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20 Best Driving Schools in Kisumu City: Fee Structure, AA, Rocky, Imperial, & Pettans Contacts

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The list of best driving schools in Kisumu City is becoming longer with an increased number of automobiles in the region. We look at the payable fees and duration it takes to become a licensed driver.

Luo men love cars for their hype and class in society. For that reason, they dream of owning cars and gaining confidence behind the wheel at a young age.

List of 20 Best Driving Schools in Kisumu City

The demand for professional drivers is peaking with the entry of taxi companies such as Bolt, Uber, and SWVL.

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We explore the 20 most preferred driving schools in Kisumu and its environs. How much do you pay for Driving School in Kenya?

1. AA of Kenya driving school in Kisumu

Automotive Association popularly called AA of Kenya is by far the best driving school in Kenya.

Launched in 1919, AA continues to outshine the rest in road safety-conscious graduates.

Boda BodaKsh. 8,230
Saloon carKsh. 21,230
Trucks, busesKsh. 15,130
PSVKsh. 15,130
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Contact AA Kenya contacts

P.O Box1831

Call customer care for further inquiries.

2. Rocky Driving School in Kisumu

The yellow-themed Rocky Driving School brags at least 21 branches across the country.

Affordability and flexibility in training hours are some of the green lights.

Class A – motorbikesKsh. 8,000  
Class B – saloon cars  Ksh. 14,500
Class c – heavy commercial vehiclesKsh. 16,000  
Class F – personalizedKsh. 14,500

Rocky driving contacts

P.O. Box4135

3. Imperial Driving School in Kisumu

Located along Oginga Odinga Street, Imperial School offices are within Al Imran Plaza.

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Training range from motorcycles to heavy trucks.

Imperial Driving School contacts


4. Lake Victoria Driving School

The driving school is situated at Awori House along Kampala Street in Kisumu City.



5. Top Gear Driving School


6. Joyride Driving School

P.O. Box2470-40100

7. Pettans Driving School

Here are the charges for each category.

Vehicle category​Fees
​Motorcycle not exceeding 100cc)​Ksh. 7,500
Motorcycle Taxi/tuk-tukKsh. 7500
Light Passenger CarKsh. 15,000
Professional – AdvancedKsh. 10,000
Light – Medium TracksKsh. 14,500
VAN/MINI-Buses ​​Ksh. 10,000
Trailer (Articulated)​​ Ksh. 30,000
Industrial, Construction​​ Ksh. 50,000
VAN (PSV)Ksh. 10,000

Pettans contacts


More top driving schools in Nyanza, Kisumu

Samtec Driving School0716226623
Heltz Driving School0743552541
Spurs Driving School0706216262

Contact the help desk for the fee structure and enrolment.

The majority of the best driving schools in Kisumu City are coincidentally the leading countrywide. Consider NTSA accreditation, professionalism of instructors, number of vehicles, payable fees, and flexibility of lessons before enrolment.

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