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Photo: Kenyan Singer Esther Akothee Net Worth Forbes latest . SRC: @akotheekenya

Akothee Net Worth: 7 Income Sources, Homes, Cars, Safaris, Hotel Business, & Forbes Wealth 2023

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Boss Lady Akothee is a sensational Kenyan artist and one of the wealthiest musicians in Africa. She is a vocal lady and no doubt the loudest in the halls of fame. A luxurious lifestyle and multimillion investments flaunt Akothee net worth.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers is otherwise bold and unafraid of speaking her mind. In her marriage with hubby Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer, she is still a go-getter woman with suggestive outfits and electrifying dance moves.

 Akothee net worth 2023 and income sources

Akothee wealth, Safaris Company, Cars, and Rongo home
Photo: Akothee wealth, Safaris Company, Cars, and Rongo home . SRC: @akotheekenya

Born on April 8, 1983, Esther Akoth Kokeyo is 40 years old as of 2023. Even better, she is at the peak of her longstanding music career.

How did Akothee make her money? The songbird Akothee has obtained much of her wealth from high-end music performances, lucrative deals, endorsements, and profitable business investments.

As we speak, Akothee is among the richest women in Kenya after Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Tabitha Karanja, Jane Wanjiru Michuki, and Jane Wangui Njuguna.

In the list of her wealthy empire are the following costly possessions.

1. Akothee Kenya music career and net worth

The Akothee Kenya YouTube channel with about 450k subscribers is a mainstream source of her latest songs, shows, and performances.

The Independent African Queen is allegedly cashing big from the Google-owned platform. Even better, YouTube is a hotspot of Akothee music and news-making antics. It is in short a fireplace of her fast-rising brand.

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She has previously spoken about her childhood struggles and how listening to melodious SDA songs awakened a music talent in her.

2. Akothee performances and charges per show

How much does Akothee charge per show? In 2021, the notorious party queen revealed earning about Ksh. 1 million on average from every show, event or concert she attends.

She further revealed that live show performances are her most preferred source of income.

Some of the hit songs that have taken Akothee to places include; Benefactor, Hayakuhusu, Give it To Me ft Flavour, and Sweet Love ft Diamond.

3. Akothee Safaris business

The fully registered Akothee Safaris is a tour and travel company.

The multi-million business is a specialist in scheduling leisure trips and corporate travel.

In addition, Akothee Safaris is a trusted ticketing, transport, hotel reservation, and event management agent.

4. Brand ambassador and Aknotella Entertainment

Thousands of loyal followers on various social media platforms admire Akothee for her authenticity and boldness.

In return, she has benefitted several brands approach her with lucrative deals.

Most of her ambassadorial gigs drip in from the @akotheekenya Instagram account with at least 3.1 million followers.

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She commands thousands more followers on Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

Some of the recognised brands banking on Akothee are Rosy Tissues, Sunrice, Umoja shoes, Peptang, Orchid Valley, and Ruai Family Hospital (RFH).

5. Akothee’s Morning Star Diani

The hospitality service business within the coastal region offers 5-star accommodation.

In the high-end facility are these posh amenities.

  • 1 three-bedroom penthouse
  • 1 four-bedroom villa
  • 10 two-bedroom apartments
  • 36 one-bedroom units
  • 2 modern studios

Interesting, these designer facilities are accessible at greatly sliced prices.

6. Aknotela and Akothee Homes Real estate business

Akothee is a gifted business lady, lately pumping millions into the real estate industry.

The company is famous for constructing and selling expensive homes.

7. France, Switzerland, Mombasa & RongoSpa homes

This beachfront palatial crib is worth Ksh. 100 million in Mombasa County.

Featuring inside the colourful property are spacious bedrooms, a deep end swimming pool, exquisite kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and a spacious lounge.

Moving on, Akothee is an iconic homeowner at Rongo in Migori County. The stately structure is commonly called RongoSpa because of its relaxing farm and neatly dressed lawn.

Outside the Kenyan borders, Akothee is a three-time deep pocket landlord in Normandy in France.

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She owns two more homes in Zurich and Lugano, Switzerland. Financial analysts estimate her diaspora investments at about $50 million which is equivalent to Ksh. 5 billion.

Akothee Cars, philanthropy, and net worth factor

Inside the garage is a fleet of singer Akothee cars; Toyota Land Cruisers, a Range Rover, and Mercedes Benz.

On top of these fuel guzzlers, she is reportedly not far away from acquiring a private jet.

Besides burning money in pleasure, Akothee Foundation is dependable when it comes to helping a drought, famine, and poverty-stricken population.

Listing Akothee net worth Forbes

Some sources estimate her wealth base at Ksh. 1.5 billion. Even so, Akothee net worth Forbes stands at Ksh. 1 billion as of 2023.

Apart from Entertainment, real estate, and a travelling agency, Akothee has invested money in several other projects including philanthropy.

Akothee contacts and phone number

Phone number+254748000669

Call or DM the management of Akothee for booking and inquiries.

Akothee net worth encompasses real estate properties, a travel business company, private homes, powerful gear cars, and a powerful music label. A charitable organisation wraps them all.

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