.

He also reminds people not to cry excessively or say ill of others. Instead, he assures his listeners that Jesus is in our midst and that we should ask of him prayerfully.

5. Embarambamba finally arrested, mbuya nyasae song 

The song is an extension of a viral video in which Embarambamba rode on a cow’s back. It starts with the victim cow owner reporting the matter to a police officer.

Elsewhere, the multi-talented artist recaps how he was confused before finding Christ. He talks of himself as a lost soul and now a son of the saving Jesus.

The actively dancing and unsuspecting Embarambamba speeds off upon spotting his accuser approaching with a police officer.

The wanted singer finally faces arrest after a tiresome pursuit. In the end, Embarambamba receives a pardon with no jail term.

Mbuya Nyasae song by Embarambamba delivers a powerful message on God’s grace and love for the less deserving humanity.  

6. Embarambamba natorekire video –I am saved

Omwana Onyasae Akong’ita Obote by Embarambamba is among his debut gospel hits.  

The song awakens listeners with an awareness of the love of Christ. He speaks of how Jesus is appetizing to him.

Natorekire is one of the Embarambamba latest songs that ends with a good message about heavenly abundance.

The singer enters the stage with a dark-spotted white suit and leaves with a brown colored suit after rolling on the mud several times.

His main concern is that none should remain on earth upon Jesus’ Second Advent.

7. Embarambamba Siara Ebuse –blow the dust

The song encourages all to prepare for the coming of Jesus. He clarifies that God is a loving father with no partiality on man.

Siara Ebuse, meaning blow the dust, is a song in which Embarambamba restores hope and spiritual confidence to the lowly.

8. Embarambamba live performance from Mombasa today

A visit to the coastal region cheered a section of Embarambamba’s fans. The video shows the musicians playing tricks with the restless shoreline of Mombasa.

It is funny how Embarambamba interacts with the strange environment miles away from the Matoke county in Kenya’s western parts.

9. Mungu ni Mwema Embarambamba latest songs

The song starts in English with a raw Kisii accent before blending in soothing Swahili lyrics.

Besides, the funny singer uplifts God and bashes satan as being stupid. Goa ahead and download Embarambamba video Mungu ni Mwema.

10. Sanitize by Chris Embarambamba ft Bro Dennis Onyamo

The collabo with Dennis Onyamo of Prophecy Audiovisual TV is a prayer for God’s intervention in the season of Corona.

The song emphasizes prayers as the only remedy. It also reminds of basic hygiene practices such as sanitization and wearing of face masks.

11. Embarambamba I was confused

God’s transformer starts by describing how satan confused him, and Jesus came to his rescue.

Embarambamba is returning his gratitude with praises such as “Mbuya Nyasae” to mean it is well God.

He also regrets his confused past and swears to make a difference in the gospel ministry.

Top Embarambamba new songs mp3 and mp4

Watching Embarambamba performances and shows is a stress reliever; we have the best of his playlist for you.

  • Yeso noare naintwe
  • mungu ndie ameniwezesha
  • Embarambamba na vioo ya ukuta
  • Safari ya Embarambamba mwaka huu
  • Mr Ong’eng’o team na Embarambamba
  • Bonchari Show Ground best msanii from Kisii land
  • Embarambamba live performance from Mombasa today
  • Two comendian Nyareso and Mnai join Embarambamba tune

Some of these Embarambamba songs are live performances, while others are studio releases.

Embarambamba latest songs and live performances

The expressive singer has travelled widely to Mombasa, Nairobi, Kuria, and many more live performances.

1. Performance with DP William Ruto

Kisii Singer Embarambamba never spares a chance when the time to shine is at his hand.

A video of him dancing with UDA Party leader and deputy president William Ruto confirms this fact.

2. Chris Embarambamba Citizen TV Embarambamba latest songs

The video “Sarakasi za msanii wa muziki Chris Mosioma maarufu Embarambamba” came after his viral Ninchwo Mbaorokie hit in which he rolled in a pool of stagnant-dirty waters.

The singer has since entertained millions after featuring in this RMS-owned national television.

Chris Embarambamba interview with Radio Citizen’s Tina Ogal na Munai also went on as planned.

The two experienced Radio Citizen presenters engaged Embambamba in a rib tearing conversation that has attracted several hits.

3. Embarambamba churchill show

Chris Embarambamba comedy has left several marks on the famous Churchill Show.

He first danced on the show in 2016 alongside “The Explosive Nyamira’s Man Pepe’s Dance Moves.”

He recently picked another set of viral dance moves with Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill.

Chris Embarambamba latest songs on big stages

The fearless Kisii singer has already rocked the following stages since his burst of fame held a grip on national media.

  • Egesa FM
  • Radio Maisha
  • Radio Citizen
  • Mseto East Africa

Apart from Embarambamba Mambo Mseto with Mzazi Willy Tuva, “Lofty Matambo endorses Embarambamba” video on YouTube is making rounds.

The singer now wishes to catch a gospel collabo with Bahati Kenya. Elsewhere, Ringtone Apoko may consider him for a collabo.

Chris Embarambamba interview Radio Citizen with Tina Ogal na Munai is also a huge one.

Embarambamba songs beg Kenyans to build him a house

The artist has been calling on well-wishers to help him complete his #Jenganyumbaya project.

Among those he has tasked to head the project are Steve Arika and Nancy Kwamboka of the Royal Media Services.

Embarambamba latest songs and Embarambamba mp3 download

If you thought playing by the rules is the only option, then you could be wrong because Embarambamba has discovered creative alternatives.

A complete list of Embarambamba latest songs reveals why the Kisii musician is a new gospel music sensation. They are why he has been pulling the strings of media hard. Meanwhile, the wonders of Chris Embarambamba are here to stay.

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