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Trending » Biography » William Ruto Daughters [Photos] Dancing videos, June wedding, marriage, Abby KCPE Results

William Ruto Daughters [Photos] Dancing videos, June wedding, marriage, Abby KCPE Results

Latest Photos of Dr William Ruto daughters wedding and marriage

Dr William Ruto daughters have been lately trending for all the good reasons. Theirs is a happy family with 5 gorgeous daughters after the looks of First Lady Rachel Chebet.

Ruto’s children stand out from the rest having studied abroad and landed lucrative jobs in various parts of the world.

DP William Ruto daughters photos, careers, and relationships

Dr William Ruto, wife Rachel, and daughter June
Photo: Dr William Ruto, wife Rachel, and daughter June . SRC: @williamruto

The most notorious is William Ruto daughter June and son Nick. Even better, both have already exchanged vows with lifelong sweethearts.

Other siblings of the loyal family include Charleen, Stephanie, George, Abby, and Nadia. These children from three different mothers range from the status an ambassador to the school going.

A gallery of William Ruto daughter wedding photos and videos say no less about her matrimonial union with Nigerian scholar Alexander Ezenagu.

About Azenagu

The Nigerian national is equally from a wealthy family in West Africa.

Above all, Ezenagu is a man whose reputation befits the status of William Ruto daughter ambassador June.

June and Azenagu’s marriage ceremony at Karen was both simple and luxurious.

On the other hand, the political first-born son Nick Ruto is already husband to Evelyn Chemutai.

While Abby Ruto is the biological lastborn, Nadia is the adopted lastborn daughter.

Born in 2006, to Dr Ruto and Prisca Chemutai Bett, Abby warmed hearts in 2019 after scoring 406 marks in KCPE Exams. She is currently ongoing with High School.

Ruto and Chebet took custody of Nadia following a news-making incident in which an abusive mother buried her alive.

She has since turned out a brilliant girl with a bold spirit.

Apart from politics, Ruto and his spouse Rachel Chebet are widely admirable for raising tough ladies and passionate young men.

Photos of William Ruto Daughters and sons are lit with glamour and beauty. Their high profile qualifications, successful careers, and sparkling love lives are particularly heartwarming.