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25 Best Commercial Banks in Kisii Town [Contacts] ABSA, KCB, Equity, DTB, NCBA, Family & SBM

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Banking institutions are critical economic players in providing financial products and services. They are particularly resourceful in boosting savings and channelling remuneration. With us is a detailed list of the 25 best Commercial Banks in Kisii town, their location and contacts.

Gusiiland is an economic hub with sprawling businesses and lucrative investment opportunities. Behind immense progress are starring financial institutions.

List of 25 Best Commercial Banks in Kisii Town

Commercial banks include all financial institutions that accept deposits and allow the withdrawal of money.

The industrious Kisii people continue to attract more banks because of mushrooming investments.

1. ABSA Bank Kisii branch

Formerly called Barclays Bank of Kenya, Absa Bank Kisii is a reputable credit provider to individuals, businesses and corporates.

Absa Bank Kisii branch is located opposite the governor’s office and is adjacent to the Central Bank of Kenya.

Phone number058-30021
Branch Code008
P.O Box30120-00100

2. Kenya Commercial Bank Kisii (KCB)

KCB Bank Kenya Limited with a total of 354 branches is among the largest trust companies in the region.

Kenya Commercial Bank Kisii branch is located in the central business district, about 100 meters from Capital Roundabout along the Kisii Central Police Station Road.

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Phone number0207120099
Branch Code01191
P.O Box476
Postal address40200

Sitting across the road is the Cooperative Bank of Kenya.

3. Equity Bank Kisii

Equity Bank Limited renowned for retail banking, microfinance solutions, and related services is a key financial player in Gusiiland.

The Kisii branch of Equity Bank is located in Uhuru Complex Building along Kisii-Kisumu Highway.

Phone number058-30620
Branch Code051
P.O Box2775
Postal Address40200

4. Cooperative Bank Kisii

The Cooperative Bank of Kenya Kisii branch is located at Magsons Plaza, Ground Floor, along the Kisii Central Police Station Road, and directly opposite the Kenya Commercial Bank.

Additional landmarks include the Umoja Complex building.

Phone number0729231669
Branch Code11008
P.O Box48231

5. Cooperative Bank – Kisii Highway branch

The Co-operative Bank Kisii Highway Branch is part of the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited.

It is located along Kisii – Kisumu Highway, opposite Ouru Power building, and nearby Daraja Mbili Market.

Phone number0729230701
Branch code11112
P.O Box48231 – 00100

6. Family Bank Kisii

Family Bank Limited (FBL) is one of the prestigious banking institutions in Kisii County.

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It is located at the Umoja Complex building, next to Cooperative Bank.

Phone number+2542031468
P.o Box73100 – 00200
Branch Code027

7. National Bank Kisii

The National Bank of Kenya incorporated in 1968 to help the newly independent Kenya achieve economic stability is still operational today.

The Kisii branch is located at Gisemba Building, Ground Floor, next to the Dallas Hotel building, and directly opposite Sakawa Hotel, along Hospital Road.

Phone Number0711038000
Branch code010
P.O Box2435-40200

8. NCBA Bank Kisii

A recent merger between NIC Bank and Commercial Bank of Africa gave birth to the populous NCBA Bank.

The Kisii branch is located at the Ajiwa Shamji building along Moi Avenue, opposite Kwanza Place (Formerly called Mocha Building).

Phone number0711056444
Branch Code131
P.O Box44599-00100

9. Diamond Trust Bank Kisii (DTB)

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Kisii branch is an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network which focuses on the SME sector.

The Kisii branch is located along Moi Avenue and nearby KPLC offices.

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Phone number0202030869
Branch Code010
P.O. Box12656-40200

10. Credit Bank Kisii

Credit Bank Kisii branch is a financial partner with critical investment solutions.

The bank is located along Hospital Road nearby the Kisii Safaricom Center and Hospital Roundabout.

Phone number0709072000
Branch Code004
P.O Box00100

11. Eco Bank Kisii

Eco Bank is a commercial bank located in the environs of Kisii town.

The Kisii branch is located along Moi Avenue at Kwanza Place. Across the road is Quickmatt supermarket – formerly Nakumatt & Tuskys Echiro Supermarkets.

Phone number020 2883000
Branch Code009
P.O Box

12. Kingdom Bank Kisii

Kingdom Bank is a subsidiary of the Co-operative Bank of Kenya, following the 2020 acquisition.

The Kisii branch is located at Kwanza Place opposite Kisii Matt Supermarket.

Phone number0709882050
Branch Code
P.O Box22741 – 00400

13. SBM Bank Kisii

SBM Bank Kenya with headquarters in Mauritius is officially called the State Bank of Mauritius.

The financier entered the local market a few years ago and has since attained 41 operational branches in various parts of the country.

The SBM Kisii branch is situated at Royal Towers, on Ground Floor, along Hospital Road in Kisii town.

Phone number0732174150
Branch Code025
P.O Box57740-00200

14. Post Bank Kisii

Kenya Post Office Savings Bank, commonly known as Postbank, is a premier savings institution.

The Kisii branch is located at Onchoke House along Hospital Road.

Phone number058-0800
Branch Code62159
P.O. Box99-40200

15. Sidian Bank Kisii

Sidian Bank formerly K-Rep Bank is a medium-sized financial service provider, serving small-to-medium business enterprises in Kenya.

The Kisii branch is located at Ouru Complex, ground floor, along Kisii Kisumu Highway.

Phone number0728-970737 / 0733-590057
P.o BoxP 4110-40200
Landline058-31506 / 31456 / 9 / 61
Branch Code015

Next door is the Equity Bank of Kenya, Kisii branch.

In addition to the above branches are several bank agents located in all 11 major towns across Kisii County.

The list of best Commercial Banks in Kisii town, their location, and contacts are handy for locals and travellers seeking immediate financial solutions. Accessibility of credit and saving solutions is no doubt the mother of “Prosperity for All.”

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