Best Internet Providers in Ethiopia

Top 15 Best Internet Providers in Ethiopia: Ethio Telcom, Safaricom Ethiopia & WebSprix

In Ethiopia, where the internet infrastructure has rapidly expanded in recent years, finding the right internet service provider (ISP) is crucial. In this article, we will explore the top 25 best internet providers in Ethiopia, considering factors such as coverage, speed, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

Access to reliable and high-speed internet has become essential to our daily lives, enabling communication, education, business, and entertainment.

List of the top 25 best internet providers in Ethiopia

Whether you’re in urban or remote areas of Ethiopia, the right internet provider can significantly enhance your online experience and enable you to stay connected.

Here is a list of the best internet service providers in Ethiopia you can consider.

1. Ethio Telecom

Ethio Telecom is the largest government-owned telecommunications company in Ethiopia.

It offers a wide range of internet packages, including DSL, fibre-optic, and mobile data plans. Ethio Telecom has an extensive network and provides services to both urban and rural areas.

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Ethio Telecom internet packages

4 Mbps999 ETB
8 Mbps2,155 ETB
10 Mbps2,645 ETB
20 Mbps4,850 ETB
30 Mbps7,200 ETB
60 Mbps11,100 ETB
100 Mbps17,600 ETB
200 Mbps35,000 ETB
300 Mbps52,200 ETB
500 Mbps86,000 ETB
1024 Mbps175,00 ETB

Ethio Telecom contacts

Tel+251 994/+251 980

2. Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC

Previously known as Global Partnership for Ethiopia, Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC is one of the largest ISPs in Ethiopia.  

Safaricom Ethiopia provides high-speed fibre-optic internet services to both residential and business customers in Addis Ababa and other major cities.

Safaricom Ethiopia internet packages

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35 GB750 BIRR
100 GB1,000 BIRR
200 GB1,500 BIRR
500 GB2,500 BIRR

3. Afriopia internet service provider

The Addis Ababa-based ISP offers internet services to businesses and organizations.  with a focus on delivering high-speed and secure connections.

They provide both fibre-optic and wireless solutions ensuring you high-speed and secure internet connections.  

Afriopia internet packages

2 Mbps574 ETB
3 Mbps774 ETB
4 Mbps174 ETB
5 Mbps1680 ETB
20 Mbps6020 ETB
30 Mbps8520 ETB

For more info and inquiries, visit Afriopia at Dubai Internet City or call then via +971525294532

4. WebSprix Ethiopia

Websprix is an Ethiopian ISP that focuses on providing affordable and high-speed internet access in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas.

They offer both residential and business packages at pocket-friendly prices

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Websprix Internet Packages

5 Mbps1,500 ETB
10 Mbps2,940 ETB
25 Mbps7,000 ETB
50 Mbps12,740 ETB
100 Mbps24,990 ETB
200 Mbps48,903 ETB
250 Mbps60,650 ETB
500 Mbps125,000 ETB

WebSprix Contacts
Phone Number+251115181903

You can also visit their offices at Tito St, Kazanchis Addis Ababa, Bloom Tech Tower, 7th floor.

5. G2G IT Solutions

G2GNet is an ISP that primarily serves the city of Addis Ababa.

They offer various internet packages, including broadband and wireless services, to residential and business customers.

Tel:  +251 90 067 2063

Full list of the best Internet service providers in Ethiopia

  1. Vision internet café – +251911477390
  2. IT @Lem – +251 91 102 8749
  3. Biruk Internet – +251 91 063 6866
  4. Skynet IT Solutions +251 93 322 0819
  5. ZERGAW +251 11 639 3303
  6. Milk Internet +251 91 373 7205
  7. Tadesse Internet +254 93 322 0819
  8. Kedir internet café +251 94 739 007
  9. Bet ISP +251 91 389 4924
  10. Pool Technology +251 94 739 507

Ethiopia’s internet scene is rapidly advancing, with a multitude of providers offering diverse solutions to meet the nation’s connectivity needs.

Explore the top 15 best Internet providers in Ethiopia to enhance your online experience and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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