The Journey of Acrobat Rayy the Magician

The Journey of Acrobat Rayy the Magician aka Brian Kiprotich – Meet the Best Magician in Kenya

Acrobat Rayy the Magician, real name Brian Kiprotich, is a renowned Kenyan illusionist with a longstanding passion for acrobatics. The childhood dream of becoming a successful performer is still alive today.

Rayy recalls developing an interest in acrobatics upon watching unbelievable stunts as a young boy. He strongly wanted to join but failed for lack of entry knowledge.

The Journey of Acrobat Rayy the Magician

Rayy’s passion never died! One day when his brother was scrolling through YouTube, he came across the populous Nickelodeon Channel with over 10 million subscribers.

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An exciting video of a magician performing at a comic show impressed Kiprotich and he vowed to do everything humanly possible to become one. He continued the search for more acrobats intending to master their skills and experiences in the real world.

Amid the lookup occurred to him that there are several magic books and magic schools for sharpening the art.

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Rayy the Magician eventually bought himself a magic book but could not attend magic school for lack of one in the country. Even so, he quickly grasped the skill by constantly learning and practicing multiple tricks.

Luckily, his debut performance received a positive reaction that would propel him to even greater possibilities in the world of magic.

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Illusionist Rayy brags multiple skills with a specialty in card magic and coins. He is no doubt one of the best magicians in Kenya and beyond.

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