Best Estates in Kisumu City

25 Best Estates in Kisumu City: Tom Mboya, Riat, Mamboleo, Nyamasaria, Kondele & Barack Obama

Kisumu City, located in southwestern Kenya, is a vibrant urban centre with stunning landscapes and proximity to the widespread Lake Victoria. We focus on the best estates in Kisumu City.

While there are several prestigious estates in Kisumu, it’s important to note that rankings can vary based on individual preferences and changing real estate trends.

List of 20 Best Estates in Kisumu City 

High-ranking estates in Kisumu City are home to the elite class among them, business tycoons and politicians.

Overall, desirability and quality vary from one estate to another.

1. Milimani Estate

Milimani Estate situated in a hilly part of town, offers beautiful views of the city and Lake Victoria.

Landmarks include well-planned residential plots and upscale homes.

2. Riat Hills Estate

 Located on the outskirts of Kisumu, Riat Hills Estate boasts large plots and luxurious homes.

 The estate offers a tranquil environment and panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

3. Tom Mboya Estate

This estate is named after the renowned Kenyan politician Tom Mboya.

It features a mix of residential and commercial properties and is centrally located in Kisumu.

4. Mamboleo Estate

Mamboleo Estate is an upscale neighbourhood known for its well-designed homes and spacious compounds.

It offers a serene environment away from the city centre.

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5. Nyamasaria Estate

 Situated near Kisumu International Airport, Nyamasaria Estate is a rapidly developing area with modern residential properties and easy access to major transportation routes.

It is home to middle-income earners in the metropolitan.

6. Kenya RE Estate

It is one of the most organized estates with dense shopping centres and business links sandwiched between fancy cribs.

Even better, Kenya RE estate is both secure and highly accessible from the CBD.

7. Lolwe Estate

Located in the heart of Kisumu City, Lolwe Estate is known for its vibrant community and proximity to various amenities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centres.

It is located about one kilometre from the CBD, bordering Migosi and Kenya RE estates.

8. Tom Mboya Estate West

Adjacent to Tom Mboya Estate, this residential area features a mix of mid-range and high-end homes.

It offers a convenient location and easy access to the city centre.

9. Milimani Estate West Estate

 A sibling estate to Milimani Estate, this neighbourhood is known for its modern housing designs, well-maintained roads, and lush greenery.

It is exclusively affordable for middle and high-end income earners.

10. Manyatta A Estate

Manyatta A Estate is a well-established residential area with a mix of standalone houses, apartments, and townhouses.

 It offers a range of housing options for security and social amenity-conscious residents.

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11. Kanyakwar Estate

 Situated along the Kisumu-Nairobi highway, Kanyakwar Estate guarantees modern housing facilities.

 It’s a popular choice for corporate individuals in Kisumu City and its environs.

12. Kondele Estate

Kondele Estate is a vibrant and bustling residential area located a few meters from the city centre.

It features a mix of residential and commercial properties, making it a popular choice for businesses.

13. Poly View Estate

 Situated near Maseno University, Poly View Estate primarily caters to the academic community.

It offers affordable and accessible housing for students and staff members.

14. Bandani Estate

It is a middle-class estate that covers the areas around the Kisumu International Airport.

Rent is affordable in this estate. The only problem is the long distance from the central business district.

15. Migosi estate

It is an upper-middle-class estate preferred for its proximity to town.

The estate extends from Kondele Junction to the neighbouring Kenya Re, carwash and Lolwe Estates.

16. Nyalenda Estate

Nyalenda estate is an established slum suburb in Kisumu, harbouring informal settlements.

The area is dominated by hustlers and low-income earners.  Poor access roads and insecurity are among the major challenges that residents face.

17. Ogango Estate

It is a wallflower estate of Kisumu, situated quite a distance from the CBD. The areas have plenty of land and it’s fast-growing.

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If you love sightseeing and cool temperatures, this is the place for you.

18. Barack Obama Estate

This estate was named after the former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, with roots in Nyanza Province.

It’s a middle-class estate that is fairly safe to live in.

19. Mayfair Estate

The estate is located along Makasembo Road in Kisumu, right next to where the Mayfair Holdings Limited Kisumu branch offices are located.

Mayfair neighbourhood has many gated homes, making it even safer.

20. Mountain View Estate

Mountain View Estate makes the list of top Luxurious estates in Kisumu and is favoured by the rich.

The estate is located away from the central business district offering a calm atmosphere. Upvotes include easy access to necessary amenities, top security, reliable electricity, and fresh air.

The list of 25 best estates in Kisumu City is handy for travellers and residents.

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