William Ruto Second Wife

William Ruto Second Wife? Prisca Chemutai Photos, Daughter Abby, Spouse Rachel & Baby Mama Drama

President William Ruto second wife photos are making rounds on social media alongside those of her daughter Abby Cherop. It turns out she is only a baby mama and not a spouse to the Kenya Kwanza political bigwig.

Various sources allege that President Ruto impregnated Chemutai back in the days when he was a Member of Parliament.

William Ruto Second Wife Prisca Chemutai photos

Ruto met the young and gorgeous Prisca Chemutai Bett in 2005 during a campus tour at Moi University.

Chemutai was at the time an ongoing student at the higher learning institution in the western parts of Kenya.

On the other hand, Ruto was a member of Parliament for Eldoret North Constituency. The UDA Party leader would win Chemutai’s heart in the process.

After a short-lived romantic engagement, President Ruto and Prisca Chemutai sired Abby Ruto “Cheropruto” in 2006. Their affair remained secretive until 2017.

President Ruto’s ex-girlfriend Prisca Chemutai drama

In 2017, Prisca Chemutai Bett and veteran lawyer Gitobu Imanyara sued P. Ruto for abandoning his teenage daughter Abby Cherop.

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The Commander in Chief had this to say on his official Twitter account.

“My 11 year old child Abby is well catered for including her education in private boarding school. Politicians & Busybodies should keep off.”

President Ruto @WilliamsRuto, Twitter.

He went on to defend himself as a responsible man to both his child and estranged partner Chemutai.

Ruto now claims that he found Chemutai a well-paying job. On top of that, monthly upkeep.

“For the record, I did find Abby’s mother a 90k-a-month job,40k monthly upkeep ever since. She went ahead to get her own 3 other kids though.”

President Ruto @WilliamsRuto, Twitter.

Finally, he asked Chemutai to rely on her husband for the well-being of their 3 other kids.

“The other father/s should be men enough and look after their kids. Trying blackmail for me to cater for other men’s children won’t work.”

President Ruto @WilliamsRuto, Twitter.

Ruto’s child upkeep issues from 2017 have since disappeared from the courts. Even so, critics and political rivals are yet to forget.

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William Ruto daughter Abby Ruto

Above is a photo of William Ruto daughter Abby heading to school on a motorbike.

“Abby Cherop, Deputy President William Ruto’s daughter takes a boda boda to church. Her mother Prisca Cherop has sued the DP for negligence​.”

NTV Kenya, @ntvkenya

The motorbike-expose ended with Chemutai demanding a whooping Ksh. 160,000 from the head of state.

FoodKsh. 30,000
ShelterKsh. 80,000
ClothingKsh. 20,000
ToiletriesKsh. 35,000
House-helpKsh. 15,000
TotalKsh. 160,000

Born on March 6, 2006, 18-years-old Abby Ruto completed primary school in 20019, scoring 406 marks in KCPE examinations.

In 2020, she enrolled at Alliance Girls High School in Kiambu County for her secondary school studies.

Her mother Chemutai says she was not extravagant in her shopping.

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“Those stories are vague and fabricated. How can someone spend Ksh2 million on a child joining a high school? That’s an amount equal to purchasing a vehicle. While I was doing the shopping, were they with me to calculate the sum total?”

Prisca Chemutai Bett.

Ruto’s lastborn daughter Abby Cherop is reportedly bright in class like her PhD holder father – she aspires to become a career doctor.

William Ruto first wife Rachel Chebet

The second-place first lady Rachel Chebet is yet to comment on the recent extra-marital conversation involving Ruto. The loyal couple married in 1991.

President William Ruto second wife photos are a source of heated controversies regarding Ruto’s family members. Luckily, he has previously clarified his biological sons and daughters.

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