Natalie Asewe biography

Natalie Asewe biography: Crazy Kennar girlfriend photos and relationship with Cartoon Comedian

Tales of Crazy Kennar videos are a source of laughter on our screens. Their unending spasm of medical jokes is a campfire with beaming online flames. At the core of it all is Crazy Kennar girlfriend. Forthcoming is Natalie Asewe biography with emphasis on her life story and irreplaceable roles.

Crazy Kennar whose real names are Kennedy Odhiambo is a lucky man with a beautiful and hardworking girlfriend. She is one of her kind behind much of the progress that the content cartel is recording.

Natalie Asewe biography- Crazy Kennar girlfriend

Comedian Crazy Kennar and his girlfriend Natalie Asewe are lovely together. Their long-lived relationship of more than 14 years is a reliable indication of true love.

An intimate Instagram from April 6, 2020, proves that childhood friends Natalie and boyfriend Kennar are lovers.

In the post, Natalie said “12years ♥️💫” to which Kennar responded, “And still counting🤗🤗🤗Baby Girl😉😉urefu to ndio upunguze😹😂😹😁.”

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In between came an interjection from a surprised follower @moino_tony, “12 years kwan mulianza lini… @crazy_kennar Ulianza mapema sana.”

Besides, she is a frequent face alongside members of the Crazy Kennar vines such as Useful Idioty, Yvonne, Stanley, and Bushra.

Are Crazy Kennar and Cartoon Comedian dating?

An online rant about Crazy Kennar dating Cartoon Comedian did not stick around for long.

The rumour disappeared upon confirming that their matching outfits in the public scenes had everything to do with comedy.

Kennar who spoke to Kisii 100 FM had this to say, “Hii inaitwa mapenzi ya thati na itakuwa pale Baze.”

The response gave crews into an upcoming series “Mapenzi ya 30” in which they were set to play as a couple.

All said, Natalie remains a better half to Kennar, if a stream of their latest photos on Instagram is anything to go by.

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Profile facts about Crazy Kennar’s wife Natalie Asewe

Photos of Crazy Kennar girlfriend Natalie Asewe parades a gorgeous woman with wifely traits.

Unlike her comedian boyfriend, Natalie is a dream lady without an appetite for celebrity status.

However, she is an active Instagram user with about 15k followers on her page.

Natalie Asewe career, education, and businesses

The stylish queen is a seasoned entrepreneur with an interest in trends and fashion.

Firstly, Natalie is a founding executive in Asewe Vogue business which deals with men and women apparel.

The clothing line is responsible for ensuring that her boyfriend Crazy Kennar is well-groomed for different occasions.

For instance, it is Natalie Asewe who dressed Crazy Kennar for the Comedian Influencer of The Year at the Africa Digital Leadership Awards.

Asewe Vogue scored greatly for his conversation starter dress code which featured a pink blazer, white shirt, black bow tie, and black trousers.

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The resulting apparel hype saw her dropping Asewe Vogue phone number 0774252773 for countrywide deliveries.

Secondly, Natalie Asewe is a financial manager at Crazy Kennar’s Instant Delicacies restaurant located at Juja Square.

Furthermore, Crazy Kennar’s wife is a 2021 graduate from the Africa International University where she trained as a financial analyst.

Natalie Asewe biography speaks of a fine woman in the world of Kennedy Odhiambo. She is certainly a happy lass being the only Crazy Kennar girlfriend for the past 14 years.

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