Who Owns Rubis Energy Kenya

Who Owns Rubis Energy Kenya? French Founders, CEO Jean-Christian Bergeron & Latest Market Share

French multinational Company, Rubis Energie, runs at least 230 Rubis Energy Petrol Stations across the country. Its impact on the Kenyan oil market is lately raising eyebrows amid rapid expansions. Who owns Rubis Energy Kenya?

Initial speculations linked the firm to the Kenyatta Family and later, William Ruto Family. It turns out the leading shareholders are not even in the limelight.

Who Owns Rubis Energy Kenya?

Founded in 1990, Rubis Energy Kenya Plc. is fully owned and operated by Rubis Energie which is a multinational subsidiary of the French-based Rubis Group. The oil giant has been trading on the Paris Stock Exchange since acquiring Gulf Energy Holdings and KenolKobil in 2019.

Deported Rubis Energy Kenya CEO Jean-Christian Bergeron is still at the helm as the Chief Executive Officer.

Below is a breakdown of the Petroleum sellers’ market share as of June 2022.

Oil Market shareDec 2023June 2023
Vivo Energy22.07%22.10%
Total Energy14.88%15.54%
Rubis Energy14.05%12.43%
Ola Energy07.06%07.51%

Rubis Energy’s market share is on an upward trajectory from only 8.6 percent in 2022.

The ownership of Rubis Energy continues to raise alarms even as the firm prepares to take over the Kenyan oil market. As we speak, Rubis has 230 stations, Total Energy has 237, and Vivo Energy has at least 300 stations.

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