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Photo: Who is the Owner of Easy Coach Bus? CEO Azym Dossa Profile, Routes, Partners and Success Story . SRC: #fontsmediake

Who is the Owner of Easy Coach Bus? CEO Azym Dossa Profile, Routes, Partners and Success Story

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Easy Coach is a long-standing travel companion for most Kenyans seeking comfort at affordable rates. The 5-star company is ahead of the rest, mainly on customer service and timely arrivals. But then, who is the owner of Easy Coach bus?

Easy Coach-owned buses on Western Kenya highways are marvelling with red-themed decorations. Behind the glitter is a visionary founder with an inspiring success story.

Who is the owner of Easy Coach bus? Azym Dossa Profile

Who is the CEO of Easy Coach? Kenyan Indian investor Azym Dossa is the founding owner and managing director of Easy Coach Travel Company plying Nairobi to different routes in Nyanza, North Rift, South Rift, and Western Kenya.

In addition, these commuter buses ferry passengers across the border to neighbouring countries such as Uganda and Kampala.

When was Easy Coach started?

Easy Coach started by Azym Dossa in 2003 with headquarters in Nairobi City County has about 45 operational branches in various parts of the country.

Sources say he was previously the Chief Financial Officer of a leading passenger transport company.

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He would quit with 17 years of experience to launch Easy Coach Company with seven buses, each costing Ksh. 4 million.

The initial capital of at least Ksh. 28 million has since translated into a reputable firm with more than 150 buses.

The rise and rise of Easy Coach Company

In an exclusive interview with Africa outlook magazine, Mr Dossa spoke about his daring journey.

“The service providers existing then were, although acceptable, not up to the mark. We went on to establish a company with a different concept and to create a perception of the new kid on the block, delivering what the customers deserved and should have. Of course, travellers grabbed the concept and the company picked up. We created a niche, more premium market for ourselves, and the rest is history.” 

Azym Dossa – Easy Coach Owner.

He says success at Easy Coach is a result of unwavering dedication to customer service.

Two decades later, the company is still profitable with plans to take over the international transport market.

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As we speak, Easy Coach transports a record-high 1.2 million passengers and 1.3 million parcels every year. As a result, the company is a leading employer with 1,000 workers on the payroll.

In 2019, KRA listed Easy Coach in the “Prestigious Club 101” for being the most tax-compliant companies in the transport sector.

Elsewhere, global auditing KPMG awarded the company a super brand status. Dossa insists that customer safety is a priority in all operations.

“Customers would love to travel with a bus that guarantees them their safety. And for us as Easy Coach, security is our major concern. We encourage staff training and carry out at least two in-house sessions annually and all our drivers undergo refresher courses on a daily basis. Additionally, we afford time off to our staff that have joined colleges and institutions of higher learning to further their skills.” 

Azym Dossa – Easy Coach CEO.

To ensure safety, all buses are frequently serviced with close checks on safety belts and speed restrictors. Limiting driving to 8 hours for all drivers is commendable in averting accidents.

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For the record, Easy Coach online booking service is the first one of its kind to provide interactive services through a mobile app.

Azym Dossa biography

Easy Coach CEO Azym Dossa Biography & Wife Dilu
Photo: Easy Coach CEO Azym Dossa Biography & Wife Dilu . SRC: #fontsmediake

Azym Dossa with ancestral roots in India is a prolific Kenyan entrepreneur alongside his wife Dilu Dossa.

Married about two decades ago, Azym Dossa and his spouse Dilu reside in the country and are actively running a string of other million-dollar businesses.

However, not much info is public about his partners and close family members including children.

Apart from business, Azym Dossa is a renowned philanthropist with a passion is helping the less fortunate in society.

Apart from donating reflector jackets to Boda Boda riders, his financial aid is often channelled to Rotary and Lions charities.

The owner of Easy Coach bus is a life-changing business mogul with diverse experience and a dream to sanitize the largely chaotic transport industry.

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