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Christopher Monyoncho songs: Videos, mix, lyrics, and all Nyamwari Band MP3 music download list

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Christopher Monyoncho songs are still soothing in our ears and medicinal to our hearts. These include at least 500 traditional Kisii songs produced under Kegogi and Nyamwari bands. A journey of music that started in the 70s ended a few years ago.

Monyoncho was not only a composer but also a skilled dancer and guitarist. He would record hundreds of lyrical tunes within four decades in the creative industry.

List of best Christopher Monyoncho songs

The exact number of songs that Monyoncho and his close friend John Sitora produced remains unconfirmed.

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Enlisted are timeless hits that often played on KBC Kisumu and occasionally in radio cassettes.

  1. Abamura
  2. Abarogi
  3. Amaebi
  4. Charles Angwenyi
  5. Chintakana
  6. Ebisiba
  7. Etoyota
  8. Grace
  9. Jimmy Ondieki
  10. Ebasi Getiro
  11. Emeremo Yamasamba
  12. Ensemo Gitutu
  13. Etaoni Nemechando
  14. Gatarina Omosani
  15. Japhet Ogamba
  16. John Ochako
  17. Joseph Matoa
  18. Joseph Ngiriamu
  19. Kina Obirore
  20. Korinwa Echang’a
  21. Kwini na Biyaki
  22. Norah Kemunto
  23. Nyamwari
  24. Nyankabaria
  25. Nyariki Bwoteki
  26. Oboibi Bwabuchire
  27. Obokongu Bwa Menge
  28. Obong’iti nasara
  29. Ogosira gwa Joyce
  30. Omogaka Michieka
  31. Ogosira Gwa Kwamboka
  32. Omong’ina Kemunto
  33. Omongina Ganchwere
  34. Omorugi
  35. Omorugi Bwombui
  36. Rebecca Agachia Sobo
  37. Salume Bwoteki
  38. Samson Bundi
  39. Wamboi Kiane
  40. Wilson Nyakeyo
  41. Yovensia Moraa
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Obwansu Promotion is a lead producer of most songs in Christopher Monyoncho albums.

Who was Monyoncho?

Kisii Benga singer - Monyoncho of Nyamwari Band
Photo: Kisii Benga singer – Monyoncho of Nyamwari Band . SRC: @Monyoncho

Sources indicate that Monyoncho embraced music in 1973 after losing his job as a casual worker in a Kericho based tea plantation.

Bitter differences with his overruling boss forced Monyoncho into discovering a talent in music.

He will do several recordings alongside John Sitora of Kegogi Jazz Band.

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Unfortunately, Monyoncho nicknamed Riyo Riebasweti to mean Python Skin died in 2013 at the age of 68 years.

Veteran Kisii musician Christopher Monyoncho songs are melodious because of the slow rhythm and sweetened guitar beats. A music career spanning 40 years is a legacy that will live forever.

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