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20 Best Driving Schools in Kisii Town: Fee Structure, AA, Rocky, Imperial, and Belins Contacts

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The dream of owning a car is sweet but is only valid on attending driving school. Those living in Gusiiland are lucky with several options of becoming drivers. We are talking about the best driving schools in Kisii and Nyamira counties.  

Anyone can train to become a licensed driver regardless of car ownership. Having the skill is necessary in our modern world where cars are nearly a basic need. Go ahead and join the league of drivers with these affordable driving schools.

20 Best driving schools in Kisii town

Kenyan traffic rules require all drivers to attend an NTSA recognised driving school before hitting the road.

For this reason, driving lessons are a requirement even for those who can drive safely but have no license.

Even more so, for anyone learning to drive for the first time. Which are the best driving schools in Kisii?

1. Automobile Association of Kenya – Kisii Branch

Automotive Association of Kenya, popularly AA, has been in existence since 1919.

A driving course of 30 lessons at AA Driving School costs Ksh. 15,400.

AA Kisii branch offices are in Sansora Building and customer care phone number is 0709333013.

2. Rocky Driving School among best driving schools in Kisii

Rocky Driving School and Computer College with at least 43 branches across the country is excellent with packed schedules and exposure to heavy commercial vehicles.

How much does Rocky driving school cost? Rocky driving school charges Ksh. 12,000 for 20 lessons and Ksh. 18,000 for 30 lessons.

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Contact Rocky at 0705951305 for details on custom lessons and enrolment.

3. Imperial Driving School

Imperial is a famed Kenyan driving school situated at Gusii Mwalimu Plaza opposite Golf House, along Gusii Stadium drive.

It costs about Ksh. 15,000 for aspiring drivers to become professionals behind the wheel.

Call Imperial driving school at 0717609616 for further help.

4. Belins Driving School Limited

Belins driving school is excellent in top gear lessons at greatly sliced fees.

You can complete your driving lessons for as low as Ksh. 15,000 at Belins.

Colourful cars and well trained attendants are promising when it comes to confidence behind the wheel.

Book your driving lessons today using Belins phone number 0720850122.

5. Glory driving school

Glory driving school located along Muranga Road in Nairobi City County is finally at Kisii.

The school charges Ksh. 12,000 for a full course comprising 15 lessons.

Glory driving school phone numbers are 0702215830 and 0202221611.

6. Zionlink driving school

Zionlink offices are within St Jude Building room 61B.

Call now at 0725258551 for details on fee structure and training programs.

7. Danstar driving school

Danstar found along Kisii – Kisumu road is trusted with high standards of professionalism on road safety.

Call 0748490375 or 0728873578 or 0724299483 for further inquiries.

8. KIHBT Kisii branch

The Kenya Institute of Highways & Building Technology near KARI in Kisii County offers dependable training in Driving.

Contact KIHBT on 0202465760 or 0202465761 for instant enrolment.

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9. Corboms driving school

Corboms in Kisii town offers driving lessons for all types of cars ranging from light to commercial vehicles.

Engage Corboms customer care numbers 0733519142 and 0702140004 for inquiries.

10. Kisii Training Centre in the list of best driving schools in Kisii

KTC driver training school offers basic and advanced lessons for competence on Kenyan roads.

Offered also is Basic Motor Cycle riding, refresher courses for qualified drivers, first aid course, and defensive driving courses at reasonable prices.

KTC driving school offers its training at the Kenya Institute of Highways & Building Technology Kisii Campus.

Visit the driving school near KARI or call 0768801448 for enrolment and further inquiries.

11. RS Modern driving school

Located opposite Keroka Police Station in Kisii is RS Modern driving school.

Those seeking defensive driving skills can call 0714085761 for registration and related queries.

12. Expert Driving School YOMO

Call Expert YOMO driving school on phone numbers 0724 919180 and 0714755585.

List of best driving schools in Kisii with nationwide branches

AA, Rocky, and Glory rank top at the national level because of presence in other parts of the country.

Others in the list of best driving schools in Kenya include;

  • Petanns driving school – 072132 83 83 / 0705050504
  • Heltz driving school – 0722614473
  • Seniors driving school – 0729461713
  • Top Gear driving school – 0722784235 / 0702710308
  • Wings driving school – 0722309415
  • Iqra driving school – 0721215261
  • Osweta driving school Ogembo – 0723005994
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How long does it take to complete driving school in Kenya?

Driving courses take 5 weeks on average and could be shorter or longer depending on whether it is a part time or full time schedule.

Apart from controlling the car, learners engage in theory lessons and video programs to equip them with sufficient road safety skills.

How to choose the best driving school in Kisii Kenya

  • Consider ratings and reviews provided by former driving students
  • Visit the school to assess their curriculum and depth of training lessons
  • Weight in the cost of completing the course and whether it is worthy your money
  • Ask if class hours are flexible and fit into your daily schedule
  • Inquire about insurance and policy terms and conditions
  • Finally, choose a driving school with accredited instructors

Best driving schools in Kisii and fee structure

On average, most of these driving schools in Kisii charge between Ksh. 15,000 and Ksh. 20,000.

However, the cost of training as a driver varies greatly depending on pricing policies and number of lessons.

Availability of part time classes in these schools is an added advantage for those working on a tight schedule.

The best driving schools in Kisii town are accessible from within the city centre and have several branches across Gusii region.

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