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Photo: List of best Your Voice Melody Songs on YouTube . SRC: YVS

20 Best Your Voice Melody Songs: List of YVM Music on YouTube, & Kisii SDA Choir Phone Contacts

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Your Voice Melody songs are lately on the spot for their powerful advent message. They are especially likeable for exalting biblical teachings with clarity and simplicity. Above all, YVM recordings are timeless at heart.

The Seventh Day Adventist founded YVM choir has been recording for a couple of years now. Consistency in producing rhythmic music spells a bright future within the gospel ministry.

10 Best Your Voice Melody songs and lyrics

YVM latest music, Lyrics, and singers
Photo: YVM latest music, Lyrics, and singers . SRC: YVS

The list of top YVM songs is out with its ranking based on YouTube views.

Ahead of the rest with nearly one million views on YouTube is Mwimbie Bwana by YVM.

1. Mwimbie Bwana – Sing for the Lord (2021)

The song released on July 2nd, 2021, summons all creatures to sing for their heavenly creator before the evil days are at hand.

Your Voice Melody Mwimbieni Bwana Mp3 download is available online subject to copyrights.

2. Shukuru Mungu – Glorify God (2021)

The melodious tune calls attention to the goodness of God and his gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, the song is a genuine reminder of God’s love for humanity and our duty of extending the same.

Premiered on Jun 4th, 2021, Shukuru Mungu is a hit maker with about 300k views on YVM Channel.

3. Umbali Huu – This Far (2021)

Lyrical lines in this poetic music focus on the care that God has been providing to his people throughout the ages.

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God’s providence for the Israelites comes into the clear with direct relevance to our everyday lives.

YVM singers produced the video at the shores of the Indian Ocean in the coastal region.

Featured are vocal gents nested in blue-themed suits and attractive songbirds in colour dresses.

Umbali Huu song from November 12th, 2021 has about 250k views and is indeed a product of spiritual creativity at its best.

4. Your Voice Melody Ndoa – Wedding (2021)

The journey of love comes into light at the beat play of Ndoa song dedicated to Alex and his recently wedded spouse – Jeriah.

Ndoa song with about 250k views ingeniously upholds the Edenic marriage which God himself instituted for our example.

Notably, YVM released Ndoa on February 25th, 2021; shortly after the pomp and colour wedding held at Kisii Sports Club, Kisii.

5. Timoichana – Be Not Terrified (2020)

Straight for Your Voice Studioz is Timoichana with balanced voices that you will not find anywhere else.

The song reiterates John 14:1 in which Jesus counselled his disciples to overcome their troubled hearts with a sharp focus on the heavenly kingdom.

Timoichana video has accumulated about 200k views on YouTube since uploading on December 9th, 2020.

6. Alifanya Nini – What Happened of Him (2020)

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ centres on the song Alifanya Nini by Your Voice Melody.

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Released on Jul 19th, 2020, the lyrics speak against idolatry with emphasis on the plan of salvation at the cross.

 About 200k followers who have watched Alifanya Nini say it is edifying to the soul.

7. Your Voice Melody Orogendo – The Journey (2021)

YVM produced the song not only to motivate but also to remind the faithful that the world is not their home.

Orogendo with about 150k views on YouTube since August 13, 2021, insists that our earthly life is a short-lived journey marked by the fulfilment of ancient prophecies.

8. Umetukuka – Praiseworthy (2021)

God’s love is abounding in every stanza of the Umetukuka song – it is all about his goodness and care.

Launched on May 21, 2021, the Umetukuka musical is on another level with at least 100k views.

9. Sio Wote Waniitao Bwana – Not all that Call Me Lord (2020)

Heaven being a place for those who have cleansed their garments is a central message in this moving song.

Sio Wote Waniitao Bwana came out on September 25th, 2020 but has earned about 100k views on YouTube.

10. Heri Jina Jema – A good Name Abounds (2022)

The latest Heri Jina Jema produced by Phanuel Marube and directed by Uncle Tim is by far the best song by YVM Choir.

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It exalts a good name above power and riches. Premiered on May 13th, 2022, the song is about 100k views on YouTube.

List of all Your Voice Melody Songs & mp3 download

YVM Kisii choir is particularly outstanding for its high-quality audio and videos.

The enlisted YVM tracks are nearing 100k views on leading streaming sites.

  1. Mwangaza by Your Voice Melody (2021)
  2. Heri Mtu – Adept is the Man (2020)
  3. Ngao Yetu – Our Shield (2021)
  4. Dua – Prayer (2021)
  5. Mwanamke – A Woman (2021)
  6. Nikodemo – Nicodemus (2021)
  7. Omwana Omosiru – The Lost Son (2022)
  8. Uumbaji –  Creation (2022)

A gospel music journey of two years is finally opening more doors in the evangelistic ministry.

Apart from director Phanuel, Your Voice Melody Members include Caudencia Ogoro, soloist Sarah Ondari, and her brother Isaac Ondari.

Your Voice Studioz contacts

Your Voice Studioz Recording & Phone Contacts
Photo: Your Voice Studioz Recording & Phone Contacts . SRC: YVS

Your Voice Studioz launched in 2018 and joined YouTube on July 9th, 2020. YVS has since been uploading soulful music.

YVS CEOPhanuel Marube
Telephone      +254702548717

Call the studio management for further inquiries on recording costs.

The list of Your Voice Melody songs is becoming longer with life-changing melodies. The broad appeal stems from musicality and simplicity.

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