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List of all Msanii Music Group members, chorale singers, pictures, Facebook, and phone contacts

List of all Msanii Music Group members and top singers

Msanii Music Group members are lovable for their melodious voices and passion in uploading praise friendly songs. The choir from one year ago has managed to attract thousands of loyal followers. Presented below is a list of your favourite singers in the chorale group.

Msanii Records choir has attracted undivided attention because of its unique singing style. Their youthful ministry continues to supply us with soul touching and lyrical songs, especially in ways we have not heard before.

List of all Msanii Music Group members

Msanii Group Chorale is a Kenyan studio choir with several members in the singing crew and graphic team.

Some of these Msanii singers are now common figures on the internet and major music events. Who are Msanii Music Group members?

1. Joash Nyamongo Msanii Group founder and CEO

Photo: Msanii Records founder and CEO Joash Nyamongo . SRC: @msaniirecords

Joash also called Joe is both a songwriter, singer, and music producer at the famous Msanii Records.  

Most important, Joe is the founding executive at Msanii Records. He is also a strong believer in positive Christian music.

2. Kelsey Kerubo Lydia

Photo: Kelsy Kerubo of Msanii Records Group . SRC: @msaniirecords

The beautiful Kelsey Kerubo is an alto singer with an added gift in soprano. She is among the choir founders.

Besides singing, Kelsey Kerubo is a Bachelors of Psychology student at Kenyatta University.

3. Brother Erick Ohato

Photo: Erick Ohato of Msanii Group and Kipawa Kimoja Melodies . SRC: @msaniirecords

The charming Ohato is bass and tenor singer with exciting vocals. He joined Msanii Music group towards the ending of 2020.

Eric Ohato is a medical laboratory technologist by profession. He is also an entrepreneur with interests in organizing events.

His venture mainly deals with public address system and decorations. On top of that, Ohato is a lead member in Kipawa Kimoja Melodies.

4. Askah Obegi

Photo: Top female Msanii Records singer Askah Obegi . SRC: @msaniigroup

The gorgeous Askah Obegi is among the founding members of Musanii Music Group.

She is that soft hearted lady you won’t miss in any serious singing group.

5. Sheiy King among top Msanii Music Group members

Photo: Pianist Sheiy King of Msanii Records . SRC: @msaniirecords

Sheiy is a multi-talented pianist and a lead singer within Msanii Music group.

His skill with instruments is a making of persistent training and dedication. Above all, he is a close friend to director Joe Nyamongo.

6. Lilian Kirui

Photo: Msanii choir member Lilian Kirui . SRC: @msaniirecords

Lilian Kirui is highly noticeable because of her sharp looks and rhythmic waving.

She is a gifted solo artist and indeed a cornerstone member within the group.

7. Chiff Elvis Oyoo

Photo: Chiff Elvis Oyoo of Msanii Records . SRC: @msaniirecords

Solo artist Chiff Elvis Oyoo from Homabay is a common figure in latest SDA songs.

Elvis mainly splits his time between Msanii Music Group and Berean Gospel Ministers.

8. Brian Oyoo – twin brother Msanii Music Group members

Photo: Msanii Music Chorale singer Brian Oyoo . SRC: @msaniigroup

Singer Brian is a twin brother to Chiff Elvis Oyoo. The two talented look alike gospel musicians are irreplaceable.

Brian is a graduate from JKUAT, now balancing between work and praise.

9. Evah Wamwere

Photo: Evah Wamwere of Msanii Chorale . SRC: @msaniigroup

The ever smiling Evah Wamwere from Nyeri County in Central Kenya is a notable singer.

She is the light skin whose style of singing is both emotional and touching at heart.

10. Rachel Nyarangi

Photo: Rachel Nyarangi of Msanii Records . SRC: @msaniirecords

Nyarangi is a sweet soul whenever the mic is on. Her infectious singing style is a trendsetter.

She is an active singer in several other SDA music groups.

11. Vanessa Atieno

Photo: Msanii Records photographer and singer Vanessa Atieno . SRC: @msaniirecords

The simple looking Vanessa is a staunch gospel minister within Msanii music group.

She is a singing beauty with an in born talent in music.

12. Bivon Nyabero

Photo: Msanii Records video director Bivon Nyabero . SRC: @msaniigroup

Nyabero in his mid-20s finds pleasure in praising God with his rhythmic voice.  

Apart from singing, Bivon is a gifted video director at Msanii Records and a professional engineer from the renowned KIHBT.

13. Beryl Machoka

Photo: Singer Beryl Machoka of Msanii Chorale . SRC: @msaniigroup

Machoka Beryl joined Msanii records in July 2020, a couple of months into the choir.

Away from singing, she is a Master’s of Science, Agricultural Economics graduate from Kenyatta University.

14. Manuel Ateka – tenor Msanii Music Group members

Photo: Msanii singer Manuel Ateka . SRC: @msaniirecords

Mr Ateka is a Bass singer with heart touching vocals and a deep rhythm in his singing style.

Msanii singer, Manuel Ateka, is an Electrical and Electronics graduate from Eldoret Polytechnic.

15. Hosea Michieka

Photo: Hosea Michieka of Msanii and Christ Highlanders Kindanyegeriwe hitmakers . SRC: @msaniigroup

Michieka Hosea is among the earliest faces within this blessed praise group.

The middle aged Hosea Michieka is also a member in the famed Christ Highlanders Ministers group.

16. Caleb Arasa

Photo: Caleb Arasa of Msanii Group . SRC: @msaniigroup

Caleb from Nyamira Boys and Mount Kenya University is a dedicated gospel artist now in his mid-20s.

He is a highly composed musician with additional skills in photography. On top of that, Arasa is an experienced audio producer and video director at Msanii Records.

17. Gettie Sirma

Photo: Msanii Records singer Gettie Sirma . SRC: @msaniirecords

The sassy looking Sylvia is a determined singer within Msanii Records Chorale.

She was a strong fan of the singing group before receiving a membership.

18. Rachel Keziah

Photo: DJ Rachel Keziah of Msanii Group . SRC: @msaniirecords

Keziah is among the latest members of Msanii group.

She does it from singing to DJing and modelling

19. Phyllis Kemunto – newest Msanii Music Group members

Photo: Magena Main youths choir and Msanii member Phyllis Kemunto . SRC: @msaniirecords

Phyllis is a well-known Msanii singer and lead choir member in Magena main youth choir.

She is a devout singer since rising to fame with the hit song Japo Ni Machungu Mno.

20. Brandy Mokaya

Photo: Msanii Group Brandy Mokaya . SRC: @msaniigroup

Mokaya Brandy is another fan turned singer within Msanii Group.

She dates her passion for singing at childhood, and treasures the opportunity she now has.

21. Joan Awuor Ochanda – top Msanii Music Group members

Photo: Msanii Group photographer Joan Ochanda Kriggler . SRC: @msaniigroup

Joan first joined Msanii group in 2018 and has since grown to become a video editor, photographer, and videographer.

She is a part of the technical team alongside Vanessa and Joe Msanii.

Joan has previously revealed that photography and videography skills are not out of her profession but passion.

More of Msanii Music Group members

Others in this blessed Gusii gospel music group include;

  1. Lydiah Nyairabu
  2. Doris Gesare
  3. Nyaboke Matagaro
  4. Morphine Ayoo
  5. Zeddy Paul
  6. Timothy Wanjala (Uncle Tim)

Uncle Tim real name Timothy Wanjala is the group film director.

We will update the list as soon as more singers provide their profile information.

Where are Msanii Music Group members?

Most members of Msanii music Chorale live in Nairobi except for a few who live outside the city.

They often flock in at the Kayole based studios for training, recording, and shooting new videos.

Msanii Music Group contacts

  • Phone number: +254723253810
  • Email address:

Call Msanii Record Music Group todays for booking, all skiza codes, and further inquiries.

Msanii Music Group members are already in the limelight with better vocals and more exposure in the world of Christian music. Among these are role models to several upcoming gospel singers.