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Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps biography top facts

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps biography, age, background, Instagram, photography app download

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Minicheps is a fast-rising Kenyan photography sensation with an excessive love for art and creative media. Her simple idea of nearly impossible pictorial appearances is a conversation starter. Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps biography narrates more about her celebrated overnight success now trending on mainstream social media.

The new comic idea that Minicheps has added to the Kenyan creative economy is catching flames. It turns out that she has been feeding her passion for years, except that it started attracting attention recently. Followers cannot wait to know more about Minicheps in real life.

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps profiles summary

  • Real name: Catherine Jepkemboi
  • Popularly: Minicheps
  • Place of birth: Kapsabet
  • Minicheps age: 25 years
  • Ethnicity: Kalenjin
  • County: Nandi County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Occupation:  Photography
  • Genre: Visual Art
  • Children: 2
  • Years active: Since 2019

Minicheps Catherine Jepkemboi is famous for her vision alluring pictures on her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels.

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps biography with photos 

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps photography app download
Photo: Minicheps photography . SRC: @minicheps

The notorious Minicheps comes from a humble background, out of which she has struggled out into the limelight.

You will love going through our detailed story of Catherine Jepkemboi biography.

However, the queen of Kenyan visual art is yet to share exclusive details about her closest relatives.

Catherine Minicheps tribe is Kalenjin, now based in Eldoret.

Minicheps childhood experiences

Catherine Jepkemboi was an actively creative young girl who did everything within her means to succeed later in life.

She has not lost childhood memories of friends, encouraging her into modelling.

Minicheps has previously shared on instinctively feeling confident that her natural childhood skills would pay in time.

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps education

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps education class eight drop out
Photo: Minicheps is a class eight drop out . SRC: @minicheps

Minicheps attended a primary school at her Kapsabet home but could not proceed with high school studies for lack of school fees.

Thus, Minicheps, who was about 14 years old, dropped out of school after completing her Primary Certificate of Primary Education exams.

Minicheps did not complete her salon course

Attempts to train as a hairdresser also failed for lack of financial resources to support all her siblings.

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Minicheps admits that she has never enrolled in photography classes. Furthermore, cate is not in a hurry to resume her studies.  

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps family background

Minicheps comes from Kapsabet Town, a semi-urban environment, where she was born in the mid-90s.

An emotional life story of coming from a poverty-stricken family inspired the young Catherine Jepkemboi to face the hard life boldly.

Catherine Jepkemboi biography, Minicheps siblings

The funny Minicheps is from a family of six children in which she is the firstborn girl.

She opened up on the Mtandao Versity School of Soft Skills channel about quitting school for her brothers and sisters’ sake.

Apart from lightening the burden for her parents, Catherine Jepkemboi figured out several other ways of succeeding in life.

Minicheps children and husband

Catherine Jepkemboi is a mother of two lovely kids of 6 months and 2 years as of March 2021.

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps biography highlights that the mother of two is currently juggling her time between kids, artwork, and business.

Minicheps career journey and challenges

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps family background, siblings, and parents
Photo: Minicheps inside a soap dish . SRC: @minicheps

Catherine Jepkemboi moved to Embu immediately after her primary education to work as a house help.

Working as a house helper in Embu

It is at Embu where Minicheps resumed studies with an ambition of becoming a hairdresser.

Meanwhile, she tried the fruit salad business to supplement her little income as a maid.

Minicheps eventually dropped out of college for lack of fees.

Doing Mjengo at Ruiru Estate

Catherine later relocated from Embu to Ruiru, where she worked at a construction site for a living.

The inspiration behind Minicheps came years later and is now taking the world of art by storm.

Catherine Jepkemboi businesses

Apart from art, Minicheps sold Samosa until the coronavirus pandemic ruined her business.

She now distributes popcorns to various shops within her neighbourhood.

How the idea of Minicheps photography started

The whole idea of appearing smaller than objects in her surrounding came from an unknown better half, now her animator.

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She has since found a way to blend the virgin idea with her love for food. Minicheps reasons that the inclusion of food is vital in the upward trend of her work.

A lack of camera affected her work for a while but she would later resume with a full swing.

Catherine Jepkemboi is now working on publishing even more creative photos to meet the expectations of followers.

Minicheps photography career profile

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps age and real name
Photo: Catherine Jepkemboi photography . SRC: @minicheps

The multitalented Minicheps started her artwork in 2019 using a camera she had borrowed from a cousin.

Cate is a memes sweetheart for using funny graphics to spread her love for art. She is also using it as a tool to create awareness.

Reception of Minicheps art and its influence

Heart-warming responses from friends and fans are what motivated Minicheps to continue sharpening her skills.

Among those who nurtured her morale is choreographer and singer Noel James Owidhi, also called Timeless Noel.

A helping hand from Timeless Noel and George Kagwe

Minicheps credits Noel for liking, commenting, and sharing her artwork back in the days when she had not accumulated enough followers.

George Kagwe, the MPesa Lady, is also one of the earliest to appreciate Minicheps’s newly founded idea.

A helping hand from several other celebrities not only ballooned her followership but also gave her a platform to excel with comedy-creative pictures.

Minicheps lives in Eldoret, where she is tirelessly working on more artistic and vision alluring memes.

Minicheps photography app download still a secret

List of best photography app downloads
Photo: Catherine Jepkemboi hairdressing . SRC: @minicheps

Artist Catherine is yet to reveal the software and the technical skills that go into her work.

She is perhaps afraid of pirates who may dilute her flavoured work of art and infringe its copyrights.

As such, those searching for @minicheps app download and Minicheps APK download are yet to find answers.

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Trending Minicheps art photos on Instagram and Twitter

Minicheps has uploaded several pictures on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Her work started receiving considerable attention on Monday, February 15, 2021, a day after Valentine’s Day.

An early morning call from a close friend broke the good news that she was trending on the internet.

The day started with some of Minicheps photos driving netizens crazy with laughter. Some of her latest art includes the following;

1. Minicheps art, feeding githeri to her better half

Artist Minicheps feeding githeri to her better half
Photo: Minicheps feeding githeri to her better half . SRC: @minicheps

The photo is an almost impossible display of art because it employs comedy to emphasize a strong love for githeri.

2. Eliud Kipchoge challenge

Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge London Marathon
Photo: Eliud Kipchoge London Marathon challenge . SRC: @minicheps

Champions come from Eldoret, and Minicheps couldn’t resist the urge to feature athlete Kipchoge in her latest art work.

3. Minicheps art inside a plateful treat of chips and Kuku

Minicheps Art inside a plateful treat of chips and Kuku
Photo: Minicheps inside a plateful of chips and Kuku . SRC: @minicheps

Do we still need a chair and table to start enjoying our dinner? Minicheps makes it seem unnecessary in her art.

4. From the ashes you will rise

Minicheps art showing fireplace, electricity and Jiko
Photo: Art with a Jiko and live power socket . SRC: @minicheps

Minicheps dedicated the work of art to most of her followers going through various life challenges. It encourages all not to lose hope

5. We all love salted avocado

Art showing salt and pepper on avocado
Photo: Art showing salt and avocado . SRC: @minicheps

Minicheps captioned this picture, “When you are insalted, remember… you are sweet and special.”

Minicheps has shared several other face lightening pictures on her social media pages and has vowed to continue uploading even better ones.

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps contacts

  • Email:

Do not laugh alone; connect Minicheps with a deal or congratulation message. We will update her phone number as soon as she releases it.

Catherine Jepkemboi Minicheps biography is a blueprint of how creative Kenyans are becoming by the day. She is proof of the fact that you can be anything in life regardless of academic qualifications.

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